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  1. This show is on tour at The Hobby Center in Houston. I think it also goes to Dallas and Austin. Do NOT miss this show. Period. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/arts-theater/article/Dear-Evan-Hansen-worth-every-Tony-14832867.php?cmpid=gsa-chron-result#
  2. Do we think our favorite coach of all time -- Coach Art Briles -- will be the guest picker? If not, then who?
  3. Camelback80=Cameltoe. Do not feed the troll.
  4. Ummm. Asking for a friend . . . . What are Surly's thoughts on drinking an old fashioned while eating a Frito Pie?
  5. it didn't work very well during the World Series.
  6. Could be. But it was either 610 or 790 am in Houston and the guys on this morning said they had Herbie on their show earlier in the week and that's what he said.
  7. I've appeared before her many times. She is rude, condescending, disresptful and unprepared. She's been off the bench for a while due to her medical conditons (which sucks -- my wife is a survivor), so it has been a while since I've actually been in her court. This news does not surprise me.
  8. Heard on the ray-de-o this morning that in the Big 10/16, the away team selects the game time of the national tv game. Gophers wanted to play it at night. Franklin said no, 11:00 am please. This could all be fake news for all I know, but it is what i heard.
  9. This is a rude, insensitve and disrespecful post. Pos rep.
  10. No way bro. Wide pass to the receiver behind the line of scrimmage.
  11. So let's talk about the number. Most places have it at 57 or 57 1/2. So that's a 33-25 game for Texas to cover and go over. These fellers think purple guys are only going to score 25 against us? Purple drank maybe.
  12. Welcome !!! Nice to have you on board. Come on in and take a seat.
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