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  1. Just a reminder, was looking through my DVR upcoming recordings, it is back next Wed, set yer DVR.
  2. I imagine they are going to play it like Fring got word about the banditos, sent Mike to protect the money. Makes Lalo look bad to the rest of the Salamancas because Fring is just protecting the cartels money and not getting caught up in the competition. So Lalo ends up back in Mexico and he loses a little of his clout in the process..
  3. The way I read the two factions of robots is that it is something Ford set up in their core programming. They will fight it out, with mass destruction among the humans, to try and teach humanity the folly of creating AI. It will not work, as some fucker will still want to make money off of it. Just a guess.
  4. If they did kill Badger, who would we get as the voice of Wedge in the new FF7 Remake?
  5. bamachine


    All 6 episodes had bright spots but only the first three and the last one were more than 50% good stuff.
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/eric-dickerson-steve-mcnair-eric-crouch-headline-2020-college-football-hall-of-fame-class/ All players selected- Lomas Brown, OT, Florida (1981-84) Keith Byars, RB, Ohio State (1982-85) Eric Crouch, QB, Nebraska (1998-2001) Eric Dickerson, RB, SMU (1979-82) Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU (2004-07) Jumbo Elliott, OT, Michigan (1984-87) Jason Hanson, K, Washington State (1988-91) E.J. Henderson, LB, Maryland (1999-2002) E.J. Junior, DE, Alabama (1977-80) Steve McNair, QB, Alcorn State (1991-94) Cade McNown, QB, UCLA (1995-98) Leslie O'Neal, DT, Oklahoma State (1982-85) Anthony Poindexter, DB, Virginia (1995-98) David Pollack, DE, Georgia (2001-04) Bob Stein, DE, Minnesota (1966-68) Michael Westbrook, WR, Colorado (1991-94) Elmo Wright, WR, Houston (1968-70) The two coaches who will be inducted are Dick Sheridan and Andy Talley.
  7. bamachine


    Yeah, I read it as he stole 24 mil worth of pieces, not pocketed 23 mil. So at best, more like 1.2 mil for himself.
  8. bamachine


    Hell, it only took me one marriage to come to that conclusion.
  9. It is OK and seems like it might be fine for a limited series. Although it seems pretty obvious that both JeJune and the Elsewhere people are the same people. Seems like a fun way of meeting new people and getting out of your rut.
  10. My drama top 3 are Breaking Bad, The Wire and Justified. Comedy top thee are MASH(first three seasons are the best ever put on film, any genre), Cheers and Curb.
  11. Just watched The Invention of Lying on Netflix the other night. If any of you fuckers have not seen it, worth the watch(yes, I know it is over a decade old now). Saw Dolemite is My Name last night on N, good watch, makes me remember when Eddie was still funny.
  12. Just watched Dolemite is My Name on Netflix last night. Pretty good, best thing Eddie has done in forever.
  13. bamachine

    Saban and Bama

    Currently in the rumor mill, is that Sark has interviewed for the Colorado job and may be the front runner. In that same rumor mill, his replacement as the Bama OC, Hugh Freeze.
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