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  1. Jurrah might should go after Rhule rather than Riley.
  2. Look at your own avatar and repeat that.
  3. Yeah, late...in the 2nd quarter.
  4. Part of this is me whistling past the graveyard but in Bo's case, they did not take him to a hospital for a week. Also, major improvements in the last 30 years.
  5. bamachine

    Saban and Bama

    It is odd year Auburn, so crazy will ensue.
  6. bamachine

    Saban and Bama

    That was according to a guy he just cut from the team. Others on the team told a different story. Tua struggled in the 2 minute vs LSU last week, so they kept him in to work on it. The injury he got has zero to do with his ankles. His knees were down and two players landed on his back, driving his femur into his hip joint. Bama as a team was just unlucky today. Also lost two DL for the rest of the game, if not more. There were a total of 7 injured players during the game.
  7. Not this one or the LOL thread, not sure.
  8. It is proof positive that even though weed does not make you aggressive, it does not stop you from being an asshole.
  9. That is a she? I did not watch it but upon first look, definitely thought it was born with male attachments.
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