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  1. How long ago did you apply a fungicide? And do you remember the active ingredient? The hashmarks look like a dog pee spot. Peat moss. And I'd recommend the same to @mdleast. The two most important applications for take-all are going into dormancy and coming out of it. That's when the damage is done. we see the results in the summer. Peat moss has suppression properties for take all. Why and how is not well understood. How much? I think it's 3 cubic feet per thousand. That's not a lot. You can put it on heavier. I got 35 yds of a 25 compost/75 sand for top dressing early in the summer. It looked like 25 % was a generous estimate. Gave no fucks. That's what it says to get, ok then. It worked fine.
  2. I'd bet he doesn't want to get pulled. He's going to own it.
  3. You gotta pause the TV. It's the one ahead if you're streaming idontwantaudio.
  4. Www.theticket.com 1310 AM 96.7 FM Terrestrial radio is about 15 seconds ahead. Streaming is going to be behind. I think there are apps for syncing it. Wouldn't swear to it though
  5. I'm not terribly sure how well it's going. I'll give it a pass. Not failing. This is America. This is why we vote and protest. Sworn citizens to a valiant cause. I live here. I love it too much to leave. Yep. I think you should take her some baked goods. Ask if she wants the special version with extra booze. Will Rogers. You know the quote. The more things change. If we ever get to go to Lee Harvey's again I want to get you a beer. It's like you don't get around here very much. I don't blame you. It's depressing. But, here you are. Slinging poo with the rest of us in the open sewer of politics. Have fun! Remember we're supposed to think that Sisyphus is actually glad to roll that stone.
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