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  1. My daughter's finalists were UT and UW. She was offered scholarships that made UW cost the same or even a little less than UT. So UW definitely competes for students they want. Our oldest is up there now as a SW engineer at Amazon. We are heading up there sometime late summer to spend some time with him and explore the city some more. We went summer 2019 to Seattle and Olympic. Loved it and can't wait to go back.
  2. we have a little bermuda mixed with a LOT of clover and crabgrass. any natural / non-chemical solutions? i have resisted using weed and feed but feel like that may be required at this point.
  3. its a bright and sunny day out here in LT land... oh what have we here?
  4. i mean its not just possible but likely...
  5. those boys are havin the time of their lives...
  6. Card is the real deal. He is a tough minded kid that won't buckle under the stress of the job. The stage will not be too big for him. His family moved to LT in 8th grade so he could play for LT. Kid was ready to play in the State Championship game against Allen as a soph who spent the whole year playing WR. He made a couple of mistakes early and then played his ass off to bring LT almost all the way back. He did the same thing against North Shore. He never gave up. He battled. Now, saying all of the above, I wouldnt have given Casey a chance until I saw him slice up Colorado. He looked li
  7. FUCK THAT. We have a ton of talent on this roster. With Flood in place and a great offensive scheme, our OLine will be and look much, much better. Every single player is a high three star to four star or better. They will be an above average unit. The RB is the shit. Heisman. The WR room is LOADED. IF we actually run route combinations aimed at getting them open rather than being stubborn about MAH offense. WRs will dominate. QB: we either get the second coming of Aaron Rogers or someone that made Colorado look like they just started playing football. QB in Sark's sys
  8. 28 hours later, took a nap from noon to 2 pm and feel brand new. I have also decided to throw away all the apple and android phones in the house. From this point forward, only windows phones for us!
  9. 20 hours in and no symptoms other than sore shoulder.
  10. 12 hours in! Wedding was fun and I'm feeling pretty pretty good. Just a sore shoulder so far.
  11. 2nd moderna shot 4 hours ago. So far, so good. Pray for me...
  12. Got 2nd moderna at noon. So far so good. I think I'm past the worst of it, right? Riiiiiiight? Headed to a wedding! Why not? Will report back if I'm still alive tomorrow.
  13. Good for Shaka and Texas. I think he will do well at Marquette. The Texas job was just too big for him. He was not equipped to coach the kind of players Texas recruits. His philosophy and style did not work here. I am excited to move forward with someone who can handle the big stage and looks to embrace the recruits and style needed at Texas.
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