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  1. damn. you can see the other players staring at their own mortality with their QB on the ground like that. tough shit.
  2. holy shit pat rocking up looking like fire marshall bill
  3. and he is clearly nursing an injury too. shoulder/ribs. you can see it when he is in the open running a bit stiff.
  4. Ridiculously large, and ever growing student loans that are either unpaid or later forgiven have created artificial pricing in the market for education. The act of forgiveness in and of itself isn't causing inflation, but thats really missing the point. We are paying for our sins of the last 20 years and there is much more to get past.
  5. rare legal defeat for religious rights eh. hmm. if there was only something different about this case
  6. some bitchassness on this thread. we are going to curbfuck our little brother. Our dline is going to maul any offense they muster. They will get a broken QB run for a score, maybe two, but won't get over 10 to 14 points. I think its a great situation for Card if he goes. Or Wright if he has to. I don't think they will be game managers in the way you are thinking. I think they will have a number of deep shots to scare the D and some basic concepts to move the chains. The long out route (like Ewers to Worthy in the 1st quarter against bama) is the type of throw that is likely off the table now. That route was within the concept of a double move that Worthy did later in the game (went out and up) and was just missed with an overthrow. Sark will have to rework some of these concepts to match the arm talent of Card or Wright. If you haven't paid attention yet - We actually have a talented offensive mind now on staff. This is certainly a test for him to scheme with a different talent set at QB, no doubt, but I think he pulls it off. His offensive planning and playcalling has been lights out. If our culture is less shit, and our team plays hard, this is over before it even starts.
  7. goddamn degenerates. the rise of the internet and <some> people's view coincides with a deathwish from the rest. if i was a smarter man I would have seent it coming.
  8. There was so much wrong there. Like the intersection of too many wrongs to make it something something. the ref explanation was confusing as fuck after it.
  9. maybe he just isn't getting the right medical help
  10. the end of America. what a fucking disaster. Fuck me I miss the 90s. I was at Heathrow at a bar. Watching the faces of busy travelers walk by looking at the TV on at at the bar is something I will never forget. Flew east Sept 12th. 4 hours on the tarmac that morning. By far the most quiet plane I have ever been on.
  11. omg hahaha i just fucking seent this shit. i just can't. is @Ghost of LL allowed to die again? fuck me ahhahahha
  12. you know what happened. he promised the saudis some juicy nuklar shit and likely came up short, fucking them over. as you would expect from him. and during the 3 way with Russia Putin got everything he wanted from Trump - names of operatives operating in russia, etc. dumb, manipulated, two cent head motherfucking con man that 150 million fucking idoits fucking idolize its friday over here motherfuckers. i am going to the beach. fuck everything except the non-nuclear beers I am about to consume
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