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  1. I've wanted to post this many times, but it never quite fit. It does now, Bowie was just 31 years early...
  2. Just don't let him scratch you...
  3. Jeff Ward had a film critic on a couple of weeks ago and they were talking about this. In order to shoe-horn that SCRIPT moniker, the T stands for, wait for it.. TALKIES! Fuck you Lilian Gish. Al Jolson, I've got your back.
  4. My wife is a HS English teacher here and also the color guard director. RE: school, just this morning on her zoom meeting they were planning on "blended learning" next fall, I guess kids in class but also online classes for kids (Or their parents) that didn't safe coming back to the class room. School is also preparing for money hit, saying they probably won't fill any holes if teachers leave/retire, will just spread the work among those still there (funny, I bet admin won't be reduced...). RE: band/sports/ UIL, they have no clue, she is working under under the assumption they will have marching band in the fall and is working on their upcoming show, but she knows it may all be for naught. I think it will probably be August before someone makes a fist and has a concrete decision one way or the other...
  5. Watch it, you're 'bout to get on the fightin' side of him...
  6. Really? Wha' happened? RIP sir. You gave me a lot of laughs.
  7. Good job, made by 2 LHB alumni btw...
  8. Rolling Stone Rock n roll had been percolating for a few years, but this intro is damn Big Bang as far as I'm concerned... John Bonham loved this one enough to emulate it years later...
  9. I didn't even realized she tagged it onto his tweet, I thought she just posted it on her own running down UT, that's even more fucked up. Skanky bitch.
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