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  1. The Camaro and the Scorpions are pure Kingsville, no doubt. But that picture has about 95% too many trees in it, and the grass is too green. I think most of the trees in town are still around the cemetery next door to Memorial Junior High, though, so, yeah, that part's money, too.
  2. You've got a dog named Crowley, and you're expecting him NOT to fuck everything to Hell? Dude...
  3. Booker - 4 Biden Buttigieg - 1 Gabbard Harris Klob - 2 Sanders - 11 Steyer Warren - 8 Yang
  4. Well, not to mention several of them ought to have at least five or six possible answers. Life isn't black and white. Well, unless you're Pete.
  5. No surprises here. I was a Bernie Bro before Bernie was.
  6. I used to walk past the pen where they kept the mascot on my way to play pick-up basketball at Steinke Gym. Going 4-7 at A&I, he's lucky he got fired. Back in the day, that woulda gotten a guy shot, and buried out by the Santa Gertrudis monument.
  7. Hmmm... seems like as good a time as any to start making people ragey.
  8. And... from one of my South Texas homies:
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