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  1. Agreed. Glad to have a lopsided ass kicking victory but let's tap the brakes on this (or any other) team dominating again in/for however many years. So much can change in golf in a short amount of time. Great GREAT victory to be celebrated and hopefully everyone stays healthy.
  2. What the hell did Fleetwood do in the team room that made all the Euros LOL every time they alluded to it? that's got to be a funny/crude/inappropriate story to tell on the telly-vision.
  3. Agreed. Put them back out there. Do not sit them and let them stew about it all day.
  4. That's awesome. Again, well done Padraig. While this may not have been his idea, he certainly had to approve it.
  5. I was at the Cotton Bowl when Robert Brewer beat Alabama. I'm old.
  6. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/2020-ryder-cup-significance-numbers-team-europes-ryder-cup-golf-bags This is awesome. Well done Padraig.
  7. Is paring DJ and Brooks the most terrible idea ever in the history of ideas?
  8. We were there three weeks ago visiting our offspring. Pretty much everything is open. Metro is back and running full throttle and is very easy to use. Fair warning, though, if you are regularly or randomly drug tested: Open dope smoking everywhere. Literally everywhere. You will not be able to walk past any open areas/parks/monuments/metro stations without breathing in doobage. And yes, I'm being ironical about the testing but NOT being ironical about the rest. You will smell it virtually everywhere you go.
  9. Why do you think I'm an asshole ??? Oh wait. I'm on Surly. NVM. FIGHT from downtown Houston.
  10. https://golf.com/news/features/unsolved-mystery-still-haunting-1991-ryder-cup/ Excellent article by Rolfing on The War by the Shore. Apparently someone threw a ball on the green after Irwin hit on 17. Somehow his ball ended up in the fairway on 18. I have never heard this story before.
  11. Rice was beating Arkansas 10-7 at the half in Arkansas. 17-17 at the end of the third. Hogs scored 21 in the fourth to win 38-17. Can't recall whether we were beating them at the half or were tied at the end of the third.
  12. Entire squad, including caddies, headed to WS this weekend. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/us-ryder-cup-team-take-scouting-trip-whistling-straits-weekend Anyone on Surly want to grab their clubs, head to Wisconsin, and see if they'd let us play a few practice rounds with the team?
  13. This would involve good sound football logic and common sense coaching. We're Texas. What are you thinkin'?
  14. Was visiting our offspring in the Washington DC area and wandered into a random liquor store next to where we had lunch. Eagle Rare (prob 12 bottles on the shelf) -- $59.99 Blanton's (2 bottles) $159.99 EHT (4 or 5 bottles) $119 Weller 107 (1 bottle) $199 Made no purchases at these prices.
  15. https://www.si.com/golf/news/2021-ryder-cup-captains-picks-made-by-steve-stricker
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