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  1. I thought they said he would still do the recordings, just not the concerts.
  2. Well shit. I have been under the weather for the last few days and not online. I come back to this. Fuck this year. I mean, if Dave, Sammy and Michael are to be believed, he was kinda a dick. Still, he was a damned amazing musician and VH was the soundtrack to my middle school(Dave) and HS years(Sammy).
  3. Henry has to be thinking, can I play on a team with a damned kicker.
  4. Very true, saw a bunch in DFW area during my last three trips out there. You guys even have an UA tag. I know this because my best friends sister lives out there and has them on both their vehicles. Her and her husband are both alums though.
  5. Kerry Coombs, tOSU DC tweeted out his support for the team with the hashtag #Ilovethesemen It has since been taken down.
  6. Shouldn't. All students should be distance learning anyway. Even if they are on campus, they should be taking their classes online.
  7. Honestly, they should cancel the season, all leagues and do this, make sure they have access to the medical care. Just let them continue doing off season workouts, to stay in shape. Then any that declare for the draft, they are taken in by their team that drafts them, after that, for immediate off season workouts and medical care. Both the NCAA and the NFL should approve these for all teams.
  8. Is that a real porn stache on Rob or is it a fake in honor of WB?
  9. Well shit, I am now 49 and a type I diabetic. Hope I make it to 85. FWIW, I do not look as old as he did then, although I do need to lose a little weight.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering when the next season was going to drop. Need to pace myself, in this time of entertainment drought...probably end up binging in one day.
  11. Shithead had nothing to do with the school, he just decided to be a fan after he retired from the TX Highway Patrol and moved to AL.I wish ya'll had kept him out there, stuck him in far west TX. Good riddance.
  12. LSU better hope he is better than his dad is as an OC. Worst OC Bama has had under Saban and that includes Applewhite as a second year OC, in Saban's first year here.
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