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  1. Only show in Texas is mf’n El Paso. Shit sucks yo.
  2. Needs cholula. Bleeding heart or something.
  3. But what did it look like before consumption?
  4. Yeah but fracking has really fucked up the richter scale equivalence
  5. I love butterfinger and heath but they get stuck in my teeth something crazy. My go to lately is a Reese’s blizzard with peanut butter added. Yummmm Bob Wills may still be the king, but there’s no longer a dq in mexia.
  6. I’m guessing a hydraulic leak on the piston for the baler. Shits high pressure and flammable yo
  7. Jesus Christ guys, listen to the man. He wants to be done. Deep down, if in the future he wants to come back again, he’ll let us know.
  8. deft


    1850 rpms. And it’s a liter. All the same, GFY bulverde.
  9. deft


    Decided to break the fast tonight after the day I had. Thank you to the brave men and women of the bulverde police department. We all know your little burg is that much safer now that you wrote me a citation for speeding on some podunk ass road that you happen to have jurisdiction over. Thank God you all made it home safe after an 8 hour shift sitting in a climate controlled car reading your MAGA jackoff subreddits.
  10. deft


    I’ve got it. I still prefer the specs private select stave mix.
  11. Yeah but then you have to drink busted sandal.
  12. deft


    I’m 40 hours into a fast but perhaps i should break tonight
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