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  1. LB over Whitaker Cimusz over Smith
  2. Former Texas commit Alana Vawter looks very good for Stanford. Wish we had her
  3. Gotta be Dolcini. Ride the ace. I’d keep the same lineup but replace Whitaker with LB
  4. This team did a wonderful job at setting records for futility, especially defensively at times, so it’s truly up for the task of need to lose twice today to break hearts. Gotta think Dolcini, who went twice against OU (3 hits, 3 runs and then 2 hits, 2 runs) and OSU (3 runs, 6 hits in 9 and then 2 hits, 2 runs) is up for the task of going up against UW again today. If anything, she had better outings her second time. See how she follows up 3 hits and 2 runs
  5. Yup, our opponent will be decided tonight between Lehigh and UW
  6. Up to 11th. I thought it gets cut to 15 after tomorrow, then top 8 after Sunday for match play
  7. We going to the ship!
  8. 3-1 Texas 2 in a third set and one Horn trying to force a third
  9. Will be gruntled if we get this rag tag group into supers for the 3rd straight season
  10. Cardiac Horns moves into the regional final tomorrow with an 8-2 win over UW Big 12 teams 6-0 and all 3 in regional champ games tomorrow
  11. Mike White David Pierce overly aggressive 3B sends
  12. LB out by a mile. 8-2 trying to close it out
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