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  1. We are doing the JP one on Friday.
  2. Correct O'Neal Eggleston Butler Fields Phillips MIA: Capri Davis Rehabbing: Madison Williams But it's been that way for 8 matches already. It is what it is. We are halfway through the fall schedule. Oct 22/23 - Tech at home Oct 30/31 - TCU in FW Nov 5/6 - Baylor at home Nov 12/13 - WV in Morgantown We just need to stay healthy for about 3 more weeks. Get into the 2nd offseason with the automatic bid locked up for April and then figure out how to get a handful of matches in for the spring schedule. Maybe the Big 12 will do a spring exhibition - 8 or 16 matches and flip sites from the fall or we just play non-conf teams. I'd def be all for a spring exhibition season (February/March) of aggy, Florida, Kentucky, Stanford, Wisky, PSU.
  3. Js1

    Fire Tom Herman

    Mike Gundy, confirmed.
  4. Hi @immamac my profile says Surly 1% but I cannot communicate with my elitist brethren on the special forum for certified surly badasses. Guess tree-fiddy doesn't get you shit anymore.
  5. "Coach, can you verify the authenticity of this grainy video someone took of a guy that looks like Urban Meyer at a dinner party not wearing a mask? Thoughts?"
  6. Finished my rewatch last night. I am excite
  7. I was gonna say, aren't they built into the training costs? Fly over nothing, fly over Suburbia, USA or fly over a stadium, but either way, the time, the fuel and the flying is built into the pilot training regardless.
  8. The (Cannot be Named) Tax Cuts suspended home office deduction for W-2 employees.
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