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  1. Putting aside the predictability of our play calling based on formation and the abilities of our TEs and the general overall lackluster playcalling, the problem I have with our version of 11 personnel is how SLOW it is. You can't put a big slow receiver on the backside of the formation with another slow big receiver (TE) on the front side. You can single up both of those with a DB and a LB/S and then double up or bracket the two "speed" guys who are both always on the same side of the field and the only real threats on the field. Its just dumb and is tying a hand or two behind your back for no reason. Now, if instead, you made the X receiver, who plays on the backside of the formation, a fast receiver (in most versions the X is the best athlete at receiver) and then you had Z on the outside on the front and you made him a speed player as well, then you could move your H slot receiver around, backside and frontside and try to take advantage of mismatches, instead of always putting him to the front side or wide side of the formation. You could do the same with the TE. Be fast and flexible and no one has a problem with 11 personnel. Be slow and predictable and its a recipe for failure and frustration.
  2. but they only become dynasties when everyone from owner to gm to coach to talent perform. Krause was an incredible GM. He did really amazing things and made risky choices that almost always paid off. But the GM isnt supposed to be out front. He isnt supposed to get the credit. Everyone knows. And if you handle it gracefully, they will sing your praises as the secret behind the success. But Krause couldnt do that. He had to force the issue and make others give him credit. and ultimately that led to the downfall of the Bulls. I would apply the same to Jerry Jones. If he could have just stayed back and let Troy, Michael, Emmitt, and Jimmy soak up all the praise, they would have circled back to him. But he couldnt wait and he fucked over my Boys for the next 25 years... It's like a Dad who has really amazing children. The Dad knows that he pushed and supported and did everything for those kids. ANd the kids know how important he was and is to their success. And if he can just stay back out of the way and let the kids shine, they will circle back and give him the credit he deserves! (i tell myself this every single day!!!!! )
  3. hopefully better. i have a little inside information on Smith as his dad is good friends with one of my friends. from what i hear, he is supposed to be a really great kid. i will see if i can find out how serious he is about the Horns. he was this >< close to coming to LT for his last two seasons...
  4. I think of Smith as a slightly less talented Kindle clone.
  5. excellent. it was really great reliving all of it. also, i had no idea that MCA was the creative force behind BB. Ad-Rock looks like a completely different person.
  6. It was really good. It was interesting all the storytelling techniques Kubrick used way back then. And yeah, it would pair nicely with RD as I believe it was QT's inspiration for RD.
  7. My son and I watched The Killing (1956) Sunday evening. But I guess this thread is for films I havent seen.
  8. I dont understand it. Hand is a well respected offensive line coach. He has developed the players under him at Texas. Cosmi will be a first or second rounder. Several of the older guys have a chance to be drafted and several of the younger guys have a chance to be first day or so picks. Our O-line is definitely trending upward. I dont understand why the Brocks didnt jump on board a long time ago and help Milroe lead Texas to the #1 class in the nation. I know Herman is a dick but still. You gonna let that guy stop you from being a Longhorn? when its been your dream your whole life? to follow your grandpa and your dad? fuck that noise.
  9. My wife and I both work from home. Again, I hope it's not another 6 months. I expect we can have testing and therapies in place over the next 60-90 days. But my family's safety comes first, before anything else, and certainly before going out to eat, to movies, concerts, sporting events, vacations, flying, etc.. I want to get those things open and back to normal as much as anyone else. I hope we can all come together and work toward making that a reality through mass testing, effective therapies and treatments, and masks, lots and lots of masks.
  10. Get back to me when one of those other dangers is a highly contagious disease, easily spread through the air and/or contact surfaces and has currently infected more than 600k Americans and killed more than 35k Americans in a single month.
  11. I understand and dont think thats unreasonable. But I would rather push out the "we are all going to get it" until there are therapies and/or better treatments to lessen the chance that one of my kids or wife gets it and its more than a walk in the park. Especially when there is no need to take the risk at this time or in the next 60-90 days.
  12. No, we dont have any health problems at all. We are all fit and healthy. But as the person who is responsible for keeping my family safe, I am not going to send them out to get sick before there are therapies in place to address. I don't think therapies are that far off. Vaccines are another story. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to keep my family happy and healthy. But I don't believe it will be 12-18 months. I believe we can get mass testing in place over the next 60-90 days, if we start now. I believe we will have effective therapies over the same period of time. We have masks so we are good on that one.
  13. Fuck China for how they handled this. Fuck the US Government for how they continue to handle this. No one from my family will venture out into the world until: 1. Widespread and readily available testing is put in place so we can isolate and contact trace; 2. Effective therapies have been developed that reduce the risk of serious illness; and 3. Masks are worn until the virus has been effectively defeated.
  14. somewhat related: took two clients to the Salt Bae guy's restaurant in NYC in February. i cant imagine doing that now. crazy shift in thinking.
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