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  1. Is that JonBenet on the right? Maybe Qanon was on to something...
  2. “I forgot about the other shooting.” Very cool and very normal.
  3. Pretty sure that’s the Ukrainian from Karen of the Year thread. Another crossover episode! And yes, all pale Eastern Euro biddies look the same to me.
  4. Take a gander at the janky-ass award that didn’t merit a dinner or even a private office meeting. Trump gave Rick Scott 5 minutes in the corner on the way to the links. I don’t like using ‘cuck’, but Sen Scott fits the bill. The award probably fell off 45’s cart on hole 4.
  5. Flock of Seagulls cut >>>>>> his current Mel Kiper Jnr cosplay.
  6. Do you think Glenn hen cockpecks his husband also? I hope the kids revolt.
  7. You!re the wanker mate, if anyone is. Running your mouth like the lookie-likie of Candace Owens’ limey husband.
  8. Some weird homage to Malory Archer?
  9. Not enough service time to be arb-eligible. I bet the one who turned pro in film is caking. Relatively of course.
  10. TheStoicPaisano

    DMX dead.

    WTF is a google? Hope X finds peace.
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