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  1. The way I understand it, it has something to do with a Texas law regarding operator’s being unable to evict elderly from their care based on inability to pay. So in effect the deposit will be used for payment in the case the ‘renter’ becomes unable to pay.
  2. My parents live in one of these facilities. It's a competitor to Longhorn. They have the same deal - initial $800k deposit, 90% refund, and a monthly rent. They really like it. A big concern, as mentioned above, is solvency/bankruptcy of the parent company. The facility is 5 star and the food is great. It's a lot like resort living. They do raise the "rent" every year by 1-2% for "inflation". Dad is paying the monthly rents through a military pension, university pension, and social security. So when he passes my mother will paying her part with true retirement savings. Dad's joke is that if he is on life support, don't unplug him because he's paying the bills as long as he is alive. At first I thought he was joking but I realize now he's right. The $800k is nothing more than a security deposit in case the payer runs out of money for the monthly bill and they will take the rent from that.
  3. I rented a catamaran while drinking all day on the beach in Fort Walton back in the 1990's. Didn't know how to sail it so I asked the kid running the rental stand if he wanted to drive. While we're out the swells are getting pretty big - a storm was coming in. I tell the kid that we should turn around and head back in and he says "Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" I said "LETS GO BACK! TURN AROUND!". He said "YEAH MAN, I JUST TOOK TWO HITS OF ACID!" I said "WHAT?" He said " YEAH MAN!!
  4. I just had a thought. What if you went to sleep only to be violently awoken with the sudden sensation of falling followed by instant death? Then, in that exact moment, awake in the heavenly afterlife and realize that your time on earth was only a dream... or a nightmare? That creepy prayer that my mother taught me when I was a child suddenly makes since. "If I should die before I wake, I give my soul for the Lord to take."
  5. “Street Art” in an abandoned warehouse or some such shenanigans.
  6. I found a Prime day “deal” on a lightning cable for my I Phone and it was a couple of bucks higher than their normal price.
  7. Our Traces of Texas author recently posted an ugly truth about Ed Burleson and Houston not being friendly as Burleson sent a Chief’s scalp to Houston following a frontier excursion. I took interest in that post because I’m a direct descendant of Burleson and had read accounts of that story but never really thought of it critically. The TOT readership certainly took issue and demonize him while others simply viewed it as a different time and place. Some wanted to have Burleson’s name scrubbed from City/County/Street names. Then I realized the implication that thinking would have if held to all frontier Texas namesakes.
  8. Honestly this sounds more like a reward for winning a bet.
  9. Just think how easy it would be if you go out in the parking lot and smoke some weed. You could knock out those waffles in no time at all… with syrup!
  10. I love Waffle House and initially thought that this is no punishment and that 12 waffles would be a piece of cake until I remembered this drinking game a girl in college had me play which had one simple rule - take 1 shot of beer every 60 seconds until you have to stop. Sounds amazingly simple until you try and do it.
  11. PSA. If I recall correctly, there are several posters here that like Scott H. Biram (the H is for Fuck You). He's playing Monday's at C-Boys on South Congress before he goes back on tour. Early show 6-9pm for $5 cover. I went last Monday and it was great.
  12. SIAP but I'm just finding out about the chlorine shortage due to C19 and a fire at one of the plants in LA. Holy shit $190 for a 40lb bucket of Chorbrite from Leslies. Anyone know of cheaper alternatives? My BIL has gone to liquid chlorine but I haven't asked where he gets it from or how much he pays.
  13. Yes. The young man has a fine lawyer. Thanks to everyone that reached out with advice. Please carry on.
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