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  1. I didn't have time to watch all of the coverage today, but Hawley was out there doing his schtick.
  2. 4. You can't impeach a president if his head is superimposed upon Rocky Balboa's body, because 'murica. 5. You can't impeach a president if the hurricane avoids Alabama. 6. You can't impeach a president if the deal with Greenland is not finalized. 7. You can't impeach a president if there are good people on both sides during a "White Power" rally.
  3. That was also a tradition in my husband's family when he was growing up. His mom would make angel food cake as the birthday cake. We continued the tradition when our children were small. Now we just have the cake because they like it. It's not a big deal.
  4. Thank you for posting this. I had been following it peripherally but got distracted and was not aware the epidemic had grown so quickly. Last year I followed the US outbreak and one thing was made evident. It was the conditions and health care in this country that kept US children from dying even as the cases grew to surpass numbers not seen in over twenty years. The cost of that health care was reactive as opposed to proactive and strained local and state resources. Funny how on 'conservative' forums, people will rail about Americans being obese or not taking care of themselves and how it adds to the public's health care costs but as soon as you mention vaccines, they disappear. Or they cite statistics from VAERS, which is not and never has been a source to prove outcomes. It is merely a system of reporting (by anyone) that can show trends so researchers can examine and study in case there is a concern. Very frustrating how social media has been abused by the anti vax crowd. I've heard they have taken a page from abortion protesters and are now accosting people outside of clinics.
  5. Geraldo. Meh. He ALWAYS has a 'but.' "I love cops, but..." "In El Paso, all those people died due to the President's racism, but..." "I love to tell the truth, but..."
  6. Well, he sure seemed to act like the terrorist act at Pensacola was a nothingburger. The man who avoided war has no feeling for the sanctity of any life other than his own.
  7. It's more than alarming that his campaign has used photoshopped videos of him violently harming people. DO NOT NORMALIZE THIS SHIT. I don't usually swear, but this is at least the second one in the space of about a month. With a year to go into the campaign. I know what Brisket, et al said, and it's bound to be true about it getting worse, but wow. Who was it that said violent videos and games were 'responsible' for gun violence? Where are those people now?
  8. It's too much to ask for, but please couldn't the judge have required that to be held in public? You know how the required 'training seminars' for the rich go: they get there, sign something, pretend to be interested for five minutes while the facilitator says 'you all know don't do this again, right? K thanks, we're done here." So much more fun and instructive(!) if Jacob Wohl, and the Trump Baby Balloon could be there as well as some of the supporters who sent them money. Green shirt guy I would sponsor to be there. Heck, if you video it you might earn enough to send people a refund...
  9. The Thanos video is kinda creepy. It ends with Pelosi speaking and this black cloud comes and sweeps her away. Now, tbh, I don't do much with the superhero movies. I love the Deadpool movies and Guardians of the Galaxy (this one not so much at first, but the blue guy and Groot won me over-very sad when the blue guy died) because they have a lot of humor. My husband watches all the movies, but I don't like to be annoying and come in and ask a zillion questions during a movie because well, that is annoying to the viewer being asked. So, I'll ask you guys, isn't this Thanos a villain and is the Trump Campaign doing this as a troll? I guess I could see psychologically why that might play well with the "hehe, we're all in on this joke against the libs together" crowd, but over time it seems like it could not age well. At all. @RomaVictathanks, you're very nice. The 60 million supporters need some Amazing Grace type revelation to clear the propaganda from their senses. They are lost but who knows if they will ever be able to see....
  10. Concern for a plan's implementation is warranted. However, the fear mongering deserves your ire and I agree with you. Some of the options that bt suggested w/respect to health care might be helpful. I would also suggest that perhaps during the transition that data skilled employees might be able to perform some much needed catch up in states across America for: Court appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for children. Helping with form backlogs as needed for foster care systems and other social work areas, VA healthcare systems, genetic testing paperwork for crime labs. There is much infrastructure in our country that is being ignored, some of it requires physical labor and some of it simply requires time and effort. Americans helping Americans.
  11. Lots of people going to be triggered over a teenager today.
  12. Wheeler went off on Barr on Twitter. If Surly lawyers could come to the white courtesy phone and weigh in, your opinions would be appreciated. I won't post the whole thing but I'll post the link. The tweets below are out of order, but you get the idea. Full thread here: https://twitter.com/emptywheel/status/1204588554552332288
  13. Three in a row, sorry, been a busy week for the Offal Office lately. Weird flex by Trump campaign.
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