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  1. Sounds like our company, we got hit about 2 summers ago, completely shut down for almost a week, didn't even have us bother to come into work for 3 days, due to nothing working. And as many stupid people as we have here, I wouldn't doubt if that's how ours happened...
  2. Butterfinger, Reese's and Oreo, the trinity. Also, the Oreo Cheesequake is the bomb.
  3. Saw this or a similar video a year or so ago, after we redid our back yard last spring and put in a tall bird feeder like this, fuckin squirrels were raiding it every day. Got out the Wesson oil and a paper towel, oiled that sucker up and waited for the hilarity to ensue. It is funny as hell to see it live.
  4. Philo TV has all the Nick channels, $20 bucks a month. Just ditched it because Spectrum has a "TV Essentials" package with the same channels for $15, but when we had it I liked it. One drawback, you can only move the programming guide about 2 hrs forward, so hard to search for upcoming shows, also whenever you switch between channels or go back to the guide, current channel you are watching shuts off, doesn't keep running in the background like YTTV and others. One plus, you can set it to automatically start at the beginning of a show (as opposed to joining in live), so even if a show only has 5 minutes left, you can click on it on the guide and it will start from the top. Oh, major drawback, lots of their shows, even ones you have dvr'd, have hard ad breaks where you can't fast forward. That sucked. But, if you gotta have Nick, not a bad choice.
  5. I've heard tell that Sir Gerald Nabarro has a pet prawn called Simon - you wouldn't call him a loony! Furthermore Dawn Pathorpe, the lady showjumper, had a clam called Stafford, after the late chancellor. Alan Bullock has two pikes, both called Chris, and Marcel Proust had an 'addock!
  6. Oh, and a nice recipe from Lalo. Really like this guy.
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