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  1. but not rosie perez. she will always have a place in my heart for white men can't jump.
  2. do you know whether that gambler on kantu bight won big? do you know whether leia poppins gets the kids to take their medicine? do you know whether benecio del toro solves his verbal tic? do you know whether those ice foxes found food on the salt planet? there is a lot still left to resolve.
  3. sounds like he understood it better than the judge. this is . . . uh . . indescribably damming.
  4. absolutely. i posted excerpts of her statement on a previous page. the whole thing is "mr and mrs hunter did X" one thousand different times.
  5. bwahaha. My dad, a vet standard issue right winger, is going to be represented by this turd.
  6. Goddammit. That was going to be my contribution. That whole dialogue is an all timer.
  7. i'd be interested in the number of good comedies that had trailers that didn't even get a grin out of me.
  8. who the hell is the intended audience? 10 year olds? it is even a comedy? let's say this twinkee represents how shitty the previous ghostbuster reboot was. according to this preview, this movie would be . . .
  9. does he tweet about mass shootings that don't involve foreigners?
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