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  1. Imagine what the RFQ looks like that the brilliant Jared Kushner composes.
  2. It gets pretty scary when I meet teachers in our district that are anti-intellectual. It sounds weird, but after one speaks with them, it is as if they like the idea of attending college as an 'experience' (sororities, football games, meeting people and socializing) but not the idea of expanding their world view and knowledge. I don't think I'm explaining it very well, but it was unsettling to then hear yet another group of parents talk in a group about how K-12 teachers and university faculty are poisoning the minds of today's youth.
  3. Well duh, Space Force doesn't have disasters. Space Force will have a parade if anything makes it to the stratosphere.
  4. In these challenging times, I prefer to be addressed as Human Capital Stock if you please, Hugo.
  5. Ah, that explains; for some reason, autocorrect didn't occur to me. Yes, between the confusion over the first few words, it went whoosh over my head.
  6. Very nice looking beds there. Lot of work, but looks good!
  7. Much very good? Not sure I'm understanding your sentence structure or your history of political and economic systems.
  8. Every death is tragic, but let's revisit Tucker here just to outline how tragic: Tucker, you are malignant.
  9. We took our heathen selves to the grocery store this morning and mask usage is dropping. We were masked, saw one of our friends in passing and he was masked. Employees were masked and the rest of the shoppers were at <50 percent. Will be interested to see the June data regarding case hospitalizations.
  10. Like my youngest says, "And then the plague happened." This is the same child who remarked about his middle school years as "ignorant people repeat history and the smart kids stand by and hope we don't get slaughtered." I think he gets that from his father. He was so sunny as a toddler. To paraphrase the song, "I wish the real world would stop hassling him."
  11. Counterpoint: of course he is, one should know that going in. But ostentatious displays get outed sooner. Trump isn't a fine print reader so continue the grift longer with the bs stall and w/o the mansions and cars, and Parscales might not end up replaced by Flynn et al and/or stay in Jared and Junior's good graces. That was his 'in' apparently--through the kids. Edit-good point @pyrohornIII. I do overlook too often the insecurity w/respect for class position. He's been showing that for decades.
  12. What @Wanker Bob says plus IMO a traditional school year means that the little germ meisters are no longer confined for 8+ hours in the little boxes and bringing things home to errybody. It isn't limited to a school, but like dorms and nursing homes, classrooms are not the airy open windowed places of yore and if your children attend a rapid growth district then they may be in portables which are also cramped and have a door that is touched by everyone coming and going. Sorry for the derail, but I am scarred forever by the great gastro bug of '09. The number of family members that ended up sleeping (in turn) by the toilet will live in family infamy. It's pretty sad because the folks that push for that don't seem to understand just how many people have to contract the virus in order to achieve this. I hope those folks volunteer since they are so gung ho.
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