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  1. Greene was asked about the fact that she originally began campaigning for Congress in the 6th Congressional District, which includes many of the northern suburbs of Atlanta and is represented by Democrat Lucy McBath. Greene said she had many supporters in the 14th District ask her to run here and she became convinced that a Republican probably could not win in the 6th District, so she and her family moved to the 14th District. https://www.dailycitizen.news/news/local_news/potential-candidates-for-georgias-14th-congressional-district-seat-talk-to-dalton-tea-party/article_c326edd3-b472-5d02-be50-1b87f6dd59fc.html Cook PVI R+27
  2. In his April 4 press conference announcing the decision on Crozier, Acting Secretary Modly noted that the leaked letter was published in Crozier’s “hometown newspaper” (The San Francisco Chronicle, over 50 miles from Crozier's native Santa Rosa). The insinuation was clear and dishonorable, a blatant attempt to assassinate a man’s character without facts to support it. He later apologized and admitted that he does not know who leaked the letter — that we may never know. --- The acting secretary has no idea who leaked the letter. If he did have facts, we would know this. Throughout this situation he has displayed a telltale pattern: He makes a strong categorical statement that portrays Crozier in the most negative light, only to walk it back to more general terrain under questioning. For example, after accusing Capt. Crozier of going outside his chain of command in his Pentagon press conference Thursday, he was then forced to admit that yes, the memo had been sent to the CO’s chain of command. This led to the absurdity of an incredulous reporter asking, “Is he being relieved because he cc’d too many people?” https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/04/07/navy-fired-defamed-my-friend-over-coronavirus-letter-column/2960627001/
  3. Ain't nobody said anything about Jack Twitter Dorsey. Mr. Dorsey said he would put 28 percent of his wealth, in the form of shares in his mobile payments company Square, into a limited liability company that he had created, called Start Small. Start Small would make grants to beneficiaries, he said, with the expenditures to be recorded in a publicly accessible Google document. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/07/technology/jack-dorsey-donate-1-billion-coronavirus.html
  4. Nsiap https://www.rogerebert.com/features/john-prine-american-legend He appears on stage with such modesty he almost seems to be backing into the spotlight. He sings rather quietly, and his guitar work is good, but he doesn't show off. He starts slow. But after a song or two, even the drunks in the room begin to listen to his lyrics. And then he has you.
  5. While I was doing other shit I got the news. I'm staring at the screen and I'm running out of words. I had a feeling Fiona was putting on a brave face. I guess I should have braced for impact. But, here we are. A great bard lost. Oh,sure I'll have his words and songs. It's still absurd
  6. FUCK OFF How many fucking golf carts jackass? He's a goddamn leech on the tit of the treasury. Fuck you and everyone that would defend him.
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