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  1. Is this when we have a global conversation about the differences between the nationalities, ethnicities, and sometimes strong animosity in SE Asia? Reverse the whip. "Oh, you think they are all the same huh? Well, you couldn't be more wrong."
  2. I'm guessing that's what Saad meant about the Peacock becoming hockey. Last year for this deal.
  3. It's gonna take some digging to find it. I ain't getting paid so that's a hard pass.
  4. I do regularly. Credible sources yo. Get some.
  5. I don't remember. It's been a while. I got the first one overnight and did have an email convo about it. I understood why. The second one I was being an asshole. I understood that was a prerequisite.
  6. I deserved them both. The first one was calling neg rep bullets. That's a hard and fast rule around here. The second time I was legit baiting DT.
  7. It happens. You didn't get a warning point. I have two.
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