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  1. Forget it, Donnie, you're out of your element.
  2. So Malone was the brains of the operation.
  3. How did you picture a Eurovision winning Italian rock band? Seeing Ryan Philippe's bloated botox face makes me feel sad and happy at the same time.
  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's not go losing our heads. Fuck SF. Fuck GB. But most importantly, Fuck Aaron Rodgers. Get a haircut ya bum!
  5. Cool. The team in 2001 went 10-6. Just as relevant to this squad and staff. My point was that your comments have been comprehended by me to come from someone that can turn on the TV, read a box score/standings, but really doesn't have a clue as to how it all works or what you're actually observing on your flickering screen. The proclamation of certainty that this team; currently #23, and 14-5 (4-3) in arguably the top conference in the country, will absolutely not make the tournament also exposes you as a laughable attention-whore. A clown show, if you will. It's not the opinion of a serious person and shouldn't be treated as such. But I get where you're coming from:
  6. Now it makes sense. You don't comprehend what you're watching.
  7. On Surly? Something drastic must be done before the universe is torn asunder. Boobs.
  8. Disagree We sent the deputy cuz we ain't planning on sticking around much longer for their nonsense. "Oh, a big confab to plan the future beginning in 2023? I've got just the guy to represent my interests" CDC ain't wasting his time.
  9. Could be they just had an outstanding start to conference play with some highly notable wins. Which might foreshadow a deep March run. Or it might foreshadow shit. Texas and Tech both have new coaches, but the programs were at drastically different levels. Beard arrived to a broken program with only scraps on the table and had to quickly cobble together a team out of spare parts and rough gems. He had to spend time and effort laying the groundwork of a hopefully winning program. Takes a lot to scrub the rot. Adams had the benefit of taking over a program with recent success and an established culture. He will undoubtedly tweak it until it's his own baby, but the jury is still out on how he performs long-term. In particular, it's still a question how his teams will perform in March. That's when all this in-season sturm and drang nonsense will finally matter.
  10. This fucker is going to the second weekend this year. Asshole.
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