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  1. Another surprise bird Wordle 533 3/6 Daily Quordle 314 quordle.com
  2. Is he really only 13 or 14? Or we talking about a kid that got held back a couple times?
  3. Fuck if I know.How bout this...the Turkish system has a little more than half the range of the Russian system, both of which have a longer range than HIMARS sans ATACMS. Edit: Ironically, I got confused on KM and miles. HIMARS appear to have a slight range advantage over the Turkish system
  4. You read that wrong. The Russians have 120km range. This Turkish system has a 70km range.
  5. Yeah. As much as I hate seeing them profit off stolen grain, it’s still needed all around the world. Those shipments are technically saving lives, or at least delaying famine down the line.
  6. Solid outing for me today Wordle 531 3/6 Daily Quordle 312 quordle.com #waffle315 5/5 streak: 53 #wafflegoldteam wafflegame.net
  7. Took freakin forever to slog through this damn word Wordle 530 4/6 After such a terrible start, I’m impressed I even got this close Daily Quordle 311 quordle.com
  8. Wordle 529 4/6 Gonna go out on a limb and say I’m not the only one that struggled today. Stopped chasing NW, wasn’t anywhere close in SW Daily Quordle 310 quordle.com
  9. Us 'mericans can't hold anything in Binance anymore, right? Or has that changed?
  10. Lordy, why did Tech even bother putting together a proposal? And we proposed more money just into their forestry system than aggy's entire plan.
  11. Out of nowhere! Wordle 527 3/6 Woof Daily Quordle 308 quordle.com Daily #288 sedecordle.com #sedecordle
  12. That’s literally the purpose of the shit stick. Knocking down the frozen poop stalagmite
  13. Felt like this had been a solution not too long ago or I would’ve had the par. But I got the Charlie Strong Hook Em, so I got that going for me. Wordle 526 5/6 Daily Quordle 307 quordle.com This game is too easy with my two starting words. Daily #287 sedecordle.com #sedecordle
  14. If I recall correctly, Patterson never had an issue with getting in a ref’s face. Task him with the job
  15. Wordle 525 4/6 Lol. Daily Quordle 306 quordle.com Sloppy Daily #286 sedecordle.com #sedecordle
  16. And my birdie streak comes to an end. Wordle 524 4/6 Daily Quordle 305 quordle.com Perfect game under my current strategy (unless I happen to nail one of my two starting words)! Daily #285 sedecordle.com #sedecordle
  17. Boom. Only 1 wrong (after my two starting words). Daily #284 sedecordle.com #sedecordle
  18. Normally would’ve been far worse, but I took a shot at them being topical and it paid off Wordle 523 3/6 Daily Quordle 304 quordle.com #waffle307 5/5 streak: 46 #wafflesilverteam wafflegame.net
  19. Finally. Been a while Wordle 522 3/6 Don’t think there were any other possibilities, by SE had me nervous Daily Quordle 303 quordle.com
  20. Interesting. Accidentally didn’t take advantage of knowing the right starting word, and had two mistakes where I had the word and didn’t realize it, so I really should’ve finished with 4 guesses left. Tough game on the phone Daily #282 sedecordle.com #sedecordle Ah, shit. Just played a practice game and realized you can scroll to the other puzzles. Thought you were restricted to seeing them in order.
  21. I never get these with my earlier guesses Wordle 521 5/6 Not to shabby Daily Quordle 302 quordle.com #waffle305 5/5 streak: 44 #wafflesilverteam wafflegame.net
  22. I would imagine they get deployed along with the troops that had been in those respective countries training on those systems.
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