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  1. NSIAP but that lil K State fucker that got layup late *past* Timmy Allen (not over), and decided to throw in that stupid "too little" celebration after it, Fuck That Guy. Was so satisfying seeing Bishop make him his bitch for the next trip down the floor. Got the block and the strip on him. The last few weeks have me completely on Team Rice. This kid plays the type of basketball I love to watch, but not sure I've seen someone that plays his style do it with so much fire. He gets me hype because you can tell he hypes himself up with the types of play that others might not care about. Timmy Allen did it today too, after taking a charge. They get hype because they sacrificed for the team in non-scoring ways. Hell yeah. Oh and I didn't want to say it too loud because I know a lot of people weren't J'Onions fans, but he reminds me of J'Covan too. Whom I also loved to watch play basketball.
  2. Interesting. That would've added another layer to the story, imo. Would've liked to have seen it.
  3. Nvm, other people have already touched on this. It was a silly comment though. I really really liked Banshees, EEAAO, Top Gun. Triangle of Sadness and Avatar are pretty good, but not sure they're up there for Best Picture, imo. I also think The Menu had similar themes as Triangle.... and did it better.... imo. All Quiet has been pretty good as well, but I'm not blown away. Just kinda reminds me of a few other WWII movies that were also made really well. I get that it's WWI and from a foreign vantage point, but I'm not blown away. I also have 40 mins left and will be finishing tonight....
  4. I'm frustrated that both of those picks were on Dak. Not under heavy duress, so bad routes, no interference, just bad throws twice. On him. We've seen him come back from terrible first halves a couple times though....... Let's see.
  5. Glad Moreno came out on top of that rivalry. He always seems like the type of guy to wish everybody well outside of the cage, while Figgy seems like it kills him to fake respect for another champ. I also wondered if Moreno broke an orbital. That eye shutting like that so quickly reminded me of Canelo vs. Saunders. Eyes usually take a beating to shut and swell like that, the Canelo fight was the only other fight I've seen an eye shut and swell within minutes off of one punch. Hill had himself a night. Thought Glover might get put out or at least wobbled a few more times that last round, but Hill was happy with the performance, and so was everybody else. Point made.
  6. Watched the 3rd episode last night and decided I'm out. The original cast being included in the first episodes but only sporadically tells me they're going to feature one or two of them each episode but let the kids (the worst part) carry the show. No thanks. Watching Fez interact with Mr & Mrs Foreman was never where his humor was, outside of a funny eye roll or comment by Red. Watching a full episode of him try to be zany while the Foreman grandparents are still themselves was ... off.
  7. Any news on EOSE recently? Up over 1.70 (my avg, after getting in around 2 a while back). A month ago it was trading at a dollar. Wish I'd gotten more at that price.
  8. I muted this dude a while back, he can be a bit much, but I do remember him tweeting about this months ago. Just straight up called it, that they were going to try again in Brazil soon (if Bolsonaro lost).... and here we are. This was all foreseen.
  9. Excited for the fight, finally getting a pair of Top 5 guys in there together again. Best matchup since Loma/Lopez. I'm scared for Garcia though. Could definitely see him getting KOd. I'll be completely honest, I'm hoping for the next great Mexican-American boxer, or even just post-Canelo Mexican great, and I'm not sure he's it. I'm also not sure theres anybody at 135-140-147-154 that can take those belts from the top guys there. Tank, Haney, Stevenson, Crawford, Spence, etc. I guess you go in and use Garcia's length? Tons of jabs and combos to keep distance and try to be fast enough to keep Tank from countering. But Garcia gonna have to find the footwork to do that.
  10. I think they were on a bill with Def Leppard a couple years ago? Styx was clearly the "opener" though, my sister says Styx easily put on the show of the night.
  11. Missed this this morning. Not officially validated, but I trust the account, followed them for a while.
  12. Hopefully he's better than Cascante. That's the minimum for me since it appears Gabrielsen wants to go home. Would like another that is also better than Cascante though.
  13. LJ and Collin were unafraid to use their size and go get balls. I also remember J Whitt high-pointing some contested balls in his career.... The problem I have with Worthy is really that he's our #1 guy and Quinn/Sark insist on feeding him like he's Roy Williams. He doesn't seem to run many routes, so I'm curious what happens if he's with us next year when Neyor takes his place as the guy who can go and get a deep ball.
  14. She got crazy eyes, I'll say that. But then again, so does Beard. We got what we got. Now we ain't gonna have it anymore. Next.
  15. Absolutely. They show him from afar, following her behind a big boulder... it was more than implied. I thought the finale was great. And it capped a great season. One of the best seasons of TV I've watched in years, maybe since The Leftovers.
  16. Agree on the first part, the narrative building for Loma is too much though. Loma got beat because he couldn't out pace, out technical, out box or out maneuver Lopez like he could everybody else. Period. I guarantee if Loma got to the 3rd round and thought he could overwhelm Lopez like a lesser fighter, he would have. He didn't push the gas because Lopez wasn't a pushover. It's no matter now though, because Lopez is not that guy anymore. Maybe it was the hunger and spotlight that focused him against Loma, couple with the confidence of an undefeated fighter, but that confidence is long gone.
  17. And what's most surprising about it is hes one of the fastest dudes on the field.
  18. Argentina was just outclassing them all game imo, got the 2nd goal and started playing like their bitch ass selves. Messi started flopping, the others started fouling. So hard to root for them, they're great without all the bullshit.
  19. One thing I can say about this year is that I don't fear the Eagles. And the Eagles seem to be the class of the NFC. Which isn't saying much, but we measure up well overall. And our defense is the best I've seen in a while. We have a good defense every few years, but this one has a bunch of guys that are taking part now. Good young DBs at S and CB (except for Joseph, that dude sucks), a bunch of DL that contribute, and an MVP-worthy LB to boot.
  20. Aw man, I passed that WB earlier this year and had to reminisce on the couple times we skipped class and ate there as Seniors at Lamar. We usually drove our ass back to our side of town (Southeast) before rush hour traffic, but now I wish I'd enjoyed the good Whataburger location more.
  21. You and me both brother. As soon as you started the post that rack was the first one that came to mind.
  22. I might be in the minority in this board, but I'm not giving up on Majors. I can remember back to Dom Espinoza getting pushed around for a 1st and 2nd year before growing into his strength and becoming a solid center his 3rd and 4th year (before he got hurt). People were calling for him to be replaced his sophomore year too, but the fact is that Center requires tons between the ears, and that comes first. If you can ride out the early mistakes and watch the guy become a stronger, more stout 3rd year starter, the dividends could really hit. Looking forward to DJ playing a lot next year too. Angilau comes back we really might be trouble up front.
  23. I remember during some 3rd and 8 or so I looked at Ovie and just wished he would do anything at DE.... Shapen just fired a dart over the middle since our DEs were too busy hand-fighting with the OTs. Frustrating but this D is good in spite of it. Rough to wach Micah Parsons off the edge yesterday and then realize that a guy like 18 has been playing tons of downs for us for 2 years now without a hint of an NFL rush move.
  24. Right on. Will be one of the first legends of this team. Part of building a culture.
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