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  1. Not sure who’s to blame, but this guy probably still deserves to be repeatedly punched in the face for a multitude of reasons.
  2. Picked up a case of beer and a handle of Jack a couple of days ago. I rarely drink alcohol these days, but this seems like a good time to get back in shape.
  3. This morning I watched a verbal exchange between two guys discussing this. Both of them made multiple attempts to quickly roll that combination of words off their tongues. It did not go well.
  4. ha! Cops confiscated a case of “iced down” beer and a collection of nude pictures. Sounds off the hook for 63. North Loop check in here yet?
  5. If the season is canceled, they can claim the title.
  6. This is probably a good time to run on down to a dealership for a quick reminder that there’s really no good time to get a better deal.
  7. I get the feeling that you can get this shit, then feel like you’re recovering, and then get it again.
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