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  1. I usually can’t pinpoint one specific day or event that adversely affects my long term health but I know for a fact the end of that game shortened my life by several years.
  2. I guess he reads Surly and is referring to the fist wager.
  3. I agree true mental health issues are always a concern and should be addressed. I’m happy the team has a focus on the issue. That being said there are young people today that haven’t learned how to deal with adversity because their parents put them in bubble rap their entire lives and some of those people freak the fuck out when everything doesnt go their way. Two different issues.
  4. Yeah not shocking that a narcissist would be good at recruiting spoiled, entitled, what’s in it for me players. I’m looking at you BJ Foster.
  5. That’s something I want to see and don’t want to see all rolled up together.
  6. Guarantee the Horseshoe Bay drapes don’t match the carpet on this one.
  7. Not included in this clip Blake reiterated that “I think Arch will go to Texas but, as I’ve done the past, I’ll do everything in my power to talk him out of it.”
  8. I won’t be the least bit surprised if Texas becomes QB and wide receiver U during the next 5 years. Fight me!
  9. Doesn’t seem like football is working out for him. This tells us all we need to know about the state that Tennessee football is in right now. I’m surprised Tate Martell isn’t on their roster.
  10. He’s just saying he’s seen a successful OSU program up close and our shit show, while headed in the right direction, has a ways to go. He’s stating the obvious. If he was scared he would have never come to this dumpster fire so I for one am damn happy he’s here. Lucky to have him on the team.
  11. Isn’t this just Patty playing chess. He might want the defense to struggle again this year hence making him a more valuable proposition for the DC job in yr 3, I mean mid yr. Tinfoil hat.
  12. Nice little find yesterday. $24 a bottle is just stupid.
  13. She must have gotten high sticker every game.
  14. What if I were to tell you that Texas beats ULM and Bama and then loses to UTSA. Would you be ok with that scenario?
  15. Yeah I can see the leaders/good players on the team looking around at each other with a “who the fuck is this guy preaching to?” Now if Roshon said it that’s different but I don’t see Roshon saying that to the media. That’s why he’s one of the leaders. If you’ve ever had fellow coworkers who are low or mediocre performers get on a conference call and start telling everyone what they need to be doing you’ll understand that’s a poor way to handle that messaging. Don’t be that guy.
  16. For the pigs beating UT is the only thing they live for so not the same thing as a player missing two weeks if Spring Camp so not comparable.
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