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  1. There are good (not great, but good) restaurants in Bryan. There are also interesting people who work at aTm. They didn't go there, of course, but they exist. There's an oceanic archaeology professor who lived two doors down from us who has the most remarkable collection of colonial and Revolutionary War era muskets (he went to college in Vermont). And College Station is quite literally two hours in any direction from something interesting. It may suck as a destination, but it is a remarkably convenient starting point. Hell, just 15 minutes up the road in Hearne is a WWII prisoner of war camp that is one of the better historical sites I've ever visited. And you can stop at Penny's Diner (converted airstream that is a perfect 50's style counter burger joint) on the way back. You couldn't pay me enough to move back there, but if you want to live a life worth living, it is, in fact, possible to do there, just like it would be if you were living somewhere decent.
  2. It's possible to live in College Station and not immerse yourself in that culture. I did it, and remained relatively unscathed, for 18 years. But you have to 1) live in an area predominantly populated by professors, who overwhelmingly come from other parts of the country, 2) focus on hippie-dippy self-reliance like gardening and backyard chickens, so as to minimize the need for "trips to town" and 3) maintain the ability to connect with other like-minded "non-aggy" residents of aggyland. Jimbo has done none of these things. One of his kids, I grant, was involved with a talent scout who has put a ton of folk into profitable Hollywood positions (you'd be amazed how successful people who leave College Station because they don't fit in turn out to be -- Lyle Lovett is just the most well-known example. The angsty teenage X-men character in Deadpool? Yeah, Bryan, TX export), but otherwise, his family is aggy through and through. Trash to their core. Fisher and aggy were made for each other. That is not a compliment to either.
  3. Holy shit, he lives out past Foxfire? I mean, it's not a poor neighborhood, but he's living next to gas station owners and ditch diggers. I would have thought he'd be in Indian Lakes at the very least. He really does fit in at aTm. That whole area is not just "new money", it's "new money that doesn't know what the hell to do with it." Too bad he sucks so much they're going to kick him to the curb in a couple of years -- if that's where he chose to live, then he'd have been happy there forever. edit: I should also mention, there's a landfill about a mile away. Not that he'd notice such a thing.
  4. Word among Louisville boosters' wives is that he was pretty good at sucking ass. Just sayin'.
  5. Opinions are like a Pink Floyd concert. They make a whole lot more sense if you're stoned out of your fucking mind.
  6. Maybe the "Let's Dance With Lance" game against Xavier? I forget what the margin was, or how far back we had to come. But it says something that it was a basketball game, not football.
  7. I'm at work. Doesn't change the buzz-factor any, but it does put a bit of extra torque on the center-line of my existence.
  8. Gotcha.... so we're...... Short-handed. (I'll see myself out.)
  9. Seriously... is there someone somewhere who actually thinks Lowell Galindo should have his job? I mean... what the actual fuck? Even a 7-11 manager would have fired his worthless ass a long fucking time ago. Why is he still employed?
  10. From my ugly little office in beautiful Chapel Hill, FIGHT, fuckers. Fight.
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