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  1. Nope, unless it was some kind of freak thing, like a stuck accelerator.
  2. Admit it folks, who here can turn down noshing on a little bacon?
  3. None of those work. This link works... http://i.imgur.com/FQEvBF4.mp4
  4. @msudawg where ya at my man? Holy shit, this is gonna be fun. I definitely want reddit to send me to SEC Media Days again now.
  5. Well, shit, was hoping Fromm would get a chance to go 0 for 3 against Bama, since they finally have rotated back onto our schedule.
  6. I think several others were laughing just some more uncomfortably than others. Pitt seemed to have a laugh. I am speaking just of the monologue, as I did not watch anything but that, on Youtube.
  7. You said he gives no shits about that kid's health. That kid being a player of his, hence he cares nothing about his players, hence my retort that they seem to love the guy, even though according to you, he does not care about them. Now show me exactly where I missed anything.
  8. I fully admit to playing the games on easy mode. Mostly because of playing on a laptop, using keyboard and touchpad. I could hook up my PS3 controller, with some mods, I guess but too much hassle.
  9. You said he does not give a shit about them. Doubt they would love the guy if that was the case.
  10. True on the first two, bullshit on the second two. His former players, with a few exceptions, love the guy and come back to campus to work out in the off-season.
  11. He has the arm strength and most every other thing needed of a NFL QB, just injury prone and not 6'5". He seems to lack flexibility in his lower body, leading to the injuries so far.
  12. That is where all racks belong...in the kitchen.
  13. Going to watch others play FFVII Remake. Not going to pony up for a PS4, just for one title. Will do like I did with Witcher 3(which I just got and started playing), wait until it is both on PC and on sale.
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