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  1. Prior to her election in 2018, the last D senator elected in Arizona was, what, 1988? Dunno why people expect her to be Elizabeth Warren. Democrats can’t hold senate majorities without conservadems
  2. The random Twitter account responding to her tweet about her former intern who died by bringing up the filibuster and HR1 was inappropriate. Indivisible Arizona is being kinda immature here.
  3. Lawson is really building something up there
  4. 7-0 after 2.5. I like our chances so far
  5. Appears we are only needing to replace one assistant coach. Phew
  6. Why don’t these guys want to play for Mark Adams, the true genius and defacto head coach under Beard?
  7. Rhodes RBI single and ANOTHER 2-run HR by Ellsworth 7-2 bottom 2nd
  8. Sully 2-run HR and Day 2-run HR 4-2 Texas
  9. I binged it 2 weekends ago. Then rewatched it this past weekend.
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