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  1. I regularly use the COVID-19 productivity excuse at work as well. It is fantasticly universal.
  2. where's the gap? 🤔
  3. I'm reversing my prediction that Texas wins big. aggy is claiming that LSUA&M released all of the cell phone numbers for the Texas staff I imagine Herman will be up all night lol'ing at all of the cat pics sent his way. Doomed.
  4. Whiskey Bottle Sleuthing 101. Well done, aggy. Well done.
  5. Broadcast will be about 70 seconds ahead of live. So keep it down out there.
  6. Well to be fair, it was against the ou fucking sucks defense. Charles Bukowski would have gained those yards with a ham on rye in the other hand.
  7. Man I dunno. One of the dudes ran out of steam in the middle of the 3rd. God only knows what to expect this Saturday...
  8. Was anyone else offered some Colombian nasal fuel in their section?
  9. So you're saying the Chocolate Factory didn't properly foster rhetoric and oratory skills?
  10. Redbox douchebag w/o a placard doesn't even know how to park between the lines
  11. 14 millionaires like richard do not fuck.
  12. jfc, i want to reach through the screen and strangle richard. his character is so terrible on multiple levels.
  13. if you're looking for places to stay, portland has some additional options and isn't as far as corpus.
  14. can't wait for this. hopefully i'm not the only one that had to brush up on their joust skills after reading the book.
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