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2023 ATP/WTA thread


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1 hour ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Damn, 3 surgeries. 


She is an attractive young woman, but perhaps tennis is too much for her body.

In other news, stats heavily favored Pegula in her match, but she was knocked out.

6-4, 0-6, 6-4 

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3 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:


Good luck, buddy. 

33 year-old Struff has been hot the last few weeks.

He lost in the qualifiers for this tournament to Karatsev and then he Lucky Losers into the tournament and comes back to beat Karatsev in the semi. 


Both Struff & Karatsev are going to take major jumps in the rankings this week. 

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Aryna hits the ball really hard. 

Supposedly the ball really flies through the air in Madrid because it is 2,130 feet above sea level. (A mile is 5,080 feet above sea level.

Don’t know how much different it will be in Paris, but she hit some balls well inside the sideline & baseline that Iga just couldn’t get to because they were crushed. 

If Sabalenka’s head is on straight, no one can match her power. 

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On 5/3/2023 at 6:48 PM, Napoleon said:

6-4, 0-6, 6-4 

That's the stereotypical scoreline for answering about "winning the big points."

She won 12 games but lost 14.  6-4 is one service break, and there might have only been one break point in either set.

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Sofia Kenin beat her opponent in 3 sets in the 1st round of the Italian Open.

Alycia Parks (somehow ranked 49th in the world) continues to show that she sucks at the game of tennis, but must be able to get by on an amazing serve against shitty opponents. Today, she played Anett Kontaveit, who is not a shitty player despite her current ranking of 82nd in the world. 



And then Caty McNalley spanked her wildcard opponent 6-0 6-1.

Men’s & Women’s qualifiers are still going on today even as the tournament has started. 

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7 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Iga tweaked her right knee in the breaker, quit at 2–all in the decider. 


I was watching while Iga was looking dominant. Thought that it was a straight setter when I had to run errands with Iga up a break in the 2nd. 

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Big news. 


Rafael Nadal announced Thursday that he is pulling out of the French Open because of a lingering hip injury that has sidelined him since January and that he expects 2024 to be the final season of his tennis career.

The owner of a record 14 championships at the clay-court Grand Slam tournament will miss it for the first time. He made his debut there in 2005. 



Other news. 


Nick Kyrgios is forced to miss the French Open due to a foot injury sustained during the theft of his car and not because of a knee problem, his agent said Thursday.

Police said the Wimbledon finalist's mother was held up at gunpoint on May 1 by a suspect in Canberra, Australia, near Kyrgios' house, and his Tesla was stolen.

Kyrgios' agent, Daniel Horsfall, said the player injured himself during the "high-adrenaline rush of everything" that had happened during the robbery.

Nick Kyrgios was forced to miss the French Open due to a foot injury sustained during the theft of his car and not because of a knee problem, his agent said on Thursday. James D. Morgan/Getty Images

"With all the stuff that was going on, Nick lacerated the side of his left foot," Horsfall told Reuters. We don't know how. Basically, it's just set him back about 2½ weeks in terms of his loading schedule to get back on court for what we thought was going to be the Grand Slam."

A man was arrested in Canberra soon after the robbery, with Kyrgios assisting police by using an app on his phone to locate the car.

Horsfall said Kyrgios could not remember how the injury had happened but suggested he may have hurt himself while rushing through his house after hearing his mother in distress during the incident.

The laceration was under the left side of his foot near his pinkie toe, which had made training on court problematic.

"He couldn't slide, couldn't get on court because every time he put a shoe on it moved and it would reopen," Horsfall said, adding that Kyrgios' knee was in "fantastic shape" following surgery. 


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6 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

57-minute double breadstick for Peyton over Udvardy in Rabat, Morocco. Gets the winner of Leylah/someone named Angela Fita Boluda next. 

That is amazing that that is a real name!

In Argentina, Boludo/Boluda rolls off the tongue of younger folks almost as much as “like” does in the USA. (Though “like” as a throwaway word is more akin to “tipo”.)

It supposedly refers to someone having big balls that somehow kind of makes them stupid, but friends call each other boludo/a  several times in a single paragraph of dialogue. 

To see that that is an actual surname is amazing! 😂

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5 hours ago, perfectchaos007 said:

Stearns blew 3 match points, and Stephens won the match on her first match point 



And #49 in the world, Alycia Parks, continued to show that she has mastered all aspects of tennis in addition to having a killer serve by taking 2 hard-fought games over 78 minutes against #102 Lucia Bronzetti.

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3 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Did not know this Serena rule. 


The mothers before Serena didn’t get that benefit, but they weren’t the type to whine like spoiled bitches that the chair bump should do something to help them while getting beaten down by a teenager because they were a mother. 

Serena is such an insufferable C.

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