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  1. I’ve been on the pirate ship out of Cancun. They made me drink shitty rum punch and eat a leathery steak. In other words I had a great time with my Mexican pirate amegos. This hits close to home. Thoughts and prayers to all involved.
  2. Their fried chicken at the deli is pretty damn good.
  3. Let’s see. Pure spring water? Or Pure spring water mixed with urban runoff?
  4. COA should hire a team of consultants from New York do do a 5 year study and when they are through, hire a team of auditors from Seattle to find out where all of the money went.
  5. Yep. My wife got the Sieko for my birthday and then the Citizen was Amazon’s “deal of the day” for $105 like you said. Couldn’t pass that up, so ended up getting both.
  6. That must be loud as shit In person. I can hear it clearly off of Southwest Pky. Welcome to the jungle!
  7. Fun to ride and give great blowjobs?
  8. I couldn’t decide so my wife got me both. I like the look and weight of the Seiko more but it cost 3x more than the Citizen.
  9. 155 for 14 hours... but it could have gone for 24 hours.
  10. Do you not have a wife that would store kitty litter or some shit in it if it wasn't labeled?
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