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  1. You fine those sentences to be clearly written? Telling.
  2. Did you read the sentences I quoted brain genius?
  3. I guess I have flown many times then with cats and never knew. I wouldn’t really have given a shit except for 2.5 hours of meowing is fucking ridiculous. Further, and I have stated this before, the contradiction between the allergy policies of airlines with small bags of peanuts and peoples pets is some bullshit.
  4. I was on a flight in the last year where some POS brought their fucking cat. Fucker meow’d the whole gotdamn flight.
  5. I completely agree service workers deal with hell and I try to be generous with tips and gracious when there are issues. However, that article is about 90% political tripe and confusingly written. “Or the person who pooped in a theater on December 28th, making one of the workers clean it up that night... ” he had a harrowing run as New Mexico’s Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. This thread will probably not end well.
  6. hits close to home. Got stuck mid-ride for about 45min on IASW during a breakdown a couple years ago.
  7. Congratulations to Joe Biden for building the greatest economy the world has ever seen!
  8. well being most mandatory immunizations are given over the first 18 months of life I am not sure how that can be compared.
  9. raises hand. double vax'd. Delta and Omicron(assume from timing) infections. Late Oct and Late Dec.
  10. Shouldn’t you be cracking a bigoted gay joke or something?
  11. Hmmmm…. cut by 150 million then increased by 50 million. So…**scratches head**..carry the one…divide by pompous leftist shitbag… yup still a hundred million cut.
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