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  1. Buckeye I work with brought up something interesting. He said that tosu has never focused on cultivating whale donors to the AD. Instead, they've created a system of thousands and thousands of relatively small time 2-10K annual donations, which are tied to the right to buy a couple of season tickets. He brought up the point that tosu just recently received their first ever 8 figure athletic donation, and it barely cracked the threshold at 10M even, which is kind of odd for a school that--checks google--has a 5B+ overall endowment. Their goal is apparently to remove the influence of Big Cig
  2. That some men just want to watch the world burn?
  3. Not so sure about that. Hadn't they played in three BCS championship games in the ten years before Meyer came on board? As for the NFL gig, the NFL is engineered for every team to go .500 every year. The separation comes from coaching, the GM and good ownership. Coaching is a huge question mark since, I believe, Meyer has no NFL experience whatsoever. The GM and ownership have proven themselves to suck. I see a Black Monday in his near future.
  4. I'm getting sick of the OSU Bucknuts getting everything they want.
  5. Penalized? Haven't other teams been benefiting from choices made by Michigan.
  6. And he'll still be making seven figures (for a guy who doesn't need to work another day in his life) doing what's essentially a zero-stress, part-time job that he seems to enjoy a great deal and is one that doesn't piss off his wife and daughters. Simply backing up the money truck to this guy isn't the be all and end all, and if he doesn't come, it's not necessarily because someone in Austin fucked it up.
  7. The McNamara kid looks like he has some talent. Now that he's the starter though, I'm sure that Harbaugh and his staff will get right to fucking him up like they have their last seven or eight quarterbacks.
  8. For a moment there, I was questioning whether we want Day to come be Meyer's OC.
  9. Perhaps, they're just preparing to let the Prius slide into the rockin' chair. Safe as in your mother's womb, darlin'
  10. Just not happy with McLaren's race (and qualifying) management. It's way too conservative and has seemed to have neutered Lando making a 7th or 8th place finish his ceiling. In today's qualifying conditions, it had the predictable result of both drivers near the back of the grid.
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