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  1. What kind of regard doesn’t separate the bacon before he puts it in the pan? Never mind.
  2. This is the right move. I’ll eat a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t cook for other people.
  3. My sister went to Jr High with a guy like that. He would get in trouble for parking in the teacher’s parking lot all the time.
  4. I’ve made Ina’s recipe a few times. Always outstanding.
  5. Yes, it is usually accompanied by banjo music.
  6. The mini-pumpkins really tie the backyard together.
  7. I buy a new house when the floors get dirty.
  8. I love how we have to convince someone not to eat green meat.
  10. I thought you could have a choice of whatever they are able to whip up in the prison cafeteria.
  11. I went through this same shit trying to adopt a dog. I think it would have been easier to adopt a child. House/yard inspector lady - “Sir, you will have to move that stack of firewood that’s against the fence. A dog could climb on top of it and jump over the fence. What would we do then?” Me - “Call my neighbor and tell him my dog is in his backyard and I’ll be over in a minute.” *tone
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