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  1. Thanks to your son, we will get a lot of rain, so thank him for his sacrifice.
  2. Am I the only person who has a batshit crazy relative into conspiracy theories, and when they hear about something like this they text you something like "you make fun of me, but don't you think this is weird that this is happening after all the stuff in Ukraine" and my response is "Look, I can't talk to you about this on mobile phone, but you know that I have a friend who works at Camp Mabry, and all I can do is ask if you have a bug out bag ready, and how fast can you drive to Hearne?"
  3. So I decided to check out Austin's own Alex Jones to see what he had to say about Cobalt Magnet. And InfoWars is silent on the matter.
  4. Republicans would be conflicted over Gary Hart today. "He's a Democrat....but he's definitely not gay."
  5. The PAC releasing the videos said they had much, much worse, that may not have been legal to publish or whatever. If he had survived his primary, wonder if they would have been so hesitant to release them.
  6. Fuck. My kids will get at least one copy of that book for a birthday or Christmas present. Or hell, just a "hey, your kids should read this and be informed". fuck.
  7. WhatTheBuck is right about underlining. But also we should still occasionally pay homage to the BBS Gods.
  8. @Starfleet Command don't mistake Putin's claims that NATO wants to invade Russia with Putin's desire to keep countries out of NATO so that he can fuck with them as he pleases. Lest we forget, NATO never invaded the Warsaw Pact or the Soviet Union or Russia. In fact, it was the Warsaw Pact/Soviet Union/Russia that invaded Warsaw Pact countries (and former Soviet republics). Nobody has invaded Russia because Russia has a shit-ton of nukes. It's not hard to understand that principle.
  9. Putin is 100% responsible. Whether you think he made this decision back in 2014 after they got away with illegally annexing Crimea, or he made it last summer when he pushed out his little manifesto questioning Ukraine's right to exist, he was 100% responsible for this invasion and war. And by the way, Putin and Co. have long had a desire to take over Ukraine, and they were never shy about it. In fact, it's a part of the Russian psyche going back centuries, that somehow Russia has the right to fuck around with its neighbors. Which we are doing, in a very positive manner, without escalating to the point of US troops versus Russian troops. If we had not provided aid, and weapons (and "we" includes the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere), you are somewhat right, the war would have simply moved to an insurgency phase. However, Putin would have been also been preparing to conquer the next country on his list, whether that's Moldova or Georgia or who knows what. Somewhat agree - had Ukraine been welcomed into NATO before 2014, then Putin never orders an invasion and does not annex Crimea. The problem is that the Russians were working to install pro-Russian politicians, and Ukraine's desire to join NATO was shelved in 2010 or 2011 after a pro-Russian politician shelved it. Putin worked very hard to keep Ukraine out of NATO, and tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians have paid that price, along with tens of thousands of dead Russian soldiers.
  10. On the one hand, yeah, everything should (and could) be counted much faster. On the other, no way in hell I want the feds involved, not after we had Trump as President, because just based on what he's publicly said, there's no way he wouldn't have fucked around with things.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if they clean it up - that's happened with a few other Marvel shows and their teasers/trailers. If they leave it like we saw it though, however good the writing or acting may be, it's going to distract everybody way too much.
  12. You should see the NextDoor feeds, wondering what minorities they are searching for, or if they are after porch pirates.
  13. My first thought was a spoiled brat move as well - try and deny Ukraine any kind of "monument" after the war. But it could very well be a part of their economic warfare - they are trying to destroy anything in Ukraine that involves manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, etc. since they've decided that if they can't have Ukraine, Ukraine shouldn't have an economy. If Chornobyl/Chernobyl/whatever had been a fossil-fuel or renewable energy plant, they probably would have tried to destroy it on the way out.
  14. If you've been seeing dudes running around in all kinds of vehicles, with low-flying helicopters flying very aggressively, and various types of protective clothing, no, they aren't here to save us from ERCOT or Californians, but they are from 30+ local, state, and federal agencies. I've been seeing the helicopter(s) (haven't checked tail numbers to see if it's multiple) - Hueys in a nice paint scheme with all kinds of data gathering instruments hanging off of them, flying low and fast and making me wonder if somebody is driving around with a simulated nuclear bomb that the helicopters are scanning for. I'm sure the pilots are enjoying the hell out of it, so here's hoping whatever government contractor does their maintenance does a good job so that something doesn't go wrong and they plow into a residential area or a school (which they've overflown one several times now). https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/austin-to-hold-exercise-simulating-a-radiological-incident-next-week/ https://www.energy.gov/nnsa/articles/nnsa-working-federal-state-and-local-partners-hold-major-radiological-incident More than 30 local, state, and federal agencies will hold a major radiological incident exercise in Austin, Texas, during the week of May 16-20. The Cobalt Magnet 22 exercise, which is led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, brings numerous agencies together to ensure preparedness against radiological threats. Cobalt Magnet 22 is the culmination of 18 months of planning by local, state, and federal responders. Taking place at various locations around the city, the exercise will simulate a radiological attack, enabling response personnel to practice protecting public health and safety, providing emergency relief to affected populations, and restoring essential services. During the week, members of the public may see field teams in protective clothing using radiological monitoring and detection equipment, low-flying aircraft conducting data-gathering overflights, and groups of first responders and others staged at various locations. The exercise is part of a regular program of training, exercises and planning by which NNSA and federal, state and local partners prepare to protect public health and safety. “The men and women of the Nuclear Emergency Support Team – or NEST – are trained to provide decision-makers with timely, actionable scientific advice during fearful events,” said Jay Tilden, DOE’s Deputy Under Secretary for Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation. “Saving lives and reducing the impact of a nuclear incident requires a full understanding of what happened, who will be affected, and what the optimal response should be. NEST’s bread and butter is providing that information to local, state, and federal leaders as rapidly as possible.” NEST is NNSA’s multi-mission nuclear emergency response capability, providing highly trained and equipped scientists and technical experts to contend with any conceivable nuclear or radiological challenge. During Cobalt Magnet, NEST will provide radiological monitoring and assessment assistance to state and local leaders to make informed public health and safety decisions. NEST will also work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to conduct radiological search operations and identify potential threat devices.
  15. First one just turned 21 if the translation is correct on the social media site.
  16. I thought one of the Olsen twins had killed him in their apartment in NYC
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