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  1. Last time I was there, I saw a billboard bragging (complaining? hard to tell...) about having a higher murder rate than Chicago. I honestly can't think of anything beside the LSU dance girls that redeems that place. Not one damned thing.
  2. I'm fairly sure Patterson doesn't read this board, but since your message is one that it is vitally important he hear, I believe it would be appropriate for you to Google his current whereabouts and make sure that this gets said to him directly as soon as possible.
  3. Would be a smart idea of college football to have a bunch of smaller 8-10 team conferences all within the same geographic footprint. You could have one consisting of schools in Texas plus maybe Arkansas, for example. You could call it something like the "Southwest Conference" or some such.
  4. This is entirely inaccurate and misleading. They are extraordinarily shitty people. Nothing "just" about it.
  5. I had to go pull a call from one of our call center reps who didn't handle a sensitive issue very well. Understandable, her own family just went through a SIDS death, so she probably shouldn't even have been back at work. Anyway, customer was distraught over return shipping on a birthday present that her two year old granddaughter won't be using, seeing as she died of COVID a week ago. And her 5 year old sister probably couldn't use it, either, given that she's just been put on a ventilator for, you know, COVID. The science and the data are great and all, and the demographic evidence for who is at risk is kinda neat for those who want to make wonky policy decisions. But anecdotal or not, I'm going to have a hard time letting the two hour conversation I had with this customer when i called her back not influence how I respond to Coronavirus related issues going forward, because holy fuck, I did not need all of this floating around in my head. 2020 can go fuck itself.
  6. Well, that's got some interesting logo possibilities.
  7. Man, talk about a losing platform. You're gonna take away the one pleasure Americans have left?
  8. If we "Think" it hard enough, will it actually happen? Asking for a friend.
  9. Washington Restricted Airspace with Overpriced Hotels and Surly Bellboys
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