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  1. Sorry, sorry! Should've mentioned I was going to be away from desk/work for about a week. Thanks to the plague, certain post cancer scans, checkups got throttled in the pipeline and we are trying to get all taken care of (plus flu shots/boosters!!!) in a final attempt to avoid any need for non emergency medical facilities during the coming couple of months. We normally take care of all during the summer save the flu shots but I got a new oncologist and that took a while to get going. Plus, I hate using the phone in the waiting room, etc. It just makes me bomb the blood pressure reading. You all are pretty cool and it's the reason I stopped lurking when I joined. Best discussions anywhere online, hands down. Even the surliest ones. Hopefully will wrap things up this week and the new doctor will give the all clear cause I'm trying to convince everyone we have to watch mic-less Trump and play Debate Bingo.
  2. It is a low rent C List reality show now, isn’t it? The mentally insane patriarch. Drugged out son with a girlfriend who speaks so loudly everyone knows their business. The daughter and son-in-law who meddle in all things with an exaggerated sense of importance. The wife no one ever sees unless she’s ‘decorating’ something but obviously doesn’t want to be around. The son trying to fit in and hangs around briefings but can’t quite blend. Various hangers on who come and go depending upon their court dates/bail. But behind the scenes, there are some very cold blooded evil producers who are getting exactly what they want from this show.
  3. That is not the least bit unhinged right there. Feeling bold enough to approach and be uncivil to a neighbor in that way regarding something so benign as a political sign is a bad omen.
  4. Seeing the signs reminds me: we saw a large Biden/Harris sign a couple of streets over this morning. The owner had mounted it on their stockade fence and framed it with 2x4s. Very few signs in our neighborhood on the whole except for some of the local races.
  5. A rally a day is going to be a tough schedule stamina wise from someone who may not have full lung capacity. Trump spoke for 18 minutes yesterday, I didn't listen to his phone call with Fox, but if he is on a podium and starts coughing and wheezing, I guess his supporters can toss him a Ricola.
  6. I guess the campaign is playing the odds that if any of the attendees get it they won't become fatalities until after the election. When you really don't care, you really don't care.
  7. More from the Pence rally in Florida. Killing the olds, one rally at a time.
  8. If he's still on that mega pack of roids, you're probably right.
  9. Sure they are. There are ways they could fire him, but as much as they've tried to discredit him, it would be far more damaging to Trump than to Fauci. Fauci is 80 years old and a member of the Senior Executive Service and I read that there is a protocol that must be followed and that protocol takes time. There isn't that much time between now and the election. Now that hasn't stopped the WH from doing all sorts of shady crap, but IMO that would be really stupid to try.
  10. I have no shred of respect for Dr. Oz, but he seems to make a living. So does the quack Mercola. I've never gotten the no ad thing on YouTube and there is always someone on there hawking something. I tune it out, but plenty of people are addicted to the next big thing.
  11. I don't think they will. He may get sidelined, but unless he signed something, people would be a LOT more interested in him than John Bolton. This close to the election, firing him could backfire on the WH.
  12. Twitter failing at keeping up with the disinfo campaigns part two:
  13. "Read the fuckin' plan" but my gal didn't make it out of the primary.
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