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Pawn Stars do America, Austin,


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My wife loves this Pawn Stars spinoff. It’s a blatant Antiques Roadshow ripoff where the guys go to different cities and appraise/buy stuff. Anyhoo… last week they were in Austin, but obviously not actually IN Austin. They were in some old town looking spot filled with antique looking buildings, almost like a movie set. Anyone see this, or know where in the Austin area this may be?

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One of the stars of the reality show “Pawn Stars” was arrested in Las Vegas last week on a charge of DUI, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department documents said.

According to an arrest report obtained by KLAS, on Sept. 8 at around 2 a.m., an officer in the area of Main Street and Charleston Boulevard saw a white Ford pickup truck “veering” back and forth between the right lane and the bicycle lane.

The officer began following the truck, activated their lights, and signaled for the driver to pull over. The driver of the pickup truck was “slow to stop” so the officer used a public address system to order the driver to stop, the report explained.

Once the driver pulled over, the officer walked up to the pickup truck, where the driver already had his driver’s license ready to hand over, police said. He was identified as Richard Corey Harrison, 40, who appears in the History Channel series, “Pawn Stars.”

According to the report, the officer told Harrison they had pulled him over because he was “failing to maintain the lane.”

Harrison offered the officer and explanation, saying his vehicle “does pull to the right,” police recounted.

The officer noticed Harrison’s eyes were bloodshot, “watery,” and “droopy,” adding Harrison had a “blank stare.” The officer stated that he could also smell a “strong odor of alcohol” coming from the truck.

According to the report, when the officer asked Harrison to step out of his truck, the “odor of alcohol followed his person.” The officer then performed a field sobriety test before taking Harrison into custody.

When asked to provide a blood or breath sample, Harrison said he should “probably ask for his lawyer,” the report stated.

Police took a blood sample from Harrison after the breathalyzer machine at the Las Vegas city jail was not working properly. The results of that blood test weren’t immediately available.

Harrison was booked into the Las Vegas city jail for DUI. He later told TMZ that he had just flown into town from a trip in Minnesota and had one drink while on the flight, hours before his arrest. He also told another Vegas outlet he plans to fight the charge.




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