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  1. BT loves the blacks as long they agrees with him. Massa no likes disagreement.
  2. You constantly post multiple posts in a row. What a fucking derp.
  3. Exactly. They are cruel ugly hearted people. I have a few uncles like this that I've shut out of my life. I don't need that hateful aura and don't want my kids exposed to it.
  4. I'll take a Dementia Joe surrounded by a brilliant administration over a literally evil Trump surrounded by incompetent grifters. It's not even a close choice.
  5. But it won't. Black voters, white voters, all voters, no one is paying attention to this shit. They aren't on Twitter or other platforms reading the political news. To the small extent they are, they don't give a shit about this nonsense. They most likely agree with Biden. Any black person, or any person of any race, supporting Trump is an evil piece of shit.
  6. Vote Trump if you want. No one gives a shit. Biden has this.
  7. But Johnny is really concerned on behalf of black people. The only option is to vote for Trump who really loves the blacks.
  8. Hey BT, do we still have to believe all women even when one is shown to be a pathological liar?
  9. Nobody is asking for it asshole. But people are allowed to use their brains and express skepticism for claims 30 years after the fact and from people who've expressed extreme adulation for murderous Russian dictators who have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
  10. "As far as not saying it yourself, that's true, but part of being part of a groupthink circlejerk is that you don't have to say the untasteful thing out loud yourself, you just stand in allegiance with others who do." As opposed to a one man circle jerk?
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