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  1. Thread on why the power sharing isn’t really that bad for democrats. They’re functionally the majority because committee ties go to the Dems (no different than if they had 51/49 control in terms of advancing bills and nominations)
  2. They keep saying they’ve built in time after the regular season and before the conference tournament. Probably won’t be able to make up all - just the ones that matter for seeding I bet
  3. How lucky is the hair? 3 players out and we get 2 games off
  4. Yup. Technically no one has the “majority.” Harris is the presiding officer, not a vote on leader/rules. They had to power share in 2001 too with a 50/50 Senate. Chair sets the agenda. The issue will be advancing things out of committee with equal number of members, but there should be 5-6 normal GOP members to do that. But last time, it allowed the majority leader to move the bill or nomination to the floor
  5. Interim coach of 2 separate programs in the same month
  6. COVID probably prevented us from saying “defending national champions Baylor” so there’s that
  7. I thought it was Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. Or Italy. Or North Korea sending ballots by boat through Maine
  8. I doubt a redo but maybe send out counters to places where it looks undercounted?
  9. Started over the weekend. Liking it a lot. Already 15 hours down
  10. Blessing in disguise with a starter and 2 important bench players out. Thanks Cyclones!
  11. Nixon WH laughs at this. There were columns of smoke coming from the WH before the resignation. God knows what evidence they burned
  12. It’s called a dummymander and the GOP can easily screw itself in TX, GA and NC as they haven’t bottomed out in the suburbs there yet. Wisconsin too. A Dummymander really fucks the GOP if rural and exurban voters aren’t motivated to show and the suburban voters who hates Republicans come out in droves like they always do. Politically, trying to motivate low-propensity voters every 2 years if things are going okay is hard.
  13. No special election. Since the next regularly scheduled general election is when the seat is up (Harris’ seat is class 3), he’d just be running in 2022 for a full 6 year term in a regular election.
  14. I liked part 3 more than part 2.
  15. Harris has resigned, effective in one hour Padilla will most likely be sworn in on Wednesday or Thursday by VP Harris, along with Ossoff and Warnock, as GA expects to certify results tomorrow. Padilla gets seniority over the 2 Georgia Democrats bc CA population > GA population
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