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  1. perfect phone call, KAG, liddle' adam schiff. i think he's lost his fastball when it comes to branding.
  2. most that have the ability to get a gig with bendini lambert and locke do exactly that. if you are one of the unlucky to need to be assigned counsel, hope that you get one of the ones that do it as their mission, and not the ones that do it because that's the gig they could get.
  3. what if i told you the democratic candidate will win utah?
  4. it already did... and it already did. see rutherford b hayes's election ending reconstruction.
  5. if there is any scenario where FL will help, FL will not help.
  6. surly pointed this one out to me. it is always the people that uniformly vote republican that say both sides are bad.
  7. user name does not check out. also, so long as the NC Republican party exists, NC will have a suspicious R+5 super bonus due to Tammany Hall level corruption.
  8. I believe we are up to 93D chess. Ukraine announcing opening the investigations. uh, about Trump tied stuff.
  9. why don't you try adding actual value instead of running to Republican-Approved Victim Complexing ®. see if you get negged. people would be interested to see what a real defense of trump looks like.
  10. yeah, i remember my folks coming out of left field with light bulb talk a decade ago. must have been the limbaugh issue of the week.
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