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  1. I'm not offering zepol a place for dp. Hell no.
  2. I live in West San Antonio. Should I go wait outside for bargain ass tickets because that what's Texas deserves or welcome ArmyBrat and his harem to stay at my place and then smother them for some tix on the 50 (they'd have to go upstairs without one of those chair thingeex). I'm guessing nobody wants me to kill of AB though because he's a badass poster.
  3. You're absolutely right. Look how much our defense improved over the course of the season!!
  4. I feel like y’all are both right. He’s getting inflated praise due to playing in the sec and then he’ll go completely flat playing a defense not from there that also isn’t Texas.
  5. I’m a simple man. I eat when I’m hungry. I drink when I drive.* *not really
  6. I look forward for on what ever this spam account has to offer
  7. Are you going to be out of town on a recording session? That'll determine how your wife cooks it.
  8. He's having a historic season. Hopefully theres a meltdown in the cfp or ncg so that he doesn't dethrone our hero as "the" best college player.
  9. deft


    I'm still new to the bourbon scene but coming from beer, it's the same thing. Everybody was chasing down whales that were honestly not worth the effort, time, and money. That whole agenda has changed lately with the huge increase in semi-quality hyper local stuff that outweighs being corporate takeover beers that were former classics (bcbs, etc). All that to say and especially after my trip to kentucky last spring, I'd love to get my hands on some weller 12 and blantons as my regular sipping material. I'm perfectly content drinking ejsb, of1910, evsb, 4rSib, etc. I can find all of them at any time here in San Antonio. I keep fighting cock and of100 for mixing as well as that stellar deal on OF rye 1L at total wine. It gets me drunk and it tastes good. What else is there?
  10. My brother has a baseball signed by Matt Bullard's son.
  11. Well ahb moved to pflugervilled across from the theatre on 35.
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