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  1. Second game with a new coach. Check our record vs the sec.
  2. Depends. Do you have an ego or alcohol problem? Both?
  3. Cool so we do this at home next year vs arky.
  4. F1 qualifying is 8 am most Saturday mornings. Much moar gooder
  5. I’m glad Texas didn’t goof up by hiring urban meyer. That’d be super embarrassing.
  6. Lolz. 3/10 troll attempt. We’ve been around the block before….just like your mom.
  7. Until it works or they stop expecting it and stopping it for 2 or less
  8. That’s great and all but what’s your favorite documentary?
  9. Haha at halftime of watching this shit show and you’re only 3 and a half beers deep.
  10. Fuck yes I do. Shit gets me hard. Some white onion and lime....boom, one way bangbus to flavortown.
  11. Never tried it before but....birria del beef rib
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