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  1. Not for her. You need to have somewhere to vent too. Maybe you don't need weekly or be on meds, but getting it off your chest in person to an impartial observer is beneficial. If you have to think of it in medical terms you wouldn't not go to the doctor if you were bleeding and needed stitches, why do that to yourself when it is in the gray matter? Not saying you can't vent here or see some benefits from it, but it would be worth the investment in time to go talk to somebody besides us, the surly buncha assholes.
  2. Damn. The drinking is worrisome. All it does is put a wall of fuzz around you. Have you talked to a pro about this? I've been so busy with work I sometimes barely get time to jabber on here. I'm no expert, but drinking away the feelings doesn't help. They are still there under the booze.
  3. Because if the NFL comes calling he will likely go there.
  4. This is not making me feel better. Baylor is going to destroy us.
  5. It's time. I avoided this thread. I don't care about his personality all that much. He can be a dickhead and keep a job if he produces. He hasn't. Too many mistakes combined with a shitty attitude and arrogant demeanor does not generate goodwill. Play out the string or pull the rip cord now. Either way it is time to call it. They are regressing.
  6. right down the middle it's going to be fun around here next week
  7. That's the trade. This all started as a flimsy premise on the little ticket. Twitterville is nothing compared to all the vileness that exists. But, a net negative overall? Not sure. Most of the research is from the mental health angle. They don't take into account the economic or political results. Is a teenager that was subjected to advertising that prompted smoking in the 30s better off? Our grandmothers had to break out the wallet of pictures to brag instead of posting it on her wall. But, they were no less envious of their peers. The idiots will always be with us. They wrote barely legible screeds and sent them to Hank Aaron. By the bushel basket. Kaep can block haters. Which is worse? Not that they are equivalent in stature, but who else in recent history of sports has been the subject of such political vitriol? Anyhow here's a nickel's worth of looking around. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20180104-is-social-media-bad-for-you-the-evidence-and-the-unknowns
  8. Junior wants to do away with all social media and that would include this thread btw.
  9. I'm gonna need to see some quantifiable evidence that this is true. If it is true then all the forums should be...what? Curtailed? Monitored? Y'know why they don't have algorithms for Nazis in Twitterville? Because it would cost the GOP a lot of talking points. It would get several members banned from there. Is CR a net negative? Is RC didn't offer? The chili thread? If you want to say that it's responsible for teenage angst, I've heard that about music too. Is it being used for propaganda by unscrupulous people? Well, do something about it. Stop taking in cash from them for starters.
  10. Y'all are going to glide right by the hate mail? Anything else I'm going to say on the subject is better done in the mosh pit of CR. We're already at the edge of it.
  11. I understand that. We have a more direct method of communication. We don't have to sit down at the typewriter, mail it, and wait. Letters to the writer, a hard copy mailed to someone at the paper or the radio or other media, are nearly gone. Because it's a helluva a lot easier to do it online. Yes, even in the days of snail mail only, determined assholes were sending hate mail. Ask any black sports figure in the early days of integration how erudite the arguments were against them. They still do. Now it's a lot easier to block the haters. Bob got blocked by Olbermann, that knife cuts both ways. The same thing applies here to us. We are assholes. I didn't dispute that. If you want to ignore a poster, you have the option. Scroll right by and I'll still holler into the void. Social media can be a warzone. It can also be access to a world you might not otherwise get. Life ain't fair and the world is mean. Still going to find some cool people.
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