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  1. Kid has some ties to Bama also...
  2. I wonder if they will go back to making fun of music videos aka Youtube videos or do like they did with their short lived return and go after TV shows.
  3. bamachine

    Saban and Bama

    Considering the amount of morons who live in this state and support Bama, that was a little brave.
  4. Had many, worst one was called matrimony.
  5. Enjoyed it. Far cry from the old TV series, I watched as reruns, as a kid.
  6. You can see her nekkid, a lot, in scenes from Outlander. Just saw this on HBO. Enjoyed it, even not knowing the entire history, you can tell there is some embellishment in there for added drama. Not that there was not that much drama but I expect it was more technical stuff, rather than human interest stuff.
  7. Yeah and they are rumored to be "helpers" in his keeping them quiet this long.
  8. Open it up in Twitter, then click on it and you will see a long lineup of coaches, not all from the SEC, shopped into their feminine forms.
  9. I don't think we can truly judge Bama's new SC coaches, with maybe half an off-season. I have a feeling there will be a lot more injuries all around the sport, this season.
  10. It is , um, Colin with one l. That reminds me of the time I corrected a noted professor on the nuances of the English language. You see...
  11. Katja Herbers, she has some nekkid scenes out there, worth a look.
  12. RIP to another legend.
  13. Fuck the cup, pour it in my hands.
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