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  1. Hell yea just went there this past weekend. Tons of fake shit still rolling
  2. Anything worth a fuck going on? I'm Phoenix until Saturday. Going to Suns game Thursday night and staying at the Marriott in Chandler. Haven't been to Phoenix in 15 years so no idea
  3. That is pretty common when I lived in Mexico but not at the airport IIRC most public shitters charge 2 or 5 pesos for TP. I had to do that last time I went to Peru walked around asking for some coins while turtling hard
  4. Haha this guy is a fucking idiot. Venmo transactions bringing him down is hilarious. When I re-up I usually put a potted plant emoji in the comment line as a joke might have to change that up
  5. Supposedly this is the guy. From forney and just got out of Kaufman County in December.
  6. Zepol87

    2020 MLS Thread

    Yea that the end game challenge was horseshit. Complete bullshit that was a yellow
  7. Zepol87

    2020 MLS Thread

    We have Open Cup for that. Talks about having the USL winner at the MLS winner in a friendly Austin FC vs FC Dallas preseason today
  8. Zepol87


    Anyone taken RSO? I got some at a dispensary in Seattle a few weeks ago and I smoke alot but that shit wrecks me. I only take about a rice grain worth but wow I love this shit
  9. Damn I had no idea he had a bunch of shit out there. Only seen Vietnam and Country Music ones (I think). Got a lot to catch up on.
  10. Fuck Skip Bayless. That game was awesome
  11. Got 5 dozen and a bottle of this. No idea what I'm doing but I love oysters and never made them myself. Going to do 2 raw 3 chargrilled
  12. Yea last night every time I was in getting in a lobby in WZ it would crash and kick me back to the damn xbox home screen. The update is trash as fuck and they are having that invisibility bug again.
  13. I know some Abilene strippers. Not great quality but it's Abilene
  14. Nice. I forgot about this
  15. It rained everyday I was there a few weeks ago. The rain isn't bad at all it is like a heavy drizzle, what I hated was the damn wind.
  16. Bought some of these off Amazon for 60 dollars I think. Worked well for our trip to St. Thomas but it was my first time and had no expectations.
  17. Hell yea that was sexy. They need to get it together quickly
  18. Zepol87

    USMNT 2021

    That was sexy
  19. Zepol87

    USMNT 2021

    That was badass
  20. Yep. That is my only move at Chuy's. I love that thing
  21. Just spill a little on purpose
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