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  1. The really long missive on school reopening in Houston should clarify that it is the American Academy of Pediatrics info (it is to where the link goes) so that people don't get them confused with the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. (frequently quoted by the anti-vaccine proponents). The latter is sometimes shortened to AAP, although if a parent were to type in AAP for a search, it would probably take them to the Academy site.
  2. It's okay Biff, you're all right in my book. I have missed stuff like that plenty of times, especially on busy days.
  3. My husband and I liked the Monterrey Melt but they haven't had it for awhile at our locations.
  4. We lived there for awhile. We knew plenty of average nice people, but gotta admit there are some odd folks and politicians there. After all, Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahmer were Wisconsinites.
  5. When it rains it pours. The old "I think he's learned his lesson" defense...
  6. The percentage of Americans who would fail the Marshmallow Test has got to be at an all time high.
  7. The Republicans have Scott Presler flying around the country and signing up people to vote, especially in swing states. He has been doing it for months. Will it make a difference? Unknown, but he has both a social media presence and other social media followers that boost his efforts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  8. Exactly. You see, *Busch came out with this Light Apple Beer and the Daily Caller was emphatic about how soy this was because everyone knows that Busch beers are the working man's beer. To quote: "Apple beer is for the plutocrats in their high-rise apartments, drinking their rich people clear liquors and sneering down as the working class man. Fruity alcoholic drinks for the kind of person who has never had their hands dirty after a day of work in their lives." So all Trump did was remake Space Force to be the working man's program. None of that high falutin' science energy and math. *Sorry, couldn't resist with the spelling. NASA has provided a lot of good to the world. But like a lot of things, Trump may poison the well.
  9. Closed captioning has improved, but there are still issues with it besides accuracy of text and that all states are providing for their deaf citizens but the WH doesn't give a flying fig is just on brand in so many ways.
  10. Even the schools that have virtual learning will have students that wish to live in the same community as the campus. Once arriving, there is the trip to pick up sundries, etc. If I had to guess, campus health centers have been preparing in case there is an outbreak, but the county health departments don't always have a ton of resources if the uptick spreads community wide in a rapid fashion. I fear the roller coaster season is going to continue for the next three months at minimum.
  11. Rutgers is playing Nebraska in their opener and R had 28 players test positive so I wonder how many teams will do as @Bama Chick reported and attempt to squelch any leaks regarding cases. Negative PR if it is revealed after the fact would be a very bad look.
  12. I'm unsure as I don't know all the rules. At this point, I'm not sure there are any rules.
  13. From a Surly point of view, yes. Americans with hearing impairments are voters, too and I'd just as soon they bear witness to the calumny that permeates the briefings.
  14. @Lobo had commented upon end of August into September as being ugly (paraphrasing) and I don't disagree. I'm with you, I hope it doesn't happen, but in the college towns across America, it is going to play out. K-12 has its own issues with spread, but the college scene has the added complication of students arriving from other places.
  15. Trump is really regretting he didn't have COVID-19 sign an NDA.
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