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  1. Maybe he just wanted to get in shape and be around buff, horny dudes in camps in the desert
  2. Ramey is the new Febres. Just shoot it.
  3. That map is out of date. North Forest was absorbed by HISD in 2013
  4. Ramey, surprisingly, is above his season avg in points and rebounds per game but his 3P% shooting is atrocious while his FG% is higher than last year (barely). His 2019 season so far is really disappointing.
  5. Who the hell said compromised? She's now running on "I will not appoint big money donors as ambassadors" and yet she confirmed many big money donors as ambassadors under Obama without a peep. It's only a problem now that Trump is president and she's running. I have the same criticism for Bernie. He also voted for Bell and Mamet.* *Huh, Angus King is the true independent - he voted against both of these.
  6. Okay Hugo. I know you don't take or handle any criticism of Liz well.
  7. Sure there is. We've seen it with Warren and Harris. Lesser extent Klobuchar except to tell everyone she's a MONSTER. But y'know, if you're running on a platform of "I will not appoint wealthy donors to ambassadorships," it is a legit criticism that you voted for (or did not raise criticism) of your own party's president doing so. Someone with principles isn't afraid to be an independent voice. That is not misogynist, Hugo. Those are reporting facts. It is very strategic by Warren. Not unlike her 100% flip-flop on SRS for people in prison.
  8. Grow up you sensitive pussy. JFC. Back on ignore you go.
  9. Js1

    I told you so

    Lulz, literally took about 30 hours. Not even.
  10. The only Rick I miss is 1998 to 2008 Rick. After that, it wasn't that great. Must be a blue moon about once a week for how often you bring him up.
  11. That Longhorn is almost as big as the Texas outline in Reed Arena, which we've made fun of plenty.
  12. Tied for 2nd best regular season record under Shaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Considering we've won 19 games twice in the regular season but haven't yet hit our high water mark of 20 games in 2015-16. Feel the Blah!
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