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  1. Did he just go all Lundegaard on us? ”Darn tootin’”
  2. Faulkner: Kayleigh McEnany is in Rupert’s box, and Kayleigh McEnany is comin’ to FOX! Oh my goodness gracious.
  3. Can’t recommend Banshee enough. Job is an excellent tech/#2. And lots of sexy people get nekkid.
  4. CPAC shitheads as Vines thread. They nailed Bond Angino.
  5. He looks like he just drove in from Twin Peaks with that greasy ponytail.
  6. The doppelgänger’s entire family, for all I care.
  7. I don’t think Sharice Davids is impressed by Bobo’s arms, but there was an attempt.
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