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  1. Went to the shit site (uck, gotta shower now) and pulled my top 10, over there it was "10 albums that chart your musical history", from 2012, still stands up: Beatles - Sgt. Pepper Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison Joe Patek Orch. - Happy Joe and Other Favorites Pink Floyd - Animals Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Don Walser - Texas Saouvenir Old 97s - Hitchhike to Rhome
  2. Before Saving Private Ryan came out, I remember learning about the Sullivan brothers from this song.
  3. It's never been clearly explained, but regardless of what was actually happening, in his mind they were booing him, and that was enough to piss him off.
  4. Cross-posting this one from the virus thread. And another 10cc fav of mine was inspired by this famous ad...
  5. Self-explanatory. (And this thread may have been done before, nsiap.) Could be something like "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", or something subtler, like this one. No CR, but in light of current events, it reminded me of the liner notes to Billy Joel's "Songs in the Attic", specifically for "Miami 2017", which was written in response to the 1975 Daily News headline "Ford to City: Drop Dead". Or this one, written after a concert at MSG, where he was heckled about playing new music, people just wanted the hits (It WAS an oldies tour, to be honest)...
  6. Yeah, I was wondering when the "Ford to City: Drop Dead" references were going to start up... (Learned that originally from a Billy Joel album, the more you know...)
  7. UTCzech III


    Stuck working from home, so listening/transferring a bunch of LPs over to digital, helps pass the time. I'll update as I go along. Today, a bunch of my parents' country LPs, that Johnny Paycheck is really damn good. (The Roadhog Moran LP is mine, picked it up at Goodwill for fifty cents a few years ago...)
  8. So I wonder what covid-related bullshit she posted that caused her to blow up her twitter acct? And bets on how long she keeps that promise?
  9. Really good interview with Rhea Seehorn about Jimmy's influence on Kim. LINK
  10. Not Neighbor but the FB community watch page.. So the local ministerial alliance put up a cross in the town square like they do every year, no biggie, (this is in Taylor BTW, hi @Armybrat), there's been nativity scenes there before, etc. This year somebody made a big TOMB to place alongside the cross (by somebody, it looks like the local drama club, not exactly daVinci quality here...). Well, apparently you need a permit for that and they didn't get one, so bye bye TOMB. Holy hell, did that bring out the "Christians" (of which I am one, but I'm more the live and let live type). Gonna overthrow the whole city council, it was all the usual suspects (you know who got blamed, trying to keep this non-CR). Not so much lulz but it does let me know who the idiots are in my little burg... ETA: pretty amazing to know some stone cutter during the Crucifixion knew what the state of Texas was going to look like someday...
  11. This is really good. Can't wait for the CD and DVD to come out.
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