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  1. Not really. They’ll hold on the position for a few months until the writers cave on the other more important positions.
  2. RT doesn’t play freshman. Morris and Mitchell are bitter and I wouldn’t be surprised if they badmouthed RT to Holland.
  3. As someone with a movie that will likely go in the late fall/early 2024 and seriously looking at NM as a possible location (also partnered with a distributor the film & tv subforum salivates over) - that isn't true. NM is a very attractive state with their incentive, facilities, and relative experienced talent pool. This episode will not discourage future production work from the industry. No one in the business is seriously talking like that.
  4. They’re still cops. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2020/11/24/police-unions-say-they-have-no-regrets-in-endorsing-president-trump
  5. What are they (not) feeding those boys
  6. Gonna need to see that McDonald’s receipt
  7. Wordle 633 4/6 🟨⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩⬛⬛🟨⬛ 🟩🟩🟩⬛🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  8. For film (not tv), Executive Producers are usually the "money," or passive producers who aren't the ground overseeing the set or crew hires (at times they're company partners or executives at the production company), or typically talent/writers who want a larger credit that's negotiated. Producers and Line Producers/Unit Production Managers are on-the-ground overseeing the production, hires and budgets.
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