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  1. those lian li fans are awesome, so easy to manage the cables
  2. Client gave me tickets for tonight but no parking pass. Any suggestions on where to park?
  3. it was depressing to listen...reinforces that sark is a good OC and game planner but doesn't have the skills to be an elite gameday coach
  4. Very nice! I fished the cimmarron (probably very close to your picture) about 2 weeks ago. Used a guide from Taos fly shop. Had a great trip.
  5. I'd pick a laredo taco breakfast taco over most options in austin
  6. Got my first grand slam on fly in Belize last week. Was there with my dad and he slammed the next day! Incredible trip.
  7. yes i typically add them to my homeowners policy
  8. First Rolex. Waited about 7 months but was able to buy at msrp from an AD
  9. the new david weekly build on my street appraised for over 2M. Taxes went from 10k to 36K. Guess I can never remodel or rebuild my house...
  10. My peloton is a piece of shit after 2.5 years...loved it at first but the terrible customer service is a big turn off. Won't be replacing it.
  11. Ordered the bracelet too for good measure
  12. Have wanted a speedy ever since I bought my first omega. Now I have one
  13. Just bought a new truck at leif johnson and had them remove the $1800 tint/lojack/bedliner charge. I test drove the truck and none of that stuff had been installed yet, so I told my sales guy that I was ready to make a deal but I wasn't willing to pay a penny for that crap. They took it off the bill...
  14. First time I’ve done prime rib. Pretty pretty good.
  15. any updates on this situation other than chicken fried steaks? Went three pages back but all I see is CFS, gravy, and some RATs
  16. Thanks for the input guys. I was thinking about buying local at Bernard Watch as its down the street from my office. I know I'd pay sales tax but I have more comfort buying local. I did see some brand new watches at Jomashop for really good prices and no tax, but was a little spooked of buying online. Here's an example: https://www.jomashop.com/omega-watch-210-30-42-20-06-001.html
  17. Thinking about picking up a seamaster as my first “nice” watch. I’m located in Austin. Does it make sense to spend the extra $500 or so to buy from an AD with a warranty? Would like a Rolex but understand that market is borked
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