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  1. Mp shield 9. Not on your list but I don’t carry it anymore.
  2. Tlr1 knockoff? How is it and how much?
  3. I knew these questions would come brethren of the clan shank. I was feeding a family of 5 and had to make naoch for all in the first pan or 3. Then it went bedlam with all the toppings for daddy’s fatass. ‘‘Twas glorious. The “meat” (such a basic unforgivable description) was cubed lean brisket. You’re welcome philistine.
  4. Naoch don’t need a plate. Right off the pan brotha man
  5. deft

    Tiger King

    Tapa double
  6. deft

    Tiger King

    I’ve been working on my painting technique Kidding, it’s from reddit
  7. Isn’t it just self reported?
  8. Haha ok, I did mean my little baby meteorite. Here’s the flat after 4 hours of rest: Now it’s back in its foil and wrapped in plastic wrap and I not the fridge.
  9. How long can I rest in the cooler?
  10. deft


    Oldfo rye is a standard in mi casa. Get the 1L at total wine.
  11. deft


    Larceny barrel proof: shits hot man
  12. Adding mayo ups your Coronavirus chances to 6 or 7% at least
  13. YeH but then I have to drink busted sandal
  14. deft

    Tiger King

    No waii! They’re funny as shit tho Pantera before CFH was actually a hair metal band. Dimebag Darrel (rip brother, I’ll have another black tooth grin tonight maybe) was Diamond Darrel and shit like that.
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