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  1. Trying to make amends for discussing bass on the drum thread.
  2. That video is awesome. Everyone is jamming like caffeinated ferrets. Meanwhile, Entwistle is just hanging out in the corner in a skeleton suit laying down fat bass grooves.
  3. You know your kid better than me. 5 y/o can be a bit young to start, but some kids are able to focus really well at that age. There are 3/4 size guitars, but that may even be too big for a 5 y/o. My thought would be to find a good instructor in your area and ask about lessons and go from there. A good instructor can give advice on appropriate sizing and may even have a line on a good used 3/4 guitar that another one of his/her students is looking to sell. As far as guitars, Tbone is right about the 3/4 Strat mini Ibanez also makes a miKro line. Used would be my first choice if possible unless you can catch a good package deal around the holidays.
  4. For any aspiring bass players, Scott's Bass Lessons are really solid. I'll also toss out Songsterr as a great site for guitar, bass, and drums. Tabs to lots of songs (super easy to hard) that you can play in time with backing tracks. If you pay the subscription, there are more features to slow down the play speed etc. It's kinda the vegetables and dessert approach for me. Lessons and technique are great, but Songsterr is a fun way to learn and play along with something you enjoy.
  5. That one checked a lot of boxes. It's already gone.
  6. This looks like it would be fun. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  7. So, dime the volume and rip off the knob?
  8. After a bizarre multi-state tour courtesy of the USPS, I am glad it finally arrived in one piece.
  9. Great color. However, I may or may not have had a bad experience or two in my younger days due to poor choices with Irish Ale. So, the name itself still makes me a little ill.
  10. Happy Tele Tuesday everyone. I will not be participating in Washburn Wednesday.
  11. It's a Fender Parallel Universe '51 Telecaster Bass. If you don't want the PJ option and don't mind the road worn finish, there is the Mike Dirnt Precision option too. Sending you a PM on the luthier.
  12. Also, if you are in DFW and need a guitar set up, I may or may not know an amazing luthier who is open as an essential business during these difficult times.... PM for details.
  13. Like others have said, Seagull S6 or Yamaha FG series are your 2 best bets. If possible, I would skip the built in electronics just to save cost. If it's in there, no big deal but why pay for something you won't be using for a while. Both are great guitars that will carry you a long way. Also, as mentioned above, definitely get it set up. Sweetwater is kinda picked over right now on in stock items, but if you reach out to them ask what type of discount they can offer (they will drop the price a bit and ask them for a good beginning player set up. Usually the action is really high out of the box and it can make things more challenging to learn if not set up properly. Don't make things harder than they need to be. It does not cost much and is worth it.) You will also need picks (Fender medium is a good place to start), a tuner (free phone app is fine), and depending on what guitar you get it may not come with a gig bag so you will probably want a case or bag to store it when not playing. Fender Play is actually a really good lesson series for starting out. They make the whole process really approachable. Keep us posted on what you get. And pics are mandatory.
  14. I would wear that. All of it.
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