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  1. It is offered to every immediate family member as well as the VP's family, so I'm going to assume so.
  2. I wished he would have asked her if the Holocaust was real; after that question whether the moon landing really happened and if humans used to hunt dinosaurs.
  3. The distraction was more about the latter sentiment and also how the press attention on Hunter is extreme. It's not only paparazzi level intrusion, but the possible issue with deranged people trying to harm his son might actually be more concerning to the President than if it were his own life. He seems like that type of person--to discount his own safety over others coming to harm.
  4. It hurts Joseph Biden, too. Hunter is his only surviving child and it is distracting to a point. In addition, if they can bother Hunter to the point that he lashes out, has to go into rehab, you name it, they will have more stories. But as you say, it deflects from Don Jr and also keeps people from wondering to what ends Ivanka is working. She went radio silent for the most part and several years ago, she was working with a speech coach, so most likely she is quietly doing her homework.
  5. What is also in Matt's wheelhouse is that her brother (Palmer) left the company he founded, Oculus, and started a defense company named Anduril which makes autonomous drones and sensors with the military in mind. ( I believe the Air Force awarded them a contract. I'm sure Gaetz sitting on the Armed Services Committee is just a coincidence. Palmer apparently funded Reddit trolls dedicated to electing Trump. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/sep/23/oculus-palmer-luckey-funding-trump-reddit-trolls
  6. The number of people who use the 'Search Engine' feature is n=5?
  7. Also, this account posts variant data in their pinned tweet. Click on the tweet and scroll down to see more related data in the thread:
  8. More about the growing problem faced by our neighbor to the north, except virus don't care about borders...or state lines... Canada is spiking and recently one of their health authorities stated people could assume they had one of the variants, that the govt was going to stop tracking individual variants. Not going well for them. Just south in Detroit and Michigan at large things are rough. More children are coming down with stronger symptoms with the newer variants as well.
  9. Are you all following the #P1 variant? Apparently it has hit British Columbia hard and Brazil is reeling right now, but Brazil was a mess already. It is in Massachusetts and now Colorado and with Texas still working it's way through the vaccines, I'm getting nervous that it's going to hit hard as you know it's out there already...
  10. Here is papa Gaetz being quoted in an article from 2017. In addition, Artiles who is linked to the marijuana doctor is mentioned. He formally apologized in the Fla Senate in 2017 for using racial slurs against two black lawmakers.
  11. It's also a squishy statement; for all Trump is portrayed as stupid, a conman knows how to tiptoe when necessary. The debate and legality of pardon acceptance, issuance, and request with respect to guilt I won't go into as it was discussed in length back in December and January, but it is not a good look. So it's a roundabout--"I know nothing of any potential crimes, pending investigations, or any of the other sort that might tread really really closely to my own issues regarding underage sex or rape or any of that type of affair."
  12. Quoting myself, but the convoluted part is when the string keeps getting pulled: Lipman previously worked for the Florida Dept of Children and Families.
  13. Mrs Whiggins


    The anti-vaxxers stateside and the agents who assist in disinfo are going to run with this 'contaminated/altered' vaccine theme.
  14. No; that case is separate, IMO. Gaetz has been tagged as doing this with multiple 'partners' and I don't know the ages of them all. Also, this is a convoluted enterprise and involves multiple questionable arenas. Some of it appears to be the usual political 'favors' but other stuff not so much.
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