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  1. Loving it, but agree that we may get hung out to dry in the end. Right now I can’t even understand how “creepy as fuck hooded overcoat guy” doesn’t raise an eyebrow in crowds. The latest ep was pretty good, but damn that brought up a lot of questions that I don’t think we’ll ever get the answers to. This show sure does remind me of True Detective.
  2. The city planners will probably knock this out under budget with a little consultation with the California light rail geniuses.
  3. Austin is Adler’s Chicago. Setting the city up for kickback corruption on a scale never seen in the city.
  4. These announcers blind, or using old TVs? Toe skimmed the turf.
  5. lol! Imagine if Dice Clay happened today.
  6. You talking about the ones that were surrendering themselves to journalists from around the world?
  7. Does the Hallmark Network already have this one in the can and ready to go?
  8. haha! I put that in quote for a reason.
  9. It would be awesome if they moved to America and just kept quiet. But no, they of course are bringing a “progressive” agenda with them.
  10. Is Adler really an imbecile racing to the bottom, or a very devious and clever con artist? This guy is already fairly wealthy, and I’ll be shocked to hell if he’s not setting himself up for a big score in the future with these real estate purchases. These remodeled hotels/motels will inevitably be condemned for health and safety reasons before Adler is out of office. Adler then swings backdoor deals with his developer pals to redevelop the property into big money makers while the prior inhabitants are moved on to the next target.
  11. Met Jake on three different occasions. He was truly one awesome guy. They held their reunions at the wife’s uncle’s ranch in Spicewood as long as they could. I occasionally steel one of his favorite sayings going back as far as before the war. “Of course we were drunker than five hundred dollars.”
  12. “Stop, or I’ll shoot! Because I damn sure ain’t running after your shoplifting ass!”
  13. “You can’t say that Nazis ran those camps. That’s like saying all Italians.... Wait, wait, wait... Fuck it! I’m confused.
  14. I wish I new more about the history, but the wife had a relative among the Alamo defenders and is a member of “The Daughters of the Republic of Texas” and “Alamo Defenders Association” She’s also a member of the “Former Texas Rangers Association” as result of late relatives serving. She’s been to a few of those cross placing ceremonies in the last five years. Also a distant relative of Maney Gault...and a serial bank robber in pre WWII Texas. Her uncle was a member of a rag tag group of demolition guys in the 506th PIR 101st Airborne that called themselves the “Filthy Thirteen”. They dropped in behind enemy lines at the start of D-Day to destroy some key bridges. His lifelong friend was a guy named Jake McNiece. Look that guy’s name up for some legit history. Unfortunately her actuary mind is rarely interested in history. Her brain is all mathematics.
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