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  1. Happy Father's day Surly. Also throwing on a turkey breat later.
  2. Shrimp in a wok Of course shrimp tacos
  3. It is flowing very slowly but there us movement.
  4. Garner run. Attempt at Smash Burgers. Attempt at smashed trailer Yes, I hit a tree. No, it was not on purpose. Yes, I am a dumbass.
  5. First attempt at smash burgers. Good camping eats.
  6. Garner state park, Willie can't relax. He must stay on alert.
  7. Finally getting back on the road.
  8. Yep, I have pretty much surrendered this year, gonna grab as much as I can but kind of a lost cause. Will build a poultry mesh 2 x 4 house to place over garden box this December.
  9. Above my pay grade. If someone can do that for me I would gladly us it.
  10. I have a squirrel problem. Noticed a few tomatoes on the ground. Upon further study squirrels have darn near picked one of my tomatoe plants clean. I have a dog so don't want to poison. Would y'all suggest netting, owl decoy? Looking for the easiest solution that is least invasive. Garden box is 5 x 10. They are getting at the the one on the far right side.
  11. Reverse sear filet. Mine was a little over done but still delicious. Salad from the garden.
  12. First harvest. Probably got 30 plus green tomatoes waiting to ripen.
  13. Pedro offers you his protection.
  14. Rain is doing wonders for my garden. Cucumbers finally have female flowers. Roma's are loaded Serranos Cherry tomatoes have out grown cattle pen. Looking forward to trying Thunderbird tomatoes.
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