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  1. I wish it were. I hope it is. I'm not so sure. Unfortunately. While I never wish for us to lose any games in any sport, I will not be overly disappointed (or surprised) if we lose at least two of the next three.
  2. I wish this were true. I wish I could say I'm cautiously optimistic. Unfortunately, if we get a bid, I think that gives our esteemed AD a reason to keep him. I hope I'm wrong.
  3. If he wins two of the next three, we will be 9-9 in conference and will be 19-12. We may get a bid. While he needs to go, if he makes it to the tourney, he could (unfortunately) keep his job.
  4. If we win this game, is Shaka gonna be our coach next year?
  5. Doesn't he sell car insurance now with Tonya Harding?
  6. Does this resounding road victory against a 9-18 team mean that Shaka ain't gettin' fired?
  7. They're sposta only beat us by 4 points. According to all them smart people in places like Las Vegas. I mean that's like less than a touchdown.
  8. if god would have wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings . . .
  9. Just bought 6 for $29.99 each. $40 shipping.
  10. that's pretty funny. tons of memes come to mind . . . .
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