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  1. But what I found was underneath that surface level eye-rolling at Trump and hat-tipping to the record on judges was an emotional alliance with the president that is deeper than they might let on in mixed company. A compartmentalization of the badness of the orange man, set aside in favor of a deep and visceral hatred of the president’s enemies. ---- They are mad at the Lincoln Project for attacking innocent GOP Senators (“There’s no coming back for these Lincoln Project motherfuckers, it doesn’t matter what next. They are madder at those people than [at] Trump for sure”). https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/trump-reelection-chances-2020-house-senate-candidates-biden-1024862/ and the tweet that put it on the feed
  2. Capable of dialogue without insulting you? I guess you're out of shape for CR. That's a fucking prerequisite here. I haven't gotten this far by leaving BS unanswered. The next time you ask a valid question will be the first in a month of Sundays. The only discernable reason I have chosen to engage you is boredom. And it's becoming tiresome. I asked for a link and that was an option for you. But, in the absence of a reply to it, someone else stepped up. So, I can figure your questions don't amount to a hill of beans. You turn up occasionally and try to start a fight. It's kinda pathetic. You don't really want answers to your questions. You're happy to throw out some BS and see who reacts. And with that I'm done with it. Fuck off.
  3. I'll leave this one. Sensitive. Is this supposed to be a dig at me? Ok. Well dammit you got me. I actually do give a damn about people other than myself. Guilty as charged. So what? If you seared off your conscience I can't paste anything on it. It is up to you to find out what happened to your humanity.
  4. The CDC has said no such thing. They might be willing to advise mail in voting. Get a link from them pertaining to this and I'll carry on. Otherwise it's a waste of time. There are reasons why your questions don't get many replies. Part of it is that a good many probably have you on ignore. Then there's the shitty nature of the questions so far. You don't want to know about setting records for cases? You don't want to know that the labs are behind because they can't get reagents? Nah, it's all good. You keep on believing that the press is the enemy of the state.
  5. Oh I don't know. Maybe not pretending that the CDC isn't a good source of information, or y'know ACTUALLY GIVING A SHIT about people dying for no good reason might help Trump. But, since he doesn't give a big rat's ass about anyone besides himself that's not going to be an issue. In case you are wondering he doesn't give a damn about you either. So fuck off
  6. We were here, but exactly what good did it do to jump in yet another Swam thread except for funny memes, lulz, and kicking him in the balls. Escriva was absolutely impervious to being wrong. He has not once in my fuzzy memory ever admitted defeat. There would be interesting threads too, because it's the shag, but so much spam. Click CR. wall of Tahoe, swam, rocko, Parliament, and out. Rinse and repeat. The move shook all of it. All that wonderful rep gone. Now if they started a shitty thread they didn't have so much armor. Hell, even now there are old CR posters that won't come in here. Or won't speak. Getting all meta up in here
  7. The board leans liberal now. Twas not always so. Like the rest of the country Trump has been divisive. People all over CR that are ex-Republicans. Their movement left or if not a move left a desire to punish the Republican party is new. When I stopped lurking and said a few syllables CR was much more a place to find conservative voices. Or whatever term you want to use. Liberals in here were pushing back, but it was certainly not biased in their favor. At TOS they were well insulated from attack. Here, if they go full idoit they can be damaged. Rocko and Swam didn't last a long. Tahoe got runned off the last drive by BS post he left. Things are not like they used to be.
  8. I didn't know he played with Earl Scruggs until I saw this movie. This cut is from right before they were going to play at a Vietnam war protest.
  9. I broke the copy and paste again. She is bringing food in the bedroom and the dogs are fighting. Goddamn lonely love plays in the background. The smelltaste of rust from copperas. I had to send home a worker for the covid. His brother got tested and after a weekend together he had to go too. He's gone at least 14 days. What day is it? The hammer of summer is upon us. Rain of Steel he called it. His Sysiphean dream of death. Once more boys. "The answer is simple. The President is unbriefable." Children of the lockdown. Still here @staboner hurtling through space on a funky rock
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