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  1. So the same people that cleaned up the Blue Bell facility.
  2. The article says the restaurants are owned by McDonalds so not franchises. Looks like they want to sell off their buildings and equipment. Sounds like a good opportunity for a McDowells expansion.
  3. This is a manufactured issue. It’s a legal requirement that has been in place for 25 years. The phrase "pallets" are often used to conjure an image of mass quantities of formula being used but if you compare the number of babies in detention centers to the number in the general population the demand in the centers is insignificant.
  4. White dad almost shot his daughter. https://news.yahoo.com/texas-9-old-brings-whip-183000134.html
  5. My teenage son walked inside the house a little bit ago and said "I could have sworn there was a full moon when I was outside earlier." lulz
  6. Just make up a German word like Geschichtet Krieg. Explain the meaning for a couple of minutes on CNN. A couple days later Anderson Cooper will say "the Russians are fighting this Geschichtet Krieg..." Profit.
  7. A long time ago I was an advisor at a software company in Austin that was trying to move into the security space. I would show up once a month to hear their ideas and plans then give them some feedback. Well, this one time I happened to be there when a team was showing the stats for a new website they developed for a customer. It was some marketing website and they were reviewing the metrics regarding site visitors. The numbers looked pretty good then someone immediately asks "are these unique clicks? Can we get some more details?" The owner jumps in "whoa whoa, I don't think we need to get into the weeds. Our customer is happy with the metrics so let's just move on." lulz
  8. I am aware of this but those are before my time. My attachment to the Bronco was formed in the 80's so I was disappointed that the new Bronco doesn''t resemble the later models. I read that there isn't a market for the big SUV vehicles anymore and the main competition for off road vehicles these days is Jeep. So I get it but I am still disappointed.
  9. It's just a concept car. But fuck you nerd, that would be an awesome Bronco.
  10. F250

    Class Warfare

    It was a combination of quickly working my way through two bottles of wine and the Surl timing out when I tried to post. lol I remember the wave of a strong buzz hitting as I posted and thought "ah fuck it, they will figure it out. Oh, my pizza is ready."
  11. I was expecting this and not a Jeep knock off.
  12. I watched the first two episodes and have no desire to watch the third episode. It's about as entertaining as watching paint dry. The drama is unappealing, the humor falls flat which makes the characters unlikable.
  13. This is interesting. I have noticed that this type of thinking is pretty common amongst Millenials/Gen Z in the industry. You mentioned that you graduated in the teens, how long have you been in the industry?
  14. A goal of mine when I was coaching was not to just teach a kid to play baseball but to make a future fan of the game. The majority of Little League players will never make the high school varsity baseball team. Probably less than 5 to 10 percent will make it that far in the sport. It doesn't matter. A love for the game will last a lifetime.
  15. Not ugly. Just plain Jane.
  16. F250

    Class Warfare

    Personally, I think the tension is being redirected in the form of Right Wing nationalist populism. MAGA/America First and the move towards ill-liberalism is massive shift in American politics. Up until recently both parties operated within the framework of classical liberalism. Now one party does not.
  17. F250

    Class Warfare

    I fucked up the poll.
  18. F250

    Class Warfare

    Let us have a discussion on the struggle between classes.
  19. LOL No. It's just one of those things that people shouldn't mention out loud. I was saying it as a PSA.
  20. The not so secret part of these travel sports organizations is that the most talented don't pay much to play. They are subsidized by the other kids. It's only expensive for the less than talented.
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