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  1. COVID-19 has to be making aggies everywhere excited. They are looking at an undefeated 2020 season, and they already have the national championship plaque made! If it plays out like this they better get their stadium ready for some new championships! Date Result. At Opponent Location Apr 18 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Maroon & White Game College Station (Kyle Field) canceled Sep 5 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Abilene Christian College Station (Kyle Field) Sep 12 (Sat) CANCELLED Home North Texas College Station (Kyle Field) Sep 19 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Colorado College Station (Kyle Field) Sep 26 (Sat) CANCELLED Neutral Arkansas Arlington, Texas (AT&T Stadium) Oct 3 (Sat) CANCELLED Away Mississippi State Starkville, Miss. (Davis-Wade Stadium) Oct 10 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Fresno State College Station (Kyle Field) Oct 17 (Sat) CANCELLED Away Auburn Auburn, Ala. (Jordan-Hare Stadium) Oct 24 (Sat) CANCELLED Away South Carolina Columbia, S.C. (Williams-Brice Stadium) Nov 7 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Ole Miss College Station (Kyle Field) Nov 14 (Sat) CANCELLED Home Vanderbilt College Station (Kyle Field) Nov 21 (Sat) CANCELLED Away Alabama Tuscaloosa, Ala. (Bryant-Denny Stadium) Nov 28 (Sat) CANCELLED Home LSU SHOW ME A LOSS!!
  2. And that's when the BIG BUCKS start rolling in.
  3. He said thank God for Florida and Louisiana for providing such incompetence in this crisis that his states shitty response and leadership does not look as glaringly bad by comparison as it would in isolation.
  4. I wear one over my groin for the same reason....FYI: doesn't work.
  5. Why the fuck are y'all bringing in the maid during a shelter-at-home order? Good luck with the Rona. Yeah. We canceled ours coming...but are paying them anyway. We will be generous about this as long as I don't get laid off.
  6. I have a former co-worker who was in the US, but moved back to Sweden 9 months ago with his family. I recently reached out and gave our update and wished he and his family well. He said his mother was not going out, but that everything was open (Schools, restaurants, bars) and that everyone but elderly were just going along with business as usual. So yeah, I see a big problem in Sweden's future. I also volunteer for any needed chest compression, chest massages, person-to-person ventilation, etc that the young ladies of Sweden may need. I may get infected, but I will go out doing what I love best!
  7. This is what I get from your statement. You know what SSS stands for and are not sharing!
  8. You obviously never hung out on the Scat Porn site.
  9. And wearing nothing else. Tell him you seem to have misplaced your keys and ask him to check your "pockets" for them. This will likely end him asking you about this, OR you will make a new "very special friend."
  10. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable.
  11. Give Florida a few days, and they will say “Hold my beer!”
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