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  1. From the mean streets of Helotes, TX. FIGHT!
  2. The most impressive thing to me was how much pressure we got with only rushing 3 or 4. Wow that makes good LBs even better. Burke is a legit motor guy at 6ft 6. When the strength catches up, watch the fuck out.
  3. Hey fucker! There is only one Coach Redbull! That is Will Muschamp! Or Dana Holgerson. So 2 Coach Redbulls. Fuck what were we talking about?
  4. The ball actually hit Quinn in the chest and rolled out. That was an oh shit reaction with hands to the chest. Football Gods repaying us for our 13 years of deliverance.
  5. So by rule a 4th down fumble can't be advanced. The ball is spotted at fumble. Since Quinn never possessed the ball that rule didn't apply hence J Brooks could advance it.
  6. Raining here in Helotes! I feel like this!
  7. From the mean streets of Helotes, TX FIGHT!
  8. In true steel shank fashion, it is the rest of ice tea, lemonade, and left over limes. Fridge clean out. Unfortunately was out of beer after Saturday.
  9. Any one got any suggestions for kicking Spider mite asses? My tomatoes got them bad. I have been removing affected parts but I'm sure there is more. Any way to eradicate them?
  10. Texas 27 Bama 24 Bama Total offense 317
  11. Heading to Mustang island state park tomorrow with the family for a beach day. Looking for a spot to eat dinner before heading back to SA. How is padre pizza? Any other suggestions for a casual restaurant as we will be in swimsuits.
  12. From the mean streets of Helotes, TX! TEXAS!
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