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  1. This guy really really needs to go. Representing Texas with this kind of logic is embarrassing not only in that he cannot seem to understand he kind of linked Parnas to Giuliani to Trump to oligarchs and therefore Parnas is not to be trusted but that he actually knows it is screwy logic and doesn't care. Anyone who has been observing events knows this, but one would think with his seat being a little more uncertain, he might show some restraint. He's all in, is Cornyn. Cornyn (per the FEC, I looked him up) has $2,934,000 in individual contributions (itemized) and $1,059,000 in unitemized contributions. That's a lot of unitemized dollars with no trail. He also has $1,175,000 in committee contributions plus $2,400,000 in transfers from other committees (all numbers rounded). What is fascinating and perhaps one of you politically savvy folks could explain why: if you go back to the 2013/14 election which he won with 61% of the vote, he had an amazing amount of itemized individual contributions: $6,495,000 but only $558,000 in unitemized contributions. Weird?!
  2. I agree. Worrisome that someone spotted the photo, but people tend to notice mistakes in things like that. What they miss are the documents.
  3. That was what I've been seeing around the webs: that another reason Trump chose Dershowitz and Starr was that they have media personalities and can get in front of the narrative prior to Tuesday.
  4. Once again, FBI trying to stay on top of things. American citizens should be relieved that in addition to spelling not being their strong suit, Neo-Nazis apparently attempt to kill their own if they are 'stupid and incompetent.' From the article: The following is from the CBS report that the above story is based upon. For clarity, I believe TB is actually Mathews' code name per the FBI: So, they are taking people who have either doxxed them or otherwise exposed them (as noted in paragraph directly above) and putting them on kill lists. Like these marvelous spellers could ever get anything wrong with citizen's identity or anything. (I'm not even going to address the idea of killing people in the first place with these nutbars).
  5. I do not believe we will ever know half of what they got up to. Obstruction and destruction (of evidence) has been so prolific and ongoing that unlike Iran-Contra, etc it will be largely unwritten and undiscovered. Prince's exploits all over the globe, Sargeant funding who knows what with his military connections, Barr's cronies, all of it.
  6. Now that brought back some memories of 7th grade English right there. The Poe Unit, which considering the dark places the introspective teenage mind starts traveling, was such a charming way to begin middle school. Article was interesting comparison, though, thanks for linking it!
  7. In the back of my mind I've gone full Brisket and figure their (GOP) back up strategy (if Trump is out) is full on civil war using whatever police/military/militia white supremacist supporters they can muster to cause chaos and unrest. Then they begin the process of dismantling what remains of the full and fair electoral system so we have what all the other unstable countries have. But, if the republic and America can hold on, we better get to work.
  8. I think your edit regarding the religious context is spot on.
  9. It's a screen shot, so no clue if this has any merit. Purported to be from a Virginia state senator. Dangerous rhetoric, but I expect to see much worse in the coming months and definitely leading up to the protest on Monday. It is being pushed across the far right accounts nationwide as far as I can tell to try and get it trending. "If anything happens, it is Antifa dressed as MAGA," to create that deniability scenario. From a MAGA/KAG "patriot account: I am going to see if I can source the letter to determine validity. However, given some GOP folks, it is probably real. I don't have the Face, but the letter appears on a campaign account run by her people as far as I can tell. Everything seems to be vetted, by I don't know for certain. Regardless, I believe she approves the message.
  10. The whole fake news strategy has either been a complete success or a nightmare depending upon one's POV. Thanks Trump.
  11. So, spill more details about the debate? Any worthwhile discussion?
  12. Haha! I understand, it's not for everybody. But it struck a cord for a lot of women of my mom's generation.
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