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  1. My fear is they'll force him to do it with a "we'll let you host after Norm dies on the air" sort of trade off.
  2. I doubt Julie would return for a spot where she'd never be able to pick up her kids from school or have dinner with them. Maybe she does it for the summer but not permanently.
  3. I doubt they'd bump up Sirois pay so why take on 2 more hours and have to deal with Bob and Corby?
  4. I'll miss Danny's songs but that's about it. I guess they'll get Killer to read Community Quick Hits stories out of the paper. Good for him walking out on his own terms.
  5. Energy deregulation...it's fantastic! I've been doing 3 month to 6 month deals for a bit now and my luck is starting to run out. I was getting great rates but everything is terrible now.
  6. The mdmost line traces back to that area of Germany so I'm happy for my former countrymen.
  7. mdmost

    EPL 2021-22

    Nottingham haven't been in the first division since 1999. It's time.
  8. mdmost

    EPL 2021-22

    In the EFL playoff, Huddersfield topped Luton Town and will face Nottingham Forest who won on penalties over Sheffield United. Match is on 5/29.
  9. She also said they weren't going to try to recast younger versions of established heroes like they did in Solo. A bit unfair to Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover and also a bit odd since they've already announced there was a Lando show in the works for Disney+.
  10. So maybe Matip. Maybe own goal. Maybe don't give a shit.
  11. Matip wants to make Sunday really interesting
  12. Lucasfilm is working on a Goonies type show set after Return of the Jedi. Will be kid-centric as the main characters are all young kids.
  13. You're all going to be either selfish teammates, headed to Area 51, or A BAD GUY that day. I mean if you're peeing mustard, probably should head to the ER.
  14. Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk are set to miss Liverpool's trip to Southampton but Jürgen Klopp is sure they will be available for the Champions League final. Both players were substituted during Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup final victory over Chelsea due to injury and the boss expects to be without them at St Mary’s Stadium on Tuesday night. However, Klopp hopes Salah and Van Dijk can feature against Wolverhampton Wanderers on the final day of the Premier League season and insists there is ‘no doubt’ they will be ready to face Real Madrid in Paris on May 28. When asked if the duo will be involved versus Southampton during the second part of Monday’s pre-match press conference, Klopp replied: “No. Virg definitely not but that was pretty much clear before the [Chelsea] game already that I thought, ‘OK, this is the game now.’ He played really a lot and then Saturday-Tuesday again. It was clear. “They are both OK. So, the target would be for both that they can be involved again on the weekend. Properly involved, bench or whatever and a few minutes or start, I don’t know, we will see that, because that would then be perfect for the game [Champions League final]. “But if not then we take each day afterwards. But we are very positive, or [have] no doubt about the final. I’m pretty realistic about the Wolves game, but tomorrow rather not.”
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