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  1. DDL has been spending his days solving 4 minor pandemics in preparation for the role. He spends evenings staring for three hours in an unflinching trance at a medical diploma with his name on it.
  2. I have a feeling that approval number is headed to, oh, about 42%
  3. This rings true to me. It seems like my right wing friends are taking this seriously, despite the popular portrayal of republicans intentionally flouting the rules. The golfers making a show of shaking hands / squeezing in together stories, beachgoers, and UT spring breakers seem to be more the exceptions than the rule.
  4. Can’t let the world know our aircraft carriers wouldn’t be able to adequate respond to an attack.
  5. that's where you are wrong kiddo. x died? thank goodness 2x didn't die, like they would have without trump.
  6. it's a mere continuation of his "all base, all the time." truck nutz guys will love it. loved him already. no one else cares.
  7. Listen here, my mick limey frog kraut meatball frozen windmill dam canuck ozzie senor senhor cheese eating friend, I'm gonna make so much trouble for you you won't know what hit you!
  8. "Guys, call it off. You can't have gatherings of 10 or more." "No, no. Give me a sec. It's about to be 9."
  9. talk about blowing it, dad. you had a legitimate way to keep your daughter from spending a full week in pound town and passed it up.
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