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  1. Sweetwater Brewing H.A.Z.Y. IPA, for my birthday
  2. So I'm gonna throw out some bands and if you thoughts on any of them I'd like to hear them, steer me toward something. I've tried them and I just can't find the right thing I guess. Renaissance (too much on the folk side for me) Gentle Giant (kind of get that Mike Oldfield/jazz fusion feel from them) Tangerine Dream (just getting into them, I like what I've heard so far, need to just give them a good run on Spotify and how much I can handle) Camel - now these guys, I've only heard 1 song, back in high school (early 80's), had it on a mix tape recorded off the radio (KPFT i
  3. Yeah and they made you look all cool and shit when you had one sticking out the side of your mouth in third grade...
  4. Never realized how much I liked cinnamon as a kid.
  5. Wife got hers Tuesday and it knocked her on her ass for 2 days, brother got his Thursday, his fever just broke. 22 hours into Moderna #2 for me - nuthin. No aches, no fever, no chills, barely-noticeable sore arm. Got the good strong Czech genes I guess, strong as bull!
  6. I think so, they've tried to branch out to more "modern" movies it seems, The Big Chill is on tomorrow.
  7. 31 Days of Oscar starts today. Going A-Z this year just fyi. All the King's Men, Almost Famous, An American in Paris and Anatomy of a Murder up tonight.
  8. The correct answer is the Wolverhampton Wanderers, who beat Leicester 3-1
  9. Florida man threatens to destroy everyone... with an army of turtles
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