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  1. Just needs a bit of lawyer bickering and it’s peak surly
  2. Zero people here are saying that. They are saying the homeless person has to want to be helped. Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels. Kids gloving homeless with no interest in being helped does more harm than good.
  3. What happens in my brain? Where's the happens in my brain. Seriously though 7+8=15 2+4 =6(omitting the 0's) 6 +`1=7 answer 75
  4. In that spirit, I worked till 5 and was in bed by 9. sorry for partying
  5. California electing a transgender Republican would be quintessentially Californian. So be it.
  6. Is Bucket of Rats that much more compelling than Bucket of Mice? Rats!
  7. So we are just going to walk by the bigotry of posting an Asian woman’s glorious tits in the COVID thread? Fucking magats
  8. Is Bucket of Rats that much more compelling than Bucket of Mice?
  9. Leftists crying about gifs will never not be funny.
  10. Enough of this be the ball crap, if I wanted to be a piece of sports equipment I'd be a ladies bicycle seat
  11. The train ride from PDX to SEA is underrated and drops you right downtown in both cities(probably not a huge plus at the moment)
  12. SF to Sea on 101 is a week trip with a strong daily pace. You won’t be anywhere more than part of a day. Maybe give a little more on what you want to see/do? What is your vibe? There will be small towns and mom&pop shops galore in the towns that were built by the west coast timber/fishing industry from SF to SEA. If you want fine dining/luxury head south from SF.
  13. him pushing on the tree as it falls is perfection.
  14. Jesus fucking christ, I never argued against "Social Contract Theory". I shit posted about Brisket bloviating about "social contract" ad-nauseum.
  15. I haven't argued against vaccinations or requirements to be vaccinated. I think the current state of mask mandates/vaccine uptake is fucking clownshow of the first order.
  16. It's the representative governments responsibility to make that call and be held accountable by elections.
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