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  1. Go here. Eat pie. http://www.estesparkpieshop.com
  2. Glad you started this. I've been experimenting with some of the instant pot recipes from their book and online. I have also found several of the Gamechangers recipes to be solid. https://gamechangersmovie.com/recipes/mexican-lentil-soup/ https://gamechangersmovie.com/recipes/mexican-garbanzo-salad/ This one is good but way under seasoned. I doubled the balsamic vinegar and added some salt to the veggies as they were being sautéed. https://recipes.instantpot.com/recipe/ratatouille-with-black-olives-and-quinoa/
  3. Will be interesting to see where they price those. I may just be on a green kick right now, but the Slash Anaconda Burst Les Paul looks nice. I usually hate the artist inspired guitars/bass, but this one looks good. Thankfully the price puts it beyond my interest level. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPSS00DANH--gibson-slash-les-paul-standard-anaconda-burst-limited-edition
  4. This arrived today. G&L’s new short scale bass. Had been on the fence, but I hear a price increase is coming during NAMM this week. Just pulled it out of the box, but initial impressions are favorable.
  5. That looks great. I think the custom 60's may give you a bit fatter punch if that is what you are looking for.
  6. How thick is that? Hockey puck or not too bad?
  7. topochico

    Truck Nuts

    I think the Ridgeline is a really good truck. I don’t tow and the bed would easily handle any weekend chores I tackle with a better ride and better gas mileage. However, this is my other vehicle. I’ve had such a good experience, I honestly didn’t consider anything else but Toyota 4x4 with a MT.
  8. topochico

    Truck Nuts

    I got tired of all of the false alerts. I just run the Waze app now. If I were to buy one, I would probably end up with the Escort Max 360.
  9. topochico

    Truck Nuts

    Coming soon. https://www.magnusonsuperchargers.com/product-p/01-19-35-xxx-bl.htm
  10. topochico

    Truck Nuts

    Cavalry Blue is the correct Tacoma color
  11. Yeah, I have tried to get some pics that highlight the blue hands/markers. Zero success. I was torn between this watch and a Glashutte Original Sport Evo about 10 years ago. Went with the GO and while I really like it, I have always had this one in the back of my mind. Can't say that I would be willing to pay current new prices for it, but I am glad the situation developed for me to pull off this trade.
  12. The black face/bezel will decrease the visual presence. Coming from a 36, I see where it is a huge jump, but I think you will be surprised how quickly you will adjust to the 43 unless you have tiny wrists.
  13. Should have done this years ago.
  14. Miata. Yes, the $7000 German car will be a POS.
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