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  1. "I think you should go and you should vote." What an answer to that question.
  2. "Look! All I did was endorse a candidate. " "And all hell broke loose. Safety...For months they did nothing." Hello??? When exactly did the WH begin to change their tune on the pandemic?
  3. Her manner of speaking? What are you saying Mr. President? Do you not believe African Americans are eloquent or something? Jfc.
  4. Between that (the profitable part), the last mile agreement with foreign nations, and having to pay the pensions out ahead so far the post office cannot ever turn a profit as far as I can tell. Sorry for the derail. I'll stop with the USPS talk.
  5. Badgers are up. Oh good grief. People do not cheat on mail ballots.
  6. Because then it's the post office's fault if people die. Didn't you read the memo?
  7. The USPS and the subsidizing of the shippers. Oooo, that's going to be interesting. Which President was in office when the routes were opened to them? I can't remember was that W? I want to say it was 2004 or 2005?
  8. "Who are you with?" seems to be a common refrain with him. Wtf does it matter? USPS on the table.
  9. Punting to Seema. That's a nice replacement necklace Seema. Did you finally get the taxpayers to fund your insurance claim?
  10. Data collection question. This is going to be interesting.
  11. I don't think those reporters read the suggestions by the journalism prof. They really should because he is word salading them again and again.
  12. Reporter quotes back at him on "it will go away" in light of the memos. Trump throws the travel ban distress flag up.
  13. Navarro question. Nobody says "it's going to happen." Orly?
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