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  1. Gonna do a double batch this weekend of the famous cream of three crops beer. I’ll pitch us05 for one carboy but I’m thinking maybe saflager k97 for the other? Anybody used this? I have a ferm chamber but would prefer to do both of them in the same chamber. I mean I could just pitch a kveik slurry or my oly saisonmonster slurry and just let that fermenter rip and run in the garage heat.
  2. What he said. An 8 is still pretty damn fresh.
  3. Was I supposed to bring the corny keg to the table? You shut your whore mouth. My oso plate has had many proud appearances on this thread. Bitch.
  4. I hadn’t shanked in a while but then I thought does shank ever leave ya? No sir it does not. I present to you bad decisions a la 1 am
  5. deft


    Is benchmark 8 still our fav rotgut?
  6. Are you implying that THE Daniel Joseph Figurelli, formerly of Price Waterhouse and Coopers, is a racist??! I cannot believe that Price Waterhouse and Coopers would be caught associating with a known and admitted racist like Daniel Joseph Figurelli. Thank goodness that Price Waterhouse and Coopers came to their good senses and immediately cut all ties with rabid fascist and racist Joseph Daniel Figurelli. Isn’t Daniel Joseph Figurelli also a huge @texags @tamu aggie fan?!
  7. Missing firearms in a lot of these posts as of late. Heb nuggs deserve some respect yo. If only I had a small murican flag and a pack of black cats, I’d call this my “lee greenwood” moment.
  8. Well the undertaker should have fixed that. Trichinosis really only affects internal systems.
  9. Reddit strikes again. How is this shittyfoodporn? This is genius at work.
  10. Well I’m sure he’ll be there and after a 6er of natty with an 8 ball and some beam I’m sure he’ll be offering to do anything to protester ass for $20 a pop. Even signatures!
  11. This was posted as shitty food porn on reddit. Sounds like them assholes don’t understand fine dining
  12. It’s been 10 plus years since I’ve pulled the trigger group out of my 10/22 but I want to say that a VQ hammer, a shit load of polishing, and the jb weld trick had me under 2 pounds of pull and a very crisp break. That plus a sling and peep sights and you got a badass Appleseed gun. Edit: I have fired expert marksmen on Appleseed while practicing but not the one time I actually was at the course
  13. Living in the future, but you’re not going to dart now here in the now? Shame.
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