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  1. what about the magic underwear? asking for a friend.
  2. This thread needs less policing and more commiserating. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. If we can’t hold together in this common fight, we die. Plain as that.
  3. A handwritten unlaminated piece of unverifiable card stock should do based on the last couple years
  4. We can do that Master Cleanse thing with the cayenne pepper and all that shit.
  5. I will pile on. i would be extremely interested in hearing first hand accounts of anyone who was getting it on prior to Roe regarding your concern or ability to access an abortion.
  6. Don’t start no shit, there won’t be no shit.
  7. No, they are talking about leaving America for an imaginary utopia.
  8. There actually are a fair amount of sex worker rights efforts in liberal cities.
  9. Just got back from Dick's stocking up for the pending civil war. You know what? They don't sell ARs anymore. So weird.
  10. Being within several hundred miles of an active war zone, and according to some on this site the start of WW3, would definitely give me pause in the warm and fuzzies.
  11. Well, there is a war occurring on the continent if you hadn't noticed. But, I guess that doesn't play into it.
  12. wait, you think they are safer in Europe?
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