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The Drums Pron Thread


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7 hours ago, Handcruser said:
15 hours ago, ohchaucer said:
Hold out for a Fibes kit baby!

Just sold one a while back. They were beautiful. Dark brown stain with custom inlays bass drum hoops. 2 up, 2 down. Used in a studio in California and not a scratch on them.

That kills me! And my setup too!

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I reached out to Sigler music today. They were willing to honor the previous price jimmyjazz posted earlier on the blue sparkle set. I’ll be reaching into the gear stash fund for some used Zildjian A’s.

Thanks everyone. Will post real pics after Christmas.

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27 minutes ago, gasman said:

For me or him?


Again, I can't thank you guys enough. 

Haha.... The whole family! And maybe the neighbors. 

Joking aside, I would try and get him in the habit of wearing them if he's not jamming along with headphones. My 40-something ears regret lots of hours that I should have used even the cheap foam ones. I know, I know, it's rock and roll and he's not gonna want to wear them with his buddies or bandmates, but when just playing alonr, it's really good to wear them - and really they will help his playing in practice situations because they help clarify and isolate the sounds and drum strokes vs a loud ass racket. 

Of course as a dad myself, your best bet may be telling him earplugs "super lame, you should never wear them" and see if that works. 

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I think the ear plugs are a great idea. He has mentioned how loud drum line practice at school can be. 


Conversation with the wife last night went kinda like this:

Me: Well, I ordered the boy a set of drums today. Should ship tomorrow.

Her: What? He hasn't mentioned drums to me at all...

Me: Well, he's talked to me about them. Do you remember me taking him all day Saturday to go look at drum kits? I talked to you about getting him a kit for Christmas. 

Her: Well, yeah. How much were they?

Me: ...........It was a good deal, blah blah $150 off.    $729. That includes all the hardware, free shipping , no tax.... 

Her: Really? That much?

Me: It's a lot of parts. 5 shells, hi-hat stand, cymbal stands, throne, bass drum pedal.

Her: Ok. I just hope he plays them.

Me: Well, he loves drums and is getting really bored practicing on the practice pad. It's the next logical step.


I decided to not even tell her about the cymbals. That's the reason the gear stash exists. 


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Yep, PDP. He can get DW on his own dime when he is an adult. I actually planned to have him assemble them. Unfortunately, the shipping tag said inspect and if anything is missing you have 10 days to report it or you are SOL. I looked for an inventory list, assembly instructions etc. Nothing. So I figured the safest thing to do was to assemble the heads, make sure I had all the screws etc. I'll leave everything separate and he can assemble the kit on Christmas. I didn't want missing stuff on Christmas morning and especially didn't want to be told "sorry, you should have told us sooner" if I was missing a hoop, leg or some other part. I'm doing the little stuff and he can do the full assembly himself.


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Saw this in the NAMM 2019 news feed.



NAMM 2019: Paying homage to Gretsch Drums’ New York birthplace, the USA-made Brooklyn kit hit the sweet spot between warm vintage tones and modern design touches when it launched in 2012. 

The new Gretsch Brooklyn Micro is the same great kit, but with a much smaller footprint ideal for more compact venues, rehearsal rooms or home practice where space is at a premium.

Each Brooklyn Micro is built at Gretsch’s Ridgeland, South Carolina facility, and features 6-ply poplar/maple shell topped with 302 counter hoops. The kit is currently limited to one configuration comprising a 16”x12” bass drum, 10”x7” rack tom, 13”x12” floor tom and 13”x4.5” snare drum.



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Years and years ago I was working with a guy who played guitar in a church band. He mentioned that the drummer for the church band was pretty good. For some reason I remembered his name because it was unique.

Atma Anur

I just looked him up. Yeah, pretty good is an understatement.

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Dumb drum question from a non-drummer:
How do I measure a drum?  Do I have to take the heads off?  I have a single Pearl tom I want to get rid of but I don't recall the exact size.  (It's about 8" x 9" but I want to be more precise.)


If your measuring the diameter just measure between the hoops. It will be like 9.5 or whatever. That’s a 10” Tom.

Now depth. Measure from the approximate location of the head to the other. That’s your depth.

What kind of kit? Is it custom made?

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