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  1. The CF was like "this is Spring ball, I don't fucking care"
  2. Js1

    2020 Texas Baseball

  3. It is always in the last place you luck.
  4. This and the Tennessee game last year were her 2 best games. She pitched admirably against Alabama in that SR, but man was she in a tough spot.
  5. Js1

    Fire Shaka Smart

    Just for shits and giggles, not including assistant buyouts $10 million to make Shaka go away $20 million to make Tom go away $1.75 million if we manage to lure someone like Jeff Walz for WBB $6 million if we manage to lure Chris Beard from Tech $2 million if we hired Bryan Harsin So CDC already has to commit $40 million just to kick 2 coaches to the curb and get 3 coaches to leave their current schools + assistant buyouts + new 5 year contracts for 3 coaches (Though Beilein would be a $0 buyout to get him)
  6. Carvana ended up offering me almost 30% more than any dealer or Carmax offered me for my car. And they picked it up. Easiest fucking thing I've ever done.
  7. Js1

    2020 Texas Baseball

    Yep. I'm waiting to get hyped.
  8. Js1

    Fire Shaka Smart

    Potentially: $1.5 million per year + buyout for a new WBB coach $10 million to make Shaka go away + assistants $3-5 million per year for a new MBB coach + their buyout $20 million (?) to make Tom go away + assistants $5-7 million per year for a new FB coach + their buyout I think this just gave CDC anxiety diarrhea.
  9. But they need to Lysol their Costco pallet of Lysol before they use the Lysol?
  10. Anywho, if we see ULL again, it would be in the Supers or WCWS so moving on. We travel today to California - UCLA Thursday 8pm CT - Pac 12 Network UCLA is #1 for a reason .401 average 22 HR , .657 slugging .477 OBP .967 fielding 28-30 stolen bases 1.19 team ERA .191 team BAA 14 XBH allowed - 7 HR 10 walks issued to 126 strikeouts Megan Faraimo is looking like Rachel Garcia 2.0 (who pulled an Osterman and redshirted 2020 for Tokyo) - 57.2 IP, 6 ER, 94 K to 4 BB ratio, 0.73 ERA They've done this against a tougher schedule too - Alabama, Georgia, FSU, A&M, Wisconsin, Florida, Auburn. The combined score in those games against ranked and P5 teams - 46-12 This is a doozy of a matchup!
  11. He inherited a solid program from Lotief - ULL as a program hasn't won less than 50 games since 1991. They made the WCWS 3 times as an independent in the 90s. ULL's reputation is spectacular. They haven't missed a postseason since 1998 and only 3 times in program history as an NCAA program. Glasco has been around the block. He has a solid reputation, especially as an offensive coach. 7 seasons in the travel ball circuit (Illinois Southern Force 18U) 6 seasons at Georgia 3 separate stints in the NPF (USSSA Pride and Scrap Yard Dawgs) 3 seasons at A&M Glasco was seen as the heir apparent at both Georgia and A&M if Lu Harris Champer and Jo Evans retired. Both are hanging on and refuse to go, so Glasco took his shot at ULL. The dude has been around softball, especially in the South and Texas, so recruiting should be easy for him. I'd go as far as to say the Texas pecking order is Texas/OU, ULL, A&M with Glasco's connections. His daughter (RIP) also played for Mike White at Oregon (after transferring from Georgia).
  12. Do we play the Reds? because THAT is a perfect opportunity to flex and nail Bauer in the nuts.
  13. Only South Austin's mom can handle the girth.
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