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  1. its all fun and games until you actually have another brown person islamic terrorist do some shit. that will be a quick batch of smelling salts to see where America really is. the ingredients present lead me to believe it will be ugly. I would be damned nervous as a religious minority in America.
  2. i saw some fat people #allsides
  3. goddamn that must be awkward. i mean shit as an american in less than friendly to american places, I have certainly done awkward. i can only imagine being a one of these fucks anywhere in Europe right now, let alone the neighbor that hates your bitch ass and you plan to invade soon anyway
  4. well, its friday in these parts. i plan on surviving it nukefree. will let you homies know the best ways, any potential shortcuts, what have yous and so forths
  5. i was taken aback by the rudeness of the situation myself also - less cocaine girl. goddamn breathe.
  6. at the end of the day this is your war. sure, its fun to win a battle here and there but the reality of it is 1/2 of your Team America is just too stupid to think more than 1 second into the future. You either learn how to act like them or run like hell. Trying to rationalize is insanity. They are a flock of will be cultists waiting around for the right story.
  7. If I was a betting man I would think they do "win" 2024 and no war happens. More of what you have now. However, either '26 or '28 when they never leave the house again - thats when she pops off. Wish you motherfuckers would get it over with earlier honestly.
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