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  1. If this is his defense we may have to let him go.
  2. Fixed it. Can't be too careful.
  3. I need to start by saying I like the people who invited us to share Thanksgiving with them, and thank them as they opened their home to 5 extra guests. We arrived a little after the Cowboy game started....but as we were watching a Harry Potter movie instead it did not really matter. About mid 2nd quarter one of the grandkids switched to the game for a while...but based on the game another grandkid mercifully switched back in the 4th quarter after some arguing. After coming inside one of the older “crazy” grandma’s said to my wife “Who are you?” In front of the entire room of 20+ people. My wife explains and the lady says “You’re very pretty!” Which sounds nice, but sends her adult daughter crying from the room as we find out she had been telling her daughter how ugly she was. Food wise let me start by saying there was no gravy. We did not run out, there was none. Turkey was fine standard roast frozen turkey. Stuffing was odd and very dry. In place of cranberries was a cranberry like jello mold with chunks of fruit in it like pears and such. Fist thanksgiving I can remember where I did not over eat. For booze they had one bottle of white Moscato wine. One. No other booze, but my half glass may have been one of two drank from the bottle. They opened their home to us for which I am thankful, but I did tell our normal Thanksgiving family that they did not have to be worried about being replaced.
  4. 89-18-7 in favor of Oklahoma Yep, 364 sleepless nights a year in Norman.
  5. So, below the equator?
  6. Is this why I am only blind in my right eye?
  7. Beer yes, but Coffee took off in the 80's and 90's. However the Beer is definitely in Mellenial's favor.
  8. https://www.barkingcarnival.com/2008/07/21/the-history-of-college-football-recruiting-cheating-part-8 "There were a lot of competitions and a lot of bidding wars. In that time period, Texas competed for talent as well as anybody." "But could it be that Texas was playing it a little fast and free with the rules? The NCAA reports indicate so. Texas was found guilty of infractions in 1985. The report follows the typical format from the NCAA Compliance Commitee - excessive benefits from boosters (trips, meals, ticket scalping) during recruiting," Texas probably had less cheating than most large programs historically, partially due to the built in advantage of being Texas. However, to say that Texas has always been made up of all choir boys, and that Texas never did anything to break NCAA rules (intentionally or otherwise) is either not accurate or disingenuous. If you want to claim that Texas is better than program X, that's fine, but no one deserves to wear a halo.
  9. “Another banner year”
  10. Mother of Listeater,
  11. Rape?! Naaawwww. We just one big family here, and we was treatin' 'em just like we do our sisters!
  12. I am part of a Jewish family, and the family where we normally go with great booze and food is also Jewish. I agree there are lot’s of great Jewish chefs or cooks, and many for whom booze is quality and flows freely. When I say Kosher, I mean keeping Kosher. Two sets of dishes. Meat and milk separate. No pork, no shellfish. Manischewitz wine or other Kosher wine. And while I am sure they are nice people, they are also 75 year olds who likely don’t care for football. It’s the right thing to do, but it turns a usually great holiday we all enjoy into a mediocre one at best....that I get to pay a lot of money to attend. And of course bipolar MIL who is now moving into mid stage Alzheimer’s.
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