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  1. kingkoopa6

    Austin FC

    Where you going human?
  2. kingkoopa6

    Austin FC

    lol. forgot what event i was at... throwin up the horns Game Day!
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2022-nba-mock-draft-chet-holmgrens-skills-and-size-too-good-to-pass-up-at-no-1/
  4. Nah. You thinking of this one, and according to my 4 min social media search.. looks like she got a kid with an LA Ram… but I’m just takin stabs in the dark. I have no idea
  5. finally finished. Enjoyed it. - rachel a lil cutie.. i like/missed her i am confused on the politics side of things..was wendy tryin to be president or something? lol @ marty in the road rage street fight. " one call and ill have you killed"
  6. hahhahahah "Imma just park on the street".... garage door going down, mike still staring straight
  7. Bro. I’m pumped. lol in gc with Arsenal fans
  8. That’s lit!!! Let me know if my dm response went through
  9. All good brother. No worries. Do your thing man. sing us to victory !
  10. kingkoopa6

    Austin FC

    Just got to salt lake. Damn. The lake is damn near dried up. That’s wild
  11. i get it PH. not everyone's cup of tea. i did Boys @ Chargers - and Jags @ Rams last season...Sofi is beautiful stadium. nosebleeds do suck... i said never again after Spurs @ Lakers one time- and beer was tossed at me and the lady of the night. im def gonna have to be alert and on guard up there with the poors... I mainly go so i can add content to the hot or not thread. i gotta keep up with @Burt
  12. damn, they make arbys sound good as fuk
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