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  1. Agreed! That is why I only use "Brown Extermination" as my final solution to the issue.
  2. North Korea has the best numbers anywhere, with China and Russia doing very well too on a per capita basis. If you go the North Korean route then you won’t be forced to eat birds every Tuesday, so you would have that going for you.
  3. She will cook ultra vegan food and expect them to eat it. If he makes normal food she will ask what he made for her and complain about not having anything, or about whatever he made. Want to go out to dinner...well start listing places that she can tell you do to have anything for her to eat and how could you even bring up such places. Need to pick a place that has her food, and that list is short and terrible.
  4. Fixed it for Brat....and a lot of us.
  5. If she gave blow jobs they wouldn’t have two kids.
  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/new-poll-finds-9-in-10-native-americans-arent-offended-by-redskins-name/2016/05/18/3ea11cfa-161a-11e6-924d-838753295f9a_story.html 9 out of 10 say you are wrong. So please apologize for your race bating....we will wait.
  7. No government cheese, but I do remember Green Stamps. I licked and stuck a ton of those in booklets, but never sure what they were used for.
  8. The Quidditch team is going to be pissed!
  9. They are going to have R.C. Slocum lead a committee to conduct an in depth review of his recruiting practices before they make any determination. Like Baylor, I believe they will also not get a written report, but that is due to The committee all being Aggy grads and a shortage of crayons due to Covid supply issues.
  10. We had this but with no TV. It had two speakers in it on front sides, 8 Track player, turn table and Radio tuner. So just a wood paneled stereo system. It was prominently displayed so you could see it in living room as you walked in. It looked even bigger than real life because my parents had taken press on mirror squares and covered the wall behind it (mirrors had brown squiggly marks on them).
  11. Well that's the Sign of the Apocalypse right there. To be fair, they will likely stay below any mandated limit on gatherings. What is it now, 50?
  12. 2.9M in America? I would think we would have that many in some Texas counties.
  13. For me it was this, or vacations that did not involve seeing relatives. I remember two trips (not Boy Scout related) from when I was young, but both involved my family with another, but neither dad went as they had to work. Just Mom's and kids. One was to Galveston and the other to San Antonio. Only "vacations" with Dad were to visit grandparents/relatives. He did not want to use vacation days in case he lost his job. Same company for 36 years, retired with over 2 years of vacation pay owed to him.
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