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  1. If you thought I let Walden twist in the wind without telling him of Lidig8r you would be wrong. Again the best I can do sometimes is get the hell out of the way. I mentioned this old boy earlier.
  2. I noped out at 3zip. Ain't nobody got time for that shit. Edit: ain't saying Uncle Rick is a shitty coach, but they might be the kinda team that needs an ass kicking every once in a while.
  3. My voting is more a reflection of the realities of what might get them elected or might be doable. It would be cool if we had healthcare like the Canadians, but I'm skeptical that they can make it happen. I'm in favor of full legalization of a laundry list of what's called drugs. That's not happening either. 20 years ago I didn't think it was possible that Colorado and the rest would. Biden is not my first choice. But, if Uncle Joe gets the nomination I won't hesitate to vote for him. This is a lot like the political spectrum quiz. There are a lot of factors beyond policy positions that influence my vote. I test out as pretty damn liberal, but I'll support the candidate against Trump even if I disagree with them more often than not.
  4. Three tied at 13, Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer Bernie is dead last at 6 I'll echo the sentiment that I'm going to vote for any of the above. The points we disagree upon are less important than getting Trump out.
  5. Is that what you were saying in the lead up to the midterms? Y'know the ones where they got the House? But HIllary is the best you got now?
  6. Yeah, I had to confirm it twice. Reddit: Ok, look they are advocating violence and racism is rampant. You probably don't want to go here. Me: I know. It's awful, but I gotta go in there for a look see. Reddit: You sure about that? Think of the worst shit you can imagine and multiply it. Seriously, there's a reason for the quarantine. Me: Got it. Hazmat suits and an iron will. Reddit: behold the madness
  7. This is the kind of person that I don't mind being put on a bunch of lists that prevent them from all kinds of things. Anyone who would spend the time to write some sick fantasy shit like that is fucked up mentally. ----- A sample of the replies It's because the whole damn thing is quarantined. You have to convince reddit that you are willing to wade into the cesspool no matter what sort of shit you get.
  8. I suspected as much. This handle built up enough positive rep to withstand a little while.
  9. I tried to get to the OP, but the antenna kept spinning. I suspect that they don't want me around there. The time stamp from Google shows 12-21-18
  10. That's from last year. I'm highly interested in looking at who turned up here after the call out.
  11. You gonna stop? Are you tired of this screen name?
  12. Fuck off. And when you go somewhere else fuck off there too.
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