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  1. I'd guess show shoveling put it over the top. There's more to this story I bet.
  2. We used to eat at the Pumphouse, guessing it's still good.
  3. most of those yahoos like it with a touch milk.
  4. Get some vitamin E capsules and squeeze the goody out of it and smear around. Good news the goody isn't a creamy white color.
  5. Open up the piggy banks. Houston 2021 at NRG Center | April 8-10, 2021 (mecum.com)
  6. Paid. Now it's time for the rest of ya'll to donate. Now, where did I put that deposit slip.
  7. Overall a good race. Corvettes picking up where they left off last year. GTLM get replaced after this year with something else.
  8. Well, my oldest son and his fiancé' have been bat bit. She is wiped out, very fatigued and feels like crap. He is asymptomatic and not feeling bad. The youngest daughter will be tested first thing morning at her job. She works with special needs children, so they test 3X a week. Turns out Friday, she had a girl in her care who has tested positive. She got the news on that sometime late Saturday. She's worried now, because my wife and her parents were there all day Saturday for a visit. I stayed home and watched the Rolex 24. Sunday went by and no noticeable changes in the wife. We'll
  9. Real time scoring link for fast updates. Scoring | IMSA Can be customized to see only the class your are interested in.
  10. 17 hours in and 'Merica still looking good.
  11. Just finished watching I'm thinking better than average entertainment. I'd watch again at some point to see if I missed anything.
  12. Those DPi cars are amazing. C8Rs still strong after 7 hr.
  13. 4 hours in and C8R's running 1 and 2. Keep it up.
  14. I wonder what he is thinking this morning as he wakes up? Someone get Nicole on the courtesy phone and see if she has some insight.
  15. You will need a coxswain behind you to yell about your stroke and speed. Maybe throw some water around to make it more realistic.
  16. Maybe she should be glad he didn't ask for a sammich. Jerk move, by a jerk from U of Spoiled Children.
  17. Well, some brother in law somewhere gotta get an under the table contract. It the way politics works.
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