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  1. Thank you but the report I got back was Lil Ms Jazz didn't need much help and was pretty darn sharp herself! Clearly, she also follows after Mama Jazz.
  2. I could not agree more. I got the news on a flight to SF and damn if it didnt get dusty in there. Obviously Delta needs to fix their air filters because i was NOT crying! You were crying!!!
  3. Following up on this to say how proud I am of our daughter. She did not get in to Plan II, Dean's Scholar, or even Jefferson Scholars upon admission but did get into 1 of only 50 spots in Environmental Science. She was not having it, especially since her two older brothers are both Plan II. So she applied to and got into the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) and then worked her butt off to make a 4.0 this Fall semester. Got the head of the Environmental Science program to write a letter of rec for her and then re-applied to Dean's Scholar. She found out this morning that she was accepted into Dean's Scholars. I can not say enough how proud I am of her. She did not take no for an answer and made it happen. I didnt even know you could re-apply. And yes, our kids take after their mom. thank God!
  4. yeah i probably killed our chances! lol i dont know whats going on with Lake from UT's side. I asked my son if Lake had mentioned anything new or different and he said last time they talked about it last week, he was still all Texas. If I hear anything new, I will pass it along.
  5. so what does the staff look like now? OC/QB - Yurcich RB - Drayton OL - Hand TE - Boulware WR - Coleman so offense is done. and gotta say, i think the offensive side is MUCH stronger than before. Can Boulware offset the loss of Beck's recruiting? DE - Giles DL - ? LB - Hutzler CB - Valai DC/S - Ash Missing one DL coach. LB is a huge upgrade. Jury is still out on Valai vs Washington. DC - is an upgrade so long as he isnt an idiot like Orlando. If we can close with a DL coach similar to Boulware in terms of quality, we will be much stronger on the D side as well. Who are the stud recruiters? Boulware?
  6. i have a similar question. Should I take the Hawker or the King Air? I mean the Hawker gets me there faster but I feel guilty about it, given the cost and environmental considerations, etc... What do y'all recommend?
  7. Lake is my son's best friend. I will ask about it tonight when he gets home. I would be really surprised if he was wavering as he has always been a Longhorn fan.
  8. we have the speed. we just dont put it on the field. when your offense features 4 receivers but two of those are a TE and a 6'6 / 6'7' receiver, and your QB is a power runner, it really slows it down. Even more so when you dont throw to the TE. Ingram, Whittington, Bijon all have plenty of speed at RB. Eagles, Smith, Lewis, Moore, Washington, etc all have plenty of speed at WR. I hope Yurcich employs a 2x2 with Eagles and Smith on one side and Washington/Lewis and Whittington on the other, with Ingram/Bijon in the backfield.
  9. i dont really care. im just excited we got both of them and we will better off because of it regardless of who wins. If JQJ can beat out Hudson, that means he is a stud QB who should lead us to a national title. Same going the other way. And to think Milroe comes in after these guys! QB room looks good moving forward.
  10. LOL... I was agreeing with you. I dont think we should shoot either one. I just think its funny and "absurd" that Herman would ignore that justification to hire one but use it to not hire the other.
  11. i didnt say shooting ourselves in either testicle is a good idea. i simply was commenting on the justification of why we shouldn't shoot one vs the other.
  12. that drill sucks. so what is the argument for not hiring Samples to coach WRs again?
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