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  1. 1 thing that we know for sure; the guys in the Roush shop are some welding motherfuckers. Amazing that the chassis took those hits and the driver survived.
  2. There's certainly no shortage of breweries here.
  3. Isn't that nice of Rev. Gibbs.
  4. severe, yes, but that was after the safety crew cut the car apart to extract the driver.
  5. Fucking horrible crash. I hope he’s alive
  6. I would rent a car. If you are a Costco member, you’ll save a ton of dough by making a reservation through them
  7. The girlfriend isn’t really a fan but I made her watch the wedding episode and she laughed her ass off from start to finish
  8. Tall maybe. I'd tell fattie to mix in a salad. Or, if it was a 20 something mexican fattie, I'd ask for her number for my friend Vic.
  9. Fuck, Wheeler tried it with "Aggie FanZone" or some such.
  10. He owned a big home up there. https://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/hot-property/la-fi-hotprop-bear-valley-robert-conrad-20140702-story.html
  11. attention whore. I hope the fucker hits the wall like Earnhardt.
  12. Short list of billionaires we know associated with Jeffrey Epstein: -Mike Bloomberg -Donald Trump -Glenn Dubin -Bill Gates -Les Wexner -Leon Black -Elon Musk -Mark Zuckerberg -David Koch (SEEYOUINHELLYOUMISERABLECOCKSUCKER) -Eddie Lampert -Reid Hoffman -Steve/Chris Forbes -Conrad Black (cont.) FIFY
  13. Chuck Berry too. He refused to play a double bill with James Brown at a Wiltern show that I went to, because they wouldn't cash his check at the box office. James went on and set the place on fire. Nobody missed Berry.
  14. fuck that shit. 70 degrees at my place today. I couldn't do cold weather.
  15. just re-skin the door with 3/8 exterior plywood, right over the existing door. Sure, the springs probably won't support the extra weight, but since the door stays closed...
  16. Mayor Pete is doing pretty well, so they're hoping "fag" is still OK. Limbaugh was testing it out a bit earlier today.
  17. my ex wife was a shitty housekeeper, but... Our shower had obscure glass, not clear. Ex used to wipe the inside of the glass down with furniture oil. Water ran right off, and it always looked clean from the outside.
  18. Cock-off with @NameAlreadyInUseas the referee/judge?
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