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  1. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/driver-leads-chp-through-westminster-area/2341308/
  2. Noach. Smoked pork shoulder from the WSM, japs, Tostitos, cheese, guac from the bodega. Ice cold Bud light
  3. So our brokerage (a really big one in SoCal) is now requiring that all parties involved in a showing/inspection/appraisal/whatever sign a release form for COVID. This is in addition to the COVID addendum to our purchase contracts
  4. Nate is better than Langer's. Jewish moose out front shoulda toldya
  5. I always assumed that you were a lawyer. Mind blown.
  6. there's about a 40% chance that she shit herself last night.
  7. Came here to post this. What a pathetic shit show.
  8. FHA has something called a streamline refinance. Pretty easy to lower your interest rate without an appraisal or anything like that
  9. So, they changed the name of Hill Street because it had such a bad reputation. They built about 500 "row homes" between Hill St. and the tracks that each sell for around a million bucks. There are a dozen or so breweries, a ton of terrific restaurants, etc all downtown now. One titter left, but it's closing down in the next month or two (come to think of it, the corona thing has probably shut it down for good now...I doubt it ever reopens). The old nude joint downtown was the Playgirl Club. The city tried for years to run them out of business. Finally, the city bought the club from the owner for $500,000 and closed it down. The Harbor has been renovated and has cool restaurants and shops, and the annual dredging keeps the beaches nice and sandy. It's a nice town now.
  10. Depending on how long ago you were here, you likely wouldn't recognize it now. Anything west of Hill St. (now Coast Hwy) is pretty much 1 million and up these days.
  11. Yep. Same H.S., El Camino. There are 3 in town now, there were two then. Oceanside High and El Camino. Seau went to Oceanside High.
  12. Fucking Leon is such an amazing addition to the cast. He brings the ruckus every episode.
  13. Man, I'm so into this show that I took my handle from it. This was a really terrific season. I fear it may be the final season, but I'm happy to wait 5 years for another, if that's what it takes.
  14. do any of y'all remember when the negro asked for spicy mustard?
  15. Before I can give you an opinion, I need to know length (flaccid/hard), circumference, and whether you're cut or uncut. EDIT: OH SHIT, WRONG BOARD
  16. So, I've checked the googles. He's a coach in AZ, but played his H.S. in Oceanside, CA. I watched him play several games in person, Michael Booker was the opposite corner, and they didn't give up many passing yds. Anyway, I was just wondering about the Oceanside connection, so I checked the internet tubes, and they were empty. It says he was born in NC, but not much more. Was his dad a Marine? There are a lot of those guys in Oceanside. I'm practicing the stay-at-home corona thing, and I've jacked off as many times as I can today, so I'm looking for other things to think about.
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