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  1. I'm realistic about replacing players like Cole, JV and Springer. You aren't going to get someone at that level unless you're the Yankees or Dodgers. The problem is that they didn't even try. We lost 2 aces from the rotation. They didn't even make an effort there. We lost a good defensive center fielder who also hit well. They replaced him with a guy who isn't capable of playing even an average center field who also doesn't hit enough to be an everyday player. You can lose a great player and replace him with a good or even a solid one. You can't keep losing great ones and replacing the
  2. It's possible we're both right, which is an even shittier option. Which means it's probably true.
  3. Dead money doesn't help them win games though and it was all committed to before the scandal. I don't think you can plan on Crane doing anything in the future because of what he did in the past. I think the scandal completely changed his outlook for owning the Astros. The 3 year LMJ deal is the longest they've given out since then. He hasn't made a long term commitment with a core player since Luhnow left. Each time a good player leaves, they are replaced with a lesser one. I hope to God I am wrong about this, but I don't think I am.
  4. We'll revisit that when Correa walks in the offseason. The payroll for the active roster is already down to 15th this season. It might be in the 20's next year when Greinke and Correa aren't on the team anymore.
  5. I'm not impressed with Click, but I'm not at the point yet where I believe he thought Straw could play center field. It was obvious he was going to suck at it to anyone who watched him try to play it last season. I think it's all coming down from Crane. He doesn't really care about winning anymore. MLB shits all over the Astros at every opportunity and he silently takes it. I think we are headed to a minimal payroll while Crane sits back and starts collecting revenue sharing checks.
  6. Does Allen West wear those medals to bed too? He dresses like a Middle Eastern dictator.
  7. I doubt Texas will ever get to that number. I don't think it's going to get much over 50-60% here.
  8. I'm gonna start practicing quick draws if folks want to recreate the Wild West. There's a few people I'd like to invite out on to the street at High Noon.
  9. I think having it twice is about the max at this point. I haven't heard of anyone having it 3 times.
  10. Gouging out my eyes sounds better than watching that infield.
  11. I would be shocked if he steps down. These people aren't capable of feeling shame or doing what's right and proper.
  12. Must have been tied to your IP address then. Your phone on a cellular network would have gotten a different one since it wasn't using the same ISP as your wifi.
  13. That is true, but if you were ranking the idiots, Lindell would be very high on the list. Probably top 5. He's a true believing honest to God moron.
  14. Using another browser may also do it on a computer.
  15. That only works on people who have a conscience and the ability to feel shame.
  16. Right now it looks like it is only happening in women. So the best path forward is if they can narrow it down to a particular subset of women, then exclude them from the vaccine. Then start giving out the shot again.
  17. They're going to narrow it down to a subgroup of women who are at risk for clots and then exclude them from the JNJ vaccine.
  18. Dak's gonna throw for 400 a game and they'll finish 8-8 at best because they can't stop the other team from scoring.
  19. How come he doesn't make everyone he comes in to contact with sign a non-compete?
  20. Does Minneapolis PD purposefully recruit the worst cops in the country? Oops, sorry meant to grab my taser is one of the worst excuses yet.
  21. 20-30 years to cause problems would be rather rare in the world of vaccines and medications, wouldn't it?
  22. I wouldn't call him a pussy. He voluntarily fought with an infantry unit on at least a few occasions in WWII.
  23. And of all the people to defend, Trevor Bauer? Fuck, was Hitler not available?
  24. It is annoying and I very much hope that the Dems add to their majority and then no one will give a shit about Manchin's feelings.
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