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  1. Will be in the wrong corner on 248, but I'll be there and I'll have double horns up until my fuckin arms fall off. So stoked for this after missing Colt vs. Bama my senior year (damn that's a long time to hold that one in). I'll have my father with me who just turned 73, but I'm not letting him off the hook, there will be much drinking and much shit talking and Texas-Fights. Going to be a hell of a fun business trip.
  2. Went from "seen hotter on campus" to a Forty-Acres 5.5 and all it took was one murder trial. And y'all were out here thirsting.....
  3. I was at the game tonight. Completely stunned when he did that, in the middle of a fucking game. Like it's a completely normal sports thing, since when are ANY sports fans better than that? Also, Branham does not need to be starting in the NBA. And some other guys like Champaigne and Bassey belong either in Austin or way at the end of the bench. The fact that those guys see minutes tells me how thin we are on talent right now. The bench is a mess.
  4. It's the same team, down to Vassell missing too many games and it's pushing us right into lottery territory once again. I've already lost my steam to watch this team play such terrible basketball, but I'll be at the game on Wednesday. Wish Wemby had some vets to learn from, I think PATFO may have overlooked that part. I can understand their "wait and see" approach to coaching him, but it would help if he had someone to model himself and his shot selection, decision-making, etc. off of while on the court. Instead everybody's just doing young dumb things together. It's stupid. I would need some stats to back up my hunch, but I also wonder what Sochan's ceiling as a PG really is. In the handful of games I've watched, he doesn't seem like he can really defend point guards, he's not quick enough. Maybe I'm off though. The decision making and distributing improvements would be welcome, but he ain't getting much faster and quicker at this point, that can't be coached.
  5. Really enjoyed last night's episode.
  6. Excited for my Houston Lamar Redsk.... Texans. Always fly under the radar because you can't figure out how seriously to take them due to HISD, but they seem prepped to have a chance at the 4th round. Would like to see the pipeline flow again, they got a 4-star OT in 2025.
  7. I have no idea if this is truth or not, but that plate sure looks like a chicken fried (steak? chicken?) that I can get at any diner or southern restaurant in town.... Where's the German? Also this post is on topic because Maalik can't run but I think we win this week even if he does play, and if Ewers is healthy then let's go win the fucking Big 12.
  8. I read about it this morning, but didn't even realize that's what happened there. I was too busy yelling "a fucking nother one?!?" when they came down with the offensive rebound. Disappointing.
  9. Got to head to Wemby's House yesterday. Aside from the stupid 2nd half meltdown, it was a blast. He really is even more impressive in person. He's a black hole on defense, but unfortunately Toronto hounded him enough it the 2nd half to keep him quiet. I guess we really needed Vassell to take the pressure off of Toronto's anti-wemby defense systems. Collins going 1-6 from 3PT really pissed me off again. He just won't stop shooting them. Keldon looked good for most of the game, I liked his play. Jones and Sochan were absolutely torched by Schroeder. I thought bringing Jones in would slow him down as a faster defender..... it didn't help. I was embarrassed watching them get torched like that, he's a plus player but he's not an all star level dude. Wtf. Barnes... well they let him shoot open 3s, what are you gonna do (other than defend them maybe?).
  10. I'm wondering if the market is changing. Vassell just extended, Collins just extended. Sochan and Johnson seem happy. It's a team of young guys of value, that generally seem to enjoy the process..... in San Antonio. It feels different from the 2010s.
  11. Booker talking all that shit with 6 minutes left. I knew the most demoralizing thing would be Wemby coming in and taking over. And I can't believe a 19 year old fucking kid did it. He's insane and already has ice in his veins. 3 minutes left and both Booker and KD blinked, and it was done before they could react.
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