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  1. It was good with it. Gotta add the grilled jalapenos tho.
  2. Pico burger with jalapenos was pretty, pretty good.
  3. You really need the subscription. I figure that it’s cheaper than a gym membership.
  4. harold

    John Prine - RIP

    I’m absolutely crestfallen. I first heard him as a five year old and it hit me like a bolt of lightening then. As a 40 year old that feeling never went away.
  5. I picked up a preseasoned lodge carbon steel frying pan based on this thread and could not be happier. It is the best $35 I have ever spent in my kitchen.
  6. harold

    John Prine - RIP

    Prine at Red Rocks with the Colorado symphony was the best show of my life.
  7. Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota.
  8. This was incredible live. He played a bunch of older stuff that I had not heard live yet. John Prine with the Colorado symphony last night was even better, somehow.
  9. I have had the Isbell tickets for over a year. Prine rescheduled his cancelled show for the next night and I had no choice but to add a night to the trip. It should be the trip of a lifetime. We are planning to arrive at least an hour prior to doors opening. <Bart Scott.gif>
  10. I'm going for Isbell and Prine on back to back nights. Staying in downtown Golden. Is uber still the way to go or should I look for a shuttle?
  11. I went last night. FJM was up first and went on a 8ish. Isbell went on at 9:45 and finished around 11. I didn’t see any of the opener and walked in a little after 8. I would be punctual.
  12. The sea to sky highway is an amazing drive. Stop in Squamish and see Shannon Falls. The peak to peak is great if you get a clear day.
  13. Eat sushi. Prepare for bad traffic. Enjoy a strong dollar. Brush up on the metric system.
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