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  1. 30 in-state, 6 OOS offense 16 in-state, 21 OOS defense Seems discombobulated like most of that program.
  2. What about merchant marines? Asking for KKL’s dusty vajeen.
  3. Are people like Bachmann and Noem clones from some Midwestern base, hidden under a hotdish factory?
  4. You’re using a transsexual pornstar as a prop to get cheap laughs. Congrats, merry fucking christmas.
  5. How’s the view from sugar heaven, bitch?
  6. Generally I say fuck cinnamon/pumpkin/squash SZN but TJ’s cinnamon bun cookies are outstanding.
  7. That's yo problem. Aint' nobody playin' but you. You walk up and down the street all day playin'. He aint' playin' you think he playin' 'bout his money? He know where my momma stay, know where your momma stay. He say he had a gun when you seen him right?
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