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  1. JC at Folsom (already mentioned) Neil Young Live Rust Jerry Lee Lewis at the Star Club Pink Floyd Is There Anybody Out There Springsteen Live 75-85 AC/DC Live (91 tour)
  2. FYI, UP has updated the tracking map for the new tour, so you can zoom in to street level and see the exact route Big Boys is going to take, helps if you want to stake out a spot for pictures or video. Once the tour starts it also lets you follow the train along in real time, very helpful. Big Boy tracking map
  3. They had a Jackass show on Shark Week, most stunts were pretty lame but on the last one one of their new flunkies, "Poopies" got his arm ripped up pretty good after he literally "jumped the shark". They did a segment on the shark after dark show with Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown and Steve-O had just been to the hospital (supposedly, looked a little fake), due to a clip they showed, the Jackass crew filled a t-shirt gun full of dog shit and fired it into the side of Steve-O's face, blowing out his eardrum. Don't know if that will be in the film, probably so...
  4. I think it's his lovable attitude, no one business can handle that much friendliness.
  5. I posted some pics in the 50th anniv thread a couple of years ago, but I have a friend who was on the medical staff for the flight training, he posted a couple of pics yesterday, one of the centrifuge they used for g-force testing and also one from their retrieval practice in the Gulf... cool stuff
  6. You said that in the OP. And you're wrong.
  7. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would hear Delta 5 coming out of my tv speakers. Haven't thought about that band since 1985 or so, decent post-punk/New Wave music, but the unison female singers are just awful...
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