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  1. Sorry been traveling all week. I will check in tomorrow when I get home. But one of my neighbors will be one of the last to know and the other is immune so not sure how much he knows. I will report back anything interesting.
  2. Hey Jimmy, my three at UT all tutor local high school students. DM me if you want to discuss further. J
  3. Correct. If Trump is reelected, it most likely means that the Retards have taken back the House and kept the Senate. There will be mass imprisonments of political opponents. There will be no more hiding anything. Trump will be a King and will do whatever he wants with zero resistance.
  4. we saw it last night at ADH S Lamar. its a really, really good film. DeNiro, Pesci, and Pacino all do an amazing job in their own unique ways. The film is very melancholic as noted by a poster up above. The story is intriguing but not a ton of suspense or action or development. the story could have been easily told in 2 hours. i felt there was a lack of connection with Frank but maybe that was intentional. the feel, texture, and visuals are all amazing. the acting is top notch. its an an enjoyable movie but more Mean Streets than Casino/Good Fellas/Departed.
  5. Longhorn94


    I have a team in Houston tonight. Best BBQ close to the Galleria area?
  6. I like Warren, Harris, Klobuchar, and then Biden. Give me any of the first three combined with Beto as VP and I am ready to cast my vote. If its Biden, then perhaps Biden with Harris as VP?
  7. It's more of a re-org. I question why they put Trump in charge of it however. have they issued a new org chart yet?
  8. you are going to hell. and i am going with you for laughing.
  9. You are crazy if you dont think he is going to build his Presidential Shrine at Mara-a-lago.
  10. The nose covers 1 gap. The Will/Rover covers the other. But it changes for the Nose depending and the Will/Rover has to read and adapt behind him. But the Nose is not asked to be responsible for, or hold, or play 2 gaps like some old school 3-4 defenses.
  11. yeah i dont remember who was playing B backer then. Hughes? Roach? Hager? All of the above? But with Charles O and Poona, we could get pressure on the passer from several spots.
  12. I think thats part of the frustration. Clearly we are better when we have more experienced players. But when we dont have that kind of experience, why dont we adjust our schemes and calls to suit our superior athletes and minimize our lack of experience? I think all of those guys will be considerably better. But we cant just have a good D when all of our guys are 3 and 4 year starters. We need to be able to teach more effectively and adjust more rapidly.
  13. So Trump's promise wasnt to bring the troops home but rather to send them anywhere that another country wants so long as that other country pays for them? That doesnt sound the same to me. And where does that money go? And why does Trump care if SA pays for it? He is running the biggest deficit in the history of our nation with the largest DOD budgest in EVAR! Are we supposed to believe he cares about costs now? I do not understand the dude at all. He is acting like SA's money is going into his pocket. oh wait...
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