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  1. I didn't think we would "Dominate" him because elite pitching has been our problem all season long. But you can't tell me you expected to do better than 4 hits, 1 walk, 1 HBP and 21 strikeouts from the #2 seed.
  2. Again, the "Fire (Coach)" thread is just an all encompassing "bitch about (coach) thread" I'm more concerned that our at-bats in game 63 looked as bad as game 1 against the same team. That seems like shitty coaching.
  3. I assume the LG who waited until the governor was out of the state, repealed the mask mandate and then got bitch slapped as soon as the governor got back from official business.
  4. In our 9 postseason games, we are striking out 9.1 times per game (82 total) - we've been gifted 7.5 walks per game by sub-par pitching, including 4 double digit walks drawn (10 from WVU in game 2 of OKC, 10 by Southern, 11 by Fairfield and 12 by USF in game 2 of the supers). We have 3 double digit strikeouts in those 9 games (17 versus OU, 14 against WVU in game 2 of OKC, 10 versus Fairfield) and another game with 9 (OSU) We also have double digit left on base in 6 games (11, 10, 10, 11, 13, 11). Again, some of y'all had (and still have) blinders on - it's ok to criticize the team
  5. The warning signs were there (offensively). People got called out for even saying something negative, which is typical of our sunshine pumping baseball fandom. Zubia and Melendez have been cold for weeks. We didn't really hit that well in our regional or super regional - we got gifted a lot of runs via walks and errors from bad pitching. We struck out like 40 times in our games in OKC against teams' #2/3 guys. Even with RISP, we struggled the 3 weekends before Omaha. The pitching and defense were never a problem. The hitting and baserunning were.
  6. I called the printer, they said the banner will be ready in a few weeks.
  7. So things like post-grad internships that are paid are allowed if they relate to education? Big Red Motors is back, baby!
  8. A unanimous decision? Boy, when 9 justices from across the spectrum all agree, the NCAA's argument was as bad as it's existence.
  9. "Fire (Coach)" threads should just be called "General bitching about (Coach)" No one seriously wants to fire him, we just want to bitch.
  10. Well it's on your website and you posted in it, so...
  11. That idiocy absolutely just makes me hate them even more.
  12. If our season starts with getting swept by the SEC, losing to A&M in the middle and ends with going 2-and-Q against the SEC in Omaha, it will be so fucking embarrassing. The banner is already being prepared by the aggys.
  13. Register them - 100% common sense on that one Restrict them - sorry your tiny pee pee and impotence means you think you need to own dozens of guns and carry all times because the world is so scary in your eyes Ban them - the ones that seem to always end up being used to commit mass shootings, yes, fucking ban those.
  14. Texas fans are very defensive about baseball. It was the umpire! It was foreign substance! No, we just got schooled by a guy throwing 2 pitches that we saw to open the season and made no adjustment on. Did we burn the tape from Arlington and therefore not watch our at-bats from when he struck us out 100 times then too?
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