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Any Interest in a SB Squares Game?


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1 hour ago, BigOrange1 said:

does anyone know who spamajama is?  he signed up back when this was gonna be for the CFP but I don't think he is a surly user.  @HornPhD did you recruit him?  i need to get his payment or sell his squares to someone else.

as of right now, we only have 10 squares left to go!

Spam is a buddy of mine. I sent him a message with your PayPal info. I’ll follow up with him. 

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2 hours ago, Red Five said:

My two Bengals squares are both 9s. Outside of three field goals I think I'm pretty screwed. 

could be worse, you could have 5


With 55 Super Bowls in the books and four quarters per game, that means there have been 220 quarters and a total of 440 scores (220 quarters times two teams).

The most common number overall is 0 and especially so in the first quarter. Although its occurrence declines each quarter from the first to fourth, the number 0 has come up 118 times out of 440 possible outcomes (or 26.8%). In the first quarter, it has come up nearly half the time (52 of 110) but only 12.7% of the time in the fourth quarter (14 of 110).

The least common number overall is 5, which has occurred 10 times out of 440 (or 2.3% of the time).

Below is a full chart of the results:



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