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  1. amusing take from Texas Monthly. The theory: Briscoe is chair because the more moderate Speaker knows his incompetence will keep something from being passed.
  2. Average error 6.3 points. V v useful in a world where everything is decided by 3 points. Basically not able to fix anything that went wrong in 2016 (we uh didn’t weight for education last time! We’re on it now!) despite having the experience of 2016 to adjust from.
  3. this technique I think is interesting. I’m from a small town of MAGA retards so stuff like this comes across my Facebook when a former hs classmate comments on the article. This particular one had a comment saying something like “more liberal Democrat lies!” or some such. I click on the link and glance at the other comments and it is thousands and thousands of similar reactions. if you read the article, it basically says the traits that make one walk briskly are also traits that indicate general health that would ward off serious sickness. Youth, vitality, energy reserves, what have you. No claim of causation between fast walking and COVID protection. but I think it is intentional. They know no one can be bothered to actually read the article, and they know their audience cannot distinguish between causation and correlation. So the headline writers grab this study and post it in a vague way to make a sub-80 iq reader think causation is being argued as bait to have it laughed at.
  4. Came back to watch this again. Paired with your reaction it’s absolute gold.
  5. I am ABSOLUTELY NOT going to go find a cash machine.
  6. Paul Thomas Anderson is that way for me. All of his movies get a look because of boogie nights. But I didn’t really love any of the other ones, including super successful and praised ones like there will be blood, and I straight up walked out of inherent vice. But still, if a PTA movie was released tomorrow it would be must see no questions asked.
  7. Cam Barker strikes down eviction moratorium. says that it isn't interstate commerce but general police power of the state. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt71rci75p5znj4/Texas ruling.pdf?dl=0
  8. You know what it smells like? Pine oil. That is where you are heading, pine oil heaven.
  9. literally the first sentence of the article
  10. i think the point is a little different. i'm suggesting it is possible to dress like 1979 and 1984. you can't really dress like 2015 or 2010 or 2005 in any way that is different from 2020. and not just dress, but everything else that is indicative of moments in time of a culture. if i was to make a movie about 2005, what visuals would i put in it to show the viewer it was 16 years ago?
  11. young actors that are cast in mockable roles end up weird. another example is dj qualls, the skinny kid from road trip. the need to overcompensate for their casting seems to be real and comes out in weird ways.
  12. enjoyed Deshields the first time around. the rare rule 5 pickup that wasn't an immediate sayonara.
  13. Doc: I've got some bad news. It looks like you'll probably not live more than 10 Patient: 10 what? Doc: 9
  14. That's pretty interesting. I think the pace of change of the entire culture has slowed, I guess. We have more and more technological advances, so a movie like The Departed like entire plot devices revolving around crazy things called "text messages" feels laughable now. But everything else about that era still seems relevant. I'd say every single article of clothing, every saying, every haircut, every environment in there would work in a movie about today. But that was 15 years ago already. Think about the differences between 1975 and 1990. Or any other 15 year period in there. Hell, in Boogie Nights you have the same characters looking like and this in the same movie, representing like a 5 year change. Pretty weird.
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