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  1. No dogs in the guitar room? Sounds pretty damn un-American to me comrade.
  2. Let us know when you get the tracking number.
  3. Bet you can get them down pretty close to your price. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ES3500SCNH--gibson-es-335-sixties-cherry?cond=ES3500SCNHd1
  4. Couch guitar straps is having a 25% off site wide sale through Sunday with the code: RockMyLivingRoomAndOneDayTheStage I grabbed a drumstick bag for my kid and a padded bass strap made of 80's VW GTI seat fabric for me.
  5. I am generally not a fan of the relic'ed guitars. This one, however, I find myself strangely attracted to. The flamed maple peeking through is an interesting spin on the over the top "heavy aged" guitars and basses that Nash and the Fender Custom Shop are pumping out.
  6. Lord, i hate cyclops. Wish i could grind it off my Rolex. Otherwise love the watch even if i haven't had a reason to wear it in a few months. I used to hate them too. The date window is useless to me without it now. Sigh.
  7. Forgot the pic earlier. Sapphire crystal. Seiko automatic movement. Waffle dial has a lot of depth in person. Cyclops is big, but I’m older now so I appreciate it.
  8. I had a Panerai Sub for a while. It's not a bad watch, but I agree with 52-80. It's basically multiple variations of the same 2 models. It makes the Porsche 911 design team look radical by comparison. I will say that the ease of strap changes and the huge array of aftermarket straps can let you change things up pretty often. A new strap is always cheaper than a new watch when you get tired of the old look. Regarding green watches with green straps, take a look at the Seiko King Turtle if you don't mind a dive watch.
  9. Why has this information been held back from me until now? I can't even....
  10. How much are you (or the parents) looking to spend? Sweetwater has this demo. I bet they will drop it down a bit more. Capri Orange may not be the best Strat color, but the HSS configuration is always great. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StratPHSSPCO--fender-player-series-stratocaster-hss-capri-orange?cond=StratPHSSPCOd1
  11. This is well built and will cover a lot of tonal ground. Very underpriced for what you get. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BB435BL--yamaha-bb435-5-string-black
  12. I am a 4 string guy, so no personal experience. The guys over at Talkbass really like the SUB series (especially for the value you get). I think the string spacing on the 5 is possibly a bit tight at the nut, but as a guitar guy, that probably won't matter as much for you.
  13. Honey, this is NOT a guitar. This is a bass. It's totally different.
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