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  1. So, county engineers just reviewed my work; recommended I get a better pair of wire cutters, but otherwise, thought I did okay for an amateur. Now, to figure out how the hell a septic system works...
  2. Member that one time aggy beat LSU? I member.
  3. Everything is new for me this year. Like, four acres of a different state kinda new. I'm your huckleberry. Well, okay, these are your huckleberries. Vaccinium ovatum, to be precise: evergreen huckleberries. Grow best in full shade. Electricity comes on next week, seed potatoes go in the ground, fruit and berry trees and bushes over the next two months, and God only knows what'll happen after that. Hell, I've still gotta find time to build a new chicken coop, too. PARTAAAY!
  4. You're aware there is a lesbian coaching in the Super Bowl this year, yes?
  5. Figured it out with some pictures, the install guide, and my Helpful Hardware Man. ACE is indeed the place.
  6. So, I ended up using the funky metal conduit 10/3, and it actually kinda adds to the aesthetic of the place, so that was all well and good. I also decided to do the install myself, not just the wiring. I ended up kinda confused, though, when I opened the heater and read through the instructions -- Google let me know that red = "primary hot", black = "secondary hot", white = "neutral" and green = "ground". The heater, though, says "attach L1 here, and attach L2 there." Doesn't say anything about the neutral. The ground, even though it didn't mention, was pretty obvious from the diagram -- there was a pretty obvious grounding screw to attach it to. But is it okay to just cap the neutral line? And I'm guessing I don't attach it on the breaker end, either? Seems silly to have four wires, and only use three of them, but that seems to be what the instructions say. Thoughts? (And don't say, "Make sure your fire extinguisher works." I already figured that part out.)
  7. This discussion about APR and GSR ignores the fact that most of the student body at aggy is not there to play school, either. The Hobbit could not possibly have found a more perfect match for himself.
  8. Let's test that theory: Yep. Okay. Well fuck me twice and call me Elvis, it actually works.
  9. How long has it been since Tennessee was involved in their own legendary standings? Seems like the Tennessee cops are so used to turning away from the Vols on-field activities that it has spilled over into ignoring them off the field, too.
  10. If the powers that be want us to stop with these puns, I for one am more than ready to say "O kebab, I'll do what you ask."
  11. What do you use to wash it down when you tikka dosa these puns?
  12. I move to strike this answer as naan responsive.
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