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  1. NSIAP, but the shitty Johnny Rotten Jr. shilling "TACOS!" makes me wish the real JR would show up and smash this fuck's face in with a mic stand...
  2. Every accusation a confession... To paraphrase Randy Newman, "Well he may be a n..... but he's our n......"
  3. I just found this channel last week, linked from another message board to his "What Makes This Song So Great" for xtc's "Mayor of Simpleton". I agree, this is crack, have been binging all afternoon. I like the music theory videos, gonna send those to my son, been trying to teach him some classic country songs, and he doesn't get it when I just tell him I, IV, V, II, etc....
  4. Seger - You'll Accomp'ny Me Who - Behind Blue Eyes EWF - Shining Star Zep - Levee Gabriel - No Self Control Anybody want to tackle Neil Young? My personal favorite is Like a Hurricane, but Tonight's the Night is a better song.
  5. I can't choose between these two, they're both filled with such melancholy and sadness. Brian was at his absolute peak, and both are a singular vision, not cobbled together from different sessions and ideas like "Good Vibrations" (as great as it is...).
  6. The follow up pictures really show how close my wife was...
  7. This is not my video, but we saw these two kids yesterday who were videoing, this is the crossing we were at at 0:59, you see me and my bald head after the train goes by, and you can see my wife on the edge of the bridge and then walk up on the track after the train passes...
  8. We then headed up to Jewett - wow, I guarantee there were probably about 3 times the population of the town showed up. It was actually a lot of fun, they were handing out train whistles to all the kids, there was a guy with a guitar who set up a PA and was playing train songs, "Folsom Prison Blues" etc, it was like a festival. The first pic kind of sums up Jewett, it was really cool watching Big Boy roll in, I have some video I'll try to upload in the next few days, but it was fun. Was glad to see the George Bush 4141 as well, that was cool.
  9. Caveat - these pictures are nowhere near as cool as Swayze's, et al... But had a great time yesterday. Headed out early from Taylor and stopped just west of Hearne off of hwy 50, found a little road with about 10 people there. My crazy wife walked down the track and positioned herself right on the edge of a bridge, literally about 5 feet from the track, either that or all the way down the grade. With a bad knee, she stayed put. I was trying to signal her to move, but she didn't.. She admitted she was pretty damn scared. I used to hop trains when I was a kid and have been stuck that close to moving trains before, it's not fun.. But she did get some good pics.
  10. Got a few extra bucks stored away? Gerald Scarfe on selling off his entire Pink Floyd archives
  11. That's UP 844. ETA: a couple of pics from 2012, the last time it came through Taylor, my wife took these while driving, I was still at work and missed it, goddammit.
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