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  1. Why is no one talking about Todd Graham? Seems like a perfect fit.
  2. First game @TCU. That’ll be Interesting.
  3. Know where UT’s hand sign came from? A means of firing up the crowd in a pep rally for a game with little ol’ TCU. https://jimnicar.com/ut-traditions/hook-em-horns-hand-sign/ Know where aggy’s hand sign and catchphrase comes from? A means of firing up the crowd in a pep rally for a game with little ol’ TCU. https://myaggienation.com/am_news/today_in_aggie_history/today-in-aggie-history-oct-25-pinky-downs-starts-the-gig-em-hand-signal/article_68319b82-5bc5-11e4-bb02-1fbc7fa4c9e0.html
  4. Man, this is aggy tears overdose territory. So beautiful. Absolutely love that it appears Petrino is the guy. Only Briles or Sumlin would have been better from the perspective of the potential for complete disaster. Also love that Riley turned them down. They can't imagine anyone turning them down, ever. In their minds, the OC at aggy is just so obviously better than any job anywhere. <Counterpoint: no, aggy, actually being OC at his current team is a better job than aggy. You know, the job that pays well, has a team in the CFI, and with a program that has a sustained record of success over the last 20 years?>. Riley probably moves on after the CFI, but it won't be to aggy. That's beautiful.
  5. You make a peace sign. And make it angry.
  6. Yup. Looks like at least 4 of us struck out on that sucker today.
  7. There was a bunch of actual surplus stuff again in the mid-70s when we pulled out of Vietnam. The camo stuff was all jungle camo back then. Nowadays it’s all desert camo.
  8. Wordle 538 3/6 #Worldle #322 2/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 319 quordle.com
  9. Y’all listen to Mr. Roper. He knows what he’s talking about.
  10. Ya stooopid sip. Good ol' Reuben saw the videos of yell leaders, guys with slidin' boots and swords, and dead dogs, and decided he wants to play in the bestest facilities, before the bestest fans, in the only texum team in the SECX3, all because he loves him some fightin' texum aggy. Money had nothing to do with it. Stoopid sip. Whoop!
  11. nnm

    Getting old sucks

    Lower back seized up Sunday night, as I placed the last piece of clothing in my suitcase for a NYC trip early Monday morning. Was locked up on the floor for about 20 minutes. Somehow ground it out for the trip to NYC and back, and got to see chiro yesterday. Usually it's better in a day or two (this is the 3rd time this has happened), but because of the travel and no rest, I'm still really locked up. This stinks.
  12. Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones say "don't forget about us!"
  13. No, I was there. It was full, top to bottom. There were a few patches of seats that left, particularly in the 2nd half when it was out of hand and rainy. But the stadium was full, at least as full as DKR was.
  14. It’s Britney butch. She’s coming home. Prisoner swap. [First sentence is the most awesome and appropriate autocorrect ever. I typed the infamous “it’s Britney, bitch” from that song and IPIHB. But it corrected to butch. Leaving it there.]
  15. With Owens, that sounds like an awesome plan, and I hope Bilbo uses it. That will work out incredibly well. For everyone except aggy.
  16. Wasted my third guess on a hunch that the NYT Wordle editor had gone woke. Wordle 537 5/6 Fun learning about absolutely obscure places like this. And today Worldle added a new twist, new bonus rounds to guess population range and currency. #Worldle #321 4/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr Daily Quordle 318 quordle.com
  17. No, you’re right, “t-shirt fan” refers to the non-grad folks who grab their fandom at Walmart. TCU is never going to have as big a segment of them as UT, aggy, or even TTU. FTW folks do back the frogs (not sure, but I think a big proportion of the BMDs aren’t alums) especially when they’re winning, but not in the droves that you see at Big State U.
  18. It will be very interesting to see what happens to TCU’s season tix numbers after OUsux and UT leave. I suspect that there is a subset of season tix holders that are like you, and won’t renew.
  19. Video game? Saw it on my phone in direct sunlight and then posted. On bigger screen it looks CGI. Sorry.
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