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  1. Substitute this for vanilla extract. Central Market sells it way cheaper than Central Market. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00206VQJQ/
  2. I’ve never seen it, so I’ll have to disagree with you.
  3. She empowers the connection between penis and vagina for fast moving teams in transformative spaces by grounded means
  4. Phil wants to touch our balls. Pass it on.
  5. Texas Pecan Company is good for the traditional nuts/dried fruit. https://www.texaspecanco.com/
  6. All of them? Except for mine, of course.
  7. Grownups who play video games outside of a bar.
  8. As opposed to the cum that he currently uses?
  9. Shared by my mother this morning. Can we create some kind of exam that one must pass before being allowed to create a social media account?
  10. Am I the only one that hates cooking meat that someone else bought? My wife just informed me that I'm cooking the turkey at her family's Thanksgiving dinner. That's fine with me since I'll do a better job than anyone else there and it gives me something to do. But she followed it by informing me that her mother would buy the turkey. I am 100% certain that she will be buying the cheapest turkey that she can find. In fact, it's probably been in her freezer since T+1 2018 since they were on sale for $0.19/lb. I also don't want to get a good one since I would have to haul it and keep it cold for 5hrs to get there and "why should I?" since her whole family brings the cheapest food they can find to every family gathering. Several years ago her mother made instant mashed potatoes. The following year I made them with a shitload of butter and heavy cream and got rave reviews, so I've been asked to make them ever since.
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