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  1. Sell it. Get something bad ass. Post pics.
  2. Does it help to envision it as an un-air conditioned sweatshop with meth addicted workers toiling furiously away for their next fix?
  3. I like Couch designs, but the vinyl backing can be slippery of you have a guitar prone to neck dive. No slipping with Souldier. Another option: DogTired. They are made out of the same material that Century makes martial arts belts. Flexible but strong and no neck dive. https://dogtiredguitars.com/collections/straps-1
  4. Wildwood? Never mind, just saw the T-shirt in your pics. Ridiculous that I my geographical knowledge is based on guitar shops: Louisville, CO; Ft. Wayne, IN..... That is a sweet Tele!
  5. Yes, get them filed. Once you take care of it, you shouldn't have to deal with it again.
  6. The Matrix was right. We are a virus.
  7. This should be the perfect combo: daily driver, top down nice weather/weekender, Home Depot mulch hauler. https://www.autoblog.com/2021/06/04/aston-martin-db5-vantage-trio-for-sale/
  8. When my son was younger, we subscribed to Pley. It was like Netflix for legos. Monthly subscription priced according to the size of the builds. He could build a set, send it back and they would mail the next one in his toy wish list. Perhaps Bogeywon is on to something here and we do that but with guitars. Scratch an SG itch, send it back for a 335. Of course, I just looked and Pley is out of business. May not be a sound business plan after all.
  9. We did the drive in a 4dr Wrangler. No issues. The drive is gorgeous. There are lots of places to pull off and stop for photos. No guard rails, but it’s wide enough and not scary. Everyone is going slow and sightseeing. Denver Biscuit Company/Fat Sully’s pizza in s pretty solid on the food front.
  10. What part of the Jeep does he like? Off roading? Looks? If it is just a fun car with the top down, would a convertible satisfy his desires? Miatas, Mustangs and Camaros are in that price range with usually less miles. Plus, taking the top down is so much easier. This Jeep is a bit over budget, but less miles if he can drive a stick. https://www.vroom.com/inventory/jeep-wrangler-unlimited-2016-1C4BJWEGXGL291324 Or this one with less miles and about the same price as the one you posted. https://www.vroom.com/inventory/jeep-wrangler-unlimited-2015-1C4BJWDG3FL564636 Miata with 5K
  11. Just a few comments about Fender's solid rosewood necks. They feel flat out amazing. Very smooth and fast. However, expect it to have to deal with a bit of fret sprout initially. Once you address it, you shouldn't have to deal with it again, but most seem to have it in the beginning to some degree or another.
  12. It probably would. Any dealer will void warranties if possible. but you have the ability to flash back and forth to the original setting if you needed to take it in for service. Or just get the manual transmission.
  13. Guys on the Tacoma forum love the OV Tune. It will likely address the shifting logic/throttle management issues that the stock Tacoma has. It’s pretty cheap and does not affect reliability. Most people only complain that they didn’t do it sooner. I have a 2019 Tacoma and it has been perfect for me. I have the MT, so I have not felt the need to tune it. You are right, it is ancient technology at this point, but it works, is reliable and will always sell for more later on. I agree that the Ford interior sucks. I don’t want to look at that all day.
  14. Just a couple of thoughts: Drive both the JK and the JKU. I went in wanting a JK (it does look better). However, the ride quality of a longer wheelbase is so much smoother. The JK feels choppy and gets pushed around a lot by highway wind. Get as stock a jeep as you can find. Never trust someone else's lift kit and who installed it. If it has one already, find a trusted shop to look it over well. Some of those things are installed poorly. Also, research Jeep death wobble a bit. They are an absolute blast and a young person is going to love it and look past every fault (loud, sl
  15. About that F chord...... let's just say it is the first big hurdle for beginners. Are you ever in DFW Troph? I have a Seagull S6 I can part with. PM me
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