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  1. Bought moar puts today
  2. Plenty of moisture. Moister than south Austin’s mom. I usually cook primes but couldn’t tell much of a difference
  3. Saw a choice brisket at Randall’s the other day after having no luck at my normal HEB. Here’s the results
  4. So I bought a new house in October 2019. My lender didn't pay my property taxes from escrow on time. I noticed about a week before the January 31 deadline, and contacted the mortgage company to ask what was up. They said my taxes should have been paid at closing in October 2019...wtf? Property tax bills weren't even out in October. Anyways, after a little runaround I got them to submit the payment and it was credited to my account on Jan 31, 2020. I took standard deduction for 2019, but if I was itemizing, this woulda screwed me out of a few grand in deductions. Would I have had any recourse?
  5. I bought a house in 19 with an appraised value 35% less than purchase price. I'm going to do cartwheels if they don't reappraise.
  6. This...personal responsibility and all that.
  7. If they grossed it up at your tax rate or at a higher rate, then you will be covered. Usually employer gross ups are at 22%. If thats not enough, I'd go back to the company for more $$ (will also need to be grossed up).
  8. Just pulled the trigger on a king size tempur-pedic from costco. From what I can tell online, costco sells old discontinued models of tempur beds. They are about 50% off compared to a current model tempur-pedic. Can get a king mattress for 2K. Can get a split king on adjustable frame for 4K.
  9. Just got back from Ambergris. Had a great fly fishing trip. My wife’s (no pics) first time fly fishing...she landed 5 or 6 bonefish on the first day
  10. https://www.caller.com/story/news/crime/2019/11/04/persons-interest-identified-james-michelle-butlers-killings-shallow-grave-texas-beach/4156205002/ Persons of interest have been identified
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