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  1. Episode 8 battle is just *chef’s kiss*
  2. Or Kevin Bacon’s daughter’s rudeness. (Ep. 4).
  3. Navegante, you beautiful, mulleted bastard. The new narcotraficante sister looks like AOC’s auntie or something. Not sure how much value this class of DEA gringos will provide.
  4. One man is.... ....a turrible turrible stttuayshun.
  5. No one in the top #400 and one-of-two Big Televenteen teams without of 4*. I’d let anyone out of their early LOI if they wanted and backfill with grad transfers. The experience would help in ‘20, plus you can rid yourself of bread that doesn’t fit your program.
  6. Karen’s the old woke grandma who will be nice to athetes through Twitter but prefers the tokens stay off her TV. She’s nothing but a whore for the charity
  7. TheStoicPaisano


    A hate to speak well of any Chicago alderman, but Tunney pulled off rocket surgery with a rec shop 1/4 mile from Wrigley. Chads and Beckys are gonna be gettin after it this summer, boys.
  8. *is introduced, first line* I AIN’T SCARED OF YOU MUTHAFUCKAS!
  9. Fuck off Charlie Day! Your balls ain’t even dropped.
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