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  1. It's no Hot Rod, but I liked it. Decent fluff for these times.
  2. Damn, John has had a rough one. Second lover to die of breast cancer. FC. https://www.tmz.com/2020/07/12/kelly-preston-dead-dies-breast-cancer-john-travolta-wife/
  3. You're right, California is top of the list as well. Yep, everything's connected. Notre Dame has no season at this point.
  4. If I was a gambling man, I would put every dime you had that neither Rutgers, Maryland, Syracuse or Boston College will play this fall due to the lockdown status of the underlying states. That matters, as shitty as they are. Non-confs will be announced cancelled, and the loss of just one or two more (See UNC, etc.) will have a domino effect on either B1G or ACC. And then we're off to the shutdown races. I just think that's there's so many inter-connected moving parts, that once the cancellations start it's over. Love to be wrong. At the very least, I hold out hope that at least one (cough cough) conference may have enough underlying support to forge ahead, just for the sake of a conference Champion. Easier to justify when you consider said conference title the de faction national title anyway. We'll all be living in a Danielson and Nessler world.
  5. Pro tip: If you're gonna be a jackass asshole in front of a camera these days, you're gonna have a bad time.
  6. Power to you, I guess. I will say that the first bit you posted about the big bad MSM is an interesting misuse of journalism. Only headlines provided, which are often not even written by the author of the article, so no context as to what either article truly said. Even then, your gotcha moment highlights the name of a writer without any reflection on the dates. One written in April, the other 3 months later. Is it possible that the virus, and hydro, came to be better understood based on the subsequent study? That the first article reflected known medical practice at that time, and the second article provided updated information to the reader based on the latest data? Science and brains, can we first go back to using those? Otherwise, it's just a bunch of noise. Since you started off with such a disingenuous example, I won't bother discussing any of the rest which kinda defeats the whole point of the thread. However, nothing of what I see above is about being a conservative person when it comes to our governance. I don't see anything that doesn't demand MORE government in personal lives. It's all about the issues that YOU deem important, demanding as much be done as the other side about YOUR personal issues. Ensuring the adherence to the Constitution is not an exclusively "conservative" trait. It's just not. That's another example of the co-opting of a word for your partisan glean. Frankly, it's absolutely antithetical to the Constitution. There isn't one way things must be done. Being on the losing end of an election, legislative vote, or court decision isn't an affront to the Constitution. It's how it works. You haven't shown me anything that is seeking a conservative approach to governance under the supreme law of the land. The view presented in the OP doesn't have much to do with only having a federal government that provides an impenetrable national defense to our enemies, a solid and advanced infrastructure that reflects our union, and the protection of all people within the borders under the words of the document from which it all starts. On the other hand, what I see presented has a lot to do with demanding fealty to one collection of opinions. Again, not what this place is about. I am a lost conservative. Out in the wilderness from when the word had real meaning. I have no label to take now because the debate has become enraptured to the cult of personality, intolerance and bad faith interaction. Some both sideisms, but lately not very proportional at all. I don't care about the tint of your melanin, I do care that the ignorant and backwards understandings about how this thing works that I see demonstrated in the OP have potentially foundered this nation, political labels be damned. That is what will drive my next time in the ballot box. A reckoning must come.
  7. They're all waiting to see which one of them will blink first. The rest will quickly follow suit citing safety, no true playoffs, etc. The only thing stopping it right now is that sweet tv money. That's hard to quit, but it's just a matter of time until they announce no college sports in 2020.
  8. The preferred nomenclature is regard. As in, that actively trolling poster gail the snail must be regarded. Or, gail the snail is a total regard. Personally, I prefer the twist. Allows the regarded one to feel special, since they are a little special.
  9. See if you're not in the cabal you're the enemy, and everything you say is taken in the worst way possible, disputed, misquoted, generally they act just like much of the media does today, they can't abide dissension from THEIR world view. Hi, Alanis. Maybe the cabal doesn't like liars. Yes, I said I was done with your lying lies, but I lied. See how easy that is to admit. It's what people with integrity do.
  10. Damn, even the what appears to be mentally challenged son of the woman in the second clip was trying to drag her drunken ass away. Even with limited intelligence he knows.
  11. Still waiting on the proof, liar. Actually, I'm not gonna wait on something that will never come. /thread hijack
  12. The reading comprehension was in reference to you still thinking you're older and wiser. You are neither, and you still don't comprehend. BTW, the bolded is another lie. Here's your original post (#601): Not one word about "videos". You came up with that angle after you were called out for only claiming it was happening right outside your office almost 24 hours later (#617). If you've been at the sites where mo aments (sic) were torn down, show me your video, or even a picture. I never said it didn't happen, that is another lie. I called you a liar for post #617, and demanded proof of your accusations before I would retract the assertion. Again, if you "seen it with my own eyes right here in my home town" show me some proof. Fuck, just name the city and the monument so we can investigate your claims ourselves. You've had over an hour to provide even the flimsiest, highly edited, out-of-context evidence, and the best you came up with was more diarrhea and deflection. Maybe that should be your new handle. I'm not refusing to acknowledge the clips that you and your fellow travelers pass between each other to convince yourself it's not your side that's on the wrong side of history. I've seen those, and I acknowledge them. Monuments have been torn down. Now show me proof that it happened right outside your studio in your hometown. That was your claim, nothing about videos you saw. It's been happening for three weeks so surely you've got some footage. I will continue to call you a liar since that is what you did. You lied that you personally witnessed (and I quote): This is what I am calling a lie. You made these claims, which I believe to be false, which makes you a liar. Now if you really are a man of integrity and honor (that is what someone who doesn't lie is, fyi) you will provide evidence of the claims you've made. Otherwise, every word you type is less than empty rhetoric, it's the mewlings of a proven liar. As a last note, you should take some time to reflect on why you seem predisposed to engage in fallacious arguments when your character is called into question instead of proving you actually have the character you claim (Narrator: He can't). Why you must engage in argumentum ad hominem attacks again and again, like (#617): and (#620): and (#622) Since you seem to be a special sort, I'll educate you. The above is all empty rhetoric. The bleatings of a buffoon who can't engage honestly. That is because you are a liar. You were called on your lie. You doubled down on the lie as most liars with zero integrity will do. You've been provided a full opportunity to reclaim your honor and strike down the scaliwag who besmirched your good name. But you failed because you, sir, have no honor. You display no wisdom or intellect in your responses, only endless whinging and juvenile attempts at moral superiority. It's hard to do that when you have no morality, so you resort to your pitiful attacks. Deceive yourself, but no one else buys the lies. Here, I think you'll relate to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awY1MRlMKMc See, I can be juvenile too. The difference between us is that I'm aware of it when I do so.
  13. Super late on this, but as others noted it's been done for a few decades now. My understanding is they think shortening it to Democrat is a hilarious joke that undermines the party. A canary in the coal mine of the idiocracy to which the party would eventually descend. The Limbaughing of the GOP, if you will.
  14. ...and with the sharpest knives. A beauty to behold. Oh, to be a fly on the bathroom wall when Trump watches these.
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