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  1. @Longhorn_Frenzy or anyone else still have a tab on her twitter acct? Would love to see the meltdown after her FSU WHITE!! knight shit the bed this past weekend. But she no racis.
  2. Probably already got your answer, but choose the Orange plan and then check the $10 sports package add-on. (On their front page, they had a "sports are back!" banner with a button, I clicked on that and it went to a sign up page with both options already selected.) Signed up today, will cancel tomorrow.
  3. 2nd leg (of the US). Firs leg ran April-May on the East Coast. Honestly I never knew they played Austin in the "early days". Perfect fit of course. 1972 tour dates
  4. Turn on my V.C.R. Same one I've had for years James Brown, the T.A.M.I. show Same tape I've had for years
  5. Not to derail this thread, but THIS is the way you do a biopic. I've got to track down this movie...
  6. Came across a doc called "A Gray State", enjoyed it. Definitely taps into a lot of what's going on today (grifters, QAnon, Alex Jones, conspiracy groups, internet movements, crowd sourcing, mental illness). 1 1/2 hours well spent.
  7. Oh, it did. BTW, she lives right across the street from me. Moved in in February or so, never real friendly although I talked to them a couple of times. Like to have lots of big redneck parties with cars blocking all the streets. Ever since this came out, have not seen hide nor hair of them, they come home and straight inside, although they did have a party last weekend, took my dogs out about 3:40 am to piss, party was still going strong. Two guesses where they went to school (or at least support), clue, they don't lie, cheat or stea....oooh.
  8. You just know she would secretly love for Jimbo to smack her around a little bit. While Norman watched.
  9. I live in a small town (Taylor), I get mail every day. Mostly junk, flyers, "we'll buy your house", insurance quotes, etc. Tuesday is junk mail day, heb ads, coupons, etc. This week, Monday and Tuesday - zip, nada, empty mailbox. Finally got our junk mail today, a day late. I'll be monitoring it for a while but does seem something might be up, we'll see if it's a glitch or not...
  10. Grifters gonna grift, might as well ride the gravy train...
  11. SIAP It's a really long read, but a good one... Rolling Stone - The Unraveling of America
  12. Charlie Chaplin marathon on Saturday, dvr is set.
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