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  1. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. There are plenty of people in high pressure jobs who are cool as a cucumber on the clock, and total drama queens on social media. I would much rather that than the reverse.
  2. I for one would like to thank you for filling a disproportionate share of the dead air we've all been desperately sloughing through. Outstanding effort.
  3. Just have a Covid patient cough on some carrot sticks, and leave 'em right outside your garden. That'll teach the little buggers.
  4. "The Raven" is really just about a passive-aggressive bird telling a whiny bitch to shut the fuck up in his own home.
  5. Not me. I'm waiting until they test the bears.
  6. Almost insultingly beautiful day here in North Carolina. Good day to grab some rays and sip lemonade.
  7. Been thinking a lot lately about the cloak-roominess of society generally, and how the pandemic is just exacerbating the problem, and then I come here and see the Tweet that has everone all a-twitter. The woman who cried "hoax!" and then died from Covid certainly didn't deserve it, but then neither did/do the people she recklessly exposed to it. The problem, though, from a Liberal's point of view, is that I see equally reckless behavior among the "Support local businesses!" cohort. The more you go out, even with masks and gloves, the more you stir shit up, and this damned virus doesn't give a good goddamn who the fuck you voted for, or how many cloth bags you take to the fucking farmer's market. Stay the fuck home, and worry about who is to blame for what once the only people not protected against this thing are the anti-vaxxers. Take out all the venom on them that you want.
  8. Where I live, that excuse is called "unemployment" and a lot of my neighbors seem to have it.
  9. Did you really bang your head against the wall that hard during Rout 66?
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