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  1. Normalizing violence, normalizing fascist style takeovers; nothing to see here, nothing at all.
  2. Mrs Whiggins


    SIAP elsewhere; she just went right to the point.
  3. Well that does it. Here I am smack dab in the middle of Texas and half the time I call one of my children by another's name and apparently that disqualifies me to be President of the United States. You don't know how broken hearted that makes me.
  4. I understand your argument regarding that type of scenario, but I don’t believe that was the crux of her argument—although I should go back and listen to her interview again. I believe she was talking about a certain lawlessness and violence in general-wherein a leader similar to Trump gives the BP somewhat freer reign to commit abuses at the border, or when say campaign buses are harassed, sheriffs look the other way. Things that have already occurred only scaled up in intensity and frequency. Violence upon each other and the corporate entities may cluck, but they still make money. I under
  5. Sometimes, knowing that the intent of those trying to suppress some truths being talked about is coded language for trying to suppress someone(s) talking truth to power.
  6. Europe is on the ledge, too. Maybe Macron will bring a basket of French pastries.
  7. That video was filmed prior to the march though--the trees have no leaves and he's wearing a jacket. I believe that's why this is getting more attention now. The investigation is narrowing its focus slightly?
  8. I'm having an internal dialogue similar to yours between this: and this:
  9. He's weird. Speaking of Charlie, this surfaced recently. Tell me again about liberty Charlie?
  10. Also; it continues to bother me that some find the action on the left admirable instead of demonstrably rude. For the folks that find that action the sign of an alpha male, then they have not been observant of enough alpha males.
  11. The Queen appears to have quite a pleasant expression on her face: I do believe the party is much more fun when the toddler stays home with the sitter.
  12. Replying to @Nice Guy Eddie For many I would say low odds, because the identity is so important to them. However, it may depend on if they are wholly Fox viewers versus other RW sources. There have been a few RW sources that discuss GOP leaders having been vaccinated. It's probably still low as shown above in the table, but having that further broken down by age group would be useful as well. At some point the folks that say, "screw 'em, I'm protected" will need to admit that attitude only works up to a point. If you mean, "I'm protected from death and perhaps hospitalization" the an
  13. What? Voter fraud/misconduct? You don't say.
  14. So, we've got Al Qaeda and Y'all Qaeda--is this Canadian offshoot Eh Qaeda?
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