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  1. I would say the opposite is true for our Dual modality teaching. I think it has improved but the first week the virtual kids had trouble hearing teachers (not speaking into the microphone - which is new) and not seeing them virtually raise hands, etc. Good thing about duality is that if kids need to change or decide to change then it is same teacher, curriculum, etc and they just transition from virtual to in-person or vice versa. (There are restrictions on when/how/who can transition). My kids are in person and I think in general it is going well. Clear plastic barriers by teachers desk, everyone wearing masks and teachers also with clear plastic face masks also. Lunch tables with limited seating and lunches pre-ordered and prepackaged so limited standing in line. We have had some COVID positives from kids and a few teachers, but not generally very high. The contact tracing protocol seems like over kill as we had a teach test positive, and while she had mask, clear shield and plastic barrier on desk they told all kids from first row they had to do 14 day quarantine.
  2. While I salute most of your catalog, and the episode referenced was spot on, the Gif in question is post Coitus George so I only give it a B+.
  3. Pepsi HQ is in Purchase NY, which is north of NYC in Westchester county, so that is part of the reason. Hard to find a Coca Cola vending machine in that area.
  4. "Remember the time that what's her name was here, you know the one with the hair thing, well her dog has been sick and she has been really upset about that. She thinks that he may have a tumor or a brain tumor or is sick somehow and anyway she is really worried and so can't go to work because she is worried. Anyhow, that time she came and talked to me while I was in the yard about her boyfriend, you know the one you watched that game with that one time when everyone was together, and well he ended up being a real asshole. So the faucet is on that side of the house." This is type of guidance she was looking for....asshole.
  5. And the guy standing has a watch on one wrist and what on the other?
  6. And Texans know that those restaurants have shitty F'ing "Coke" products.
  7. Am I the only one who thought that "Kimberly" was using the chest/throat tattoo to hide an Adams Apple?
  8. Can we talk about the pot luck buffet at a sex party if they have games playing on the TV’s?
  9. I thought he drank Diet Dr. Pepper?
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