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  1. Well that was fun. Allard and Hernandez looked pretty good out there.
  2. Gibaut seems like he sucks.
  3. Choo hit the fuck out of that
  4. That was pretty terrible, Frazier.
  5. Mathis, key to the offense I guess.
  6. Well, something to watch for today. If anything, we can use this abortion of a season to check out the pieces for the future. Injuries seem to be leading the way to this.
  7. Well, in fairness, they'd have bigger breakouts if they tested as much as the US does.
  8. mdmost

    2020 MLB thread

    The Braves mascot is sweeping the stands and brushing the cardboard cutouts behind home plate. Bits are fun.
  9. mdmost

    2020 MLB thread

    Atlanta and the gravitational pull of strip club wings might have been too much. Braves/Mets on TBS right now. Of the newish parks I've visited in the past couple of years, the Braves one is pretty kickass. They have a Waffle House food stand in the concourse.
  10. Walking in runs tonight. This is fine.
  11. Rolled up the wooly and I watched Palumbo.
  12. It's a golden oldie from the Surly Realignment thread back when BYU wanted to join the Big 12 but got the Heisman.
  13. Good for them. Use your leverage while you have it. I wouldn't trust any college program and specifically any college football head coach to do things to ensure my safety if I was a player. Not with the Dabos and Mike Gundys of the world out there.
  14. I'd imagine we'll contact the in-state cupcakes on our schedule. So we'll see if UTEP wants to keep their game with us. If not, we see if UCF wants to travel. I'd imagine the other Big 12 teams all have a similar game they could try to schedule. The amusing part is it puts the Big 12 behind in the playoff, assuming they happen, given the other teams will all have 10 Power 5 games to the Big 12's 9.
  15. mdmost

    FA Cup 2020

    Did he just break the FA Cup?
  16. mdmost

    FA Cup 2020

    Sweet lord. Is Chelsea going to be able to field a team when UEFA comes back?
  17. mdmost

    FA Cup 2020

    And that dipshit is brought back every year by English Football.
  18. Okay. Still doesn't disprove that we're the weak league. We had to add it because we're a weak league that's playing behind the other 4.
  19. mdmost

    FA Cup 2020

    What a goal by Aubameyang. Just chipped it over.
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