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Chelsea 2023-24: Super League Winners 4 years in a row


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I dunno, maybe it's cucurella PTSD but 100 mil for a DM just feels nutty.

Fair enough. There’s a real debate to be had about the valuation regardless of his destination. I’m much more bothered by the amount of time wasted if he were to go elsewhere. If that were happening in my organization I’d be livid.
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I negotiate things for a living, and this negotiation has been flat out botched. We're going to end up paying an extra 10-15 mil because we fucked around with all those low ball offers. It's also going to cost us Tyler Adams. Adams was never going to be more than squad depth for us, but it turns out that squad depth is pretty important sometimes. 

Just a master class in how not to do this shit. 

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Lavia completing his medical and final details.

Deivid Washington in London.

Olise has agreed to personal terms, release clause activated.

Ziyech rumored to Galatasaray.

Hall or Cucu rumored loan to Newcastle.

With the influx, Gallagher is rumored to be available again.

Broja practicing at full capacity.

If anyone wants a kit without a sponsor, order it today.

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2 minutes ago, morehornsepower said:

1 pt from 2 games is a shitty start.

My thought going into this was I'd be happy with a point. 

The missed pk was shitty. 

Chilwell's shot on the chance we should have converted wasn't great.

Sanchez should have saved that Antonio shot. 

I think we're going to be okay. I saw a lot to like and I think that Poch knows what he's doing.

For fuck's sake though we need a real keeper. And the injuries are just brutal. Everyone on the PL thread is laughing but we're playing without 3 of our starting defenders. 

I like the direction right now. 

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