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  1. You know the old saying “The camera adds 10 pounds”? Yeah, 2020 is kind of like that in its own way.
  2. I got the impression that it’s a video capture taken from a camera with a fish eye lens. Which would account for the squatty look of the SUV as well as the shooter.
  3. Lived in Newport Beach. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone famous.
  4. It all seems pretty intentional in general. Almost like the homeless are being used as pawns.
  5. The eyes of Texas took the night off? I bet a lot of motherfuckers got away.
  6. There’s no way to make a fair judgement without knowing all of the facts, but the line that the guy had no ID and was wondering why the fuck he suddenly became a target seems pretty plausible when considering that most cops are extremely offended when their authority is questioned to any degree. It should be okay to be upset when cops overstep their boundaries.
  7. “I should have stuck with sucking my own dick” Ron Jeremy(2020)-
  8. Haven’t been paying attention to the COVID situation for a few weeks and this was the first post I landed on. Since we’re now at “Aug 31” it seems like a good time to reconcile UT’s prediction with the present numbers. Not a “gotcha” question because I honestly have no idea. Just hoping someone with a good grasp on the numbers can chime in with a reasonable comparison.
  9. I’m pretty sure that was a Taco Bell “Reaper Ranch Quesarito” and not a Guacamole Cocktail.
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