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  1. from the Hill Country: TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. small world - i bet your jr daughter knows my jr son from plan II...
  3. uhhh has someone told mr scott that the states run their own elections to expressly avoid these kind of tactics?
  4. what a wonderful surprise. this is a truly great series. i have no idea how it works but it just does. the cast, the writing, the execution are all brilliant. funny, heart warming and breaking at the same time. just a wonderful series. if you havent started it, do it. its worth your time.
  5. not only that but when he claimed we were playing cover 3 to trips and single, we were playing cover 1 man. i dont get it...
  6. I still love Austin. I loved Austin in the 90s when I went to UT and I have loved Austin every bit as much since we moved back in 05. Its my favorite city in the world. I love all the great places to get food, listen to live music, all the outside stuff, water (lakes, rivers, springs, pools) to cool off in, but most of all, i just love the vibe of Austin. Its such a unique place and has such a great feel to it. If you ever get nostalgic, just drive up Lamar from down south or Burnet up north, still lots of grimy old Austin. Funny thing I dont think I have ever eaten at a chain restaurant in Austin, other than those that originated in Austin (Chuy's). Moved back to Austin to raise our kids. Yes, we are in Bee Cave so out on the border of Austin and the Hill Country. Love the natural beauty all around. Love the space. Love the 20 minute drive into downtown and 30 minute drive to the airport. We have a cabin in northern california outside of Yosemite to get away from the heat during the summer or to see the snow in the winter. But thats the other thing I love about living in Austin - great airport and within 3.5 hours to either coast for trips to explore and see the rest of the country. we have family in Seattle. friends in Portland. Great places but yeah, I love Austin.
  7. Congrats! EVS is a very difficult major to get into. I think they only accept 50 per year. My daughter is a sophomore in the EVS program. She loves it. Has your daughter applied for Dean's Scholar? I would highly recommend it as well.
  8. pre-covid, my daughter worked at Vivel's. the crepes are really good. another place i recommend is Baguette et Chocolat over by the bike shop on 2244. good breakfast french type food. nice vibe too.
  9. From the bottom of Lake Travis: F I G H T!!!!!!!!!
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