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  1. Check out their qanon thread. They buy into the batshit. Then again, if you follow aggy football, you’ll pretty much buy into anything.
  2. Do you have a Mac? Final Cut Pro. Otherwise, Adobe. Also, have a shit load of RAM, well at least 16GB, and do everything on SSDs.
  3. Thank you for not doing light gray text on white. I want to fucking shoot every designer/web dev that does that.
  4. Peacock now has an app for Roku. Now we just need HBO Max
  5. From 1933 to 1995, Republicans controlled both House and Senate for only four years. Not quite a wilderness, but damned close. And Hell, the GOP went, what 30 or 40 years without controlling the House prior to 1994? Old people are just not reproducing as fast as certain demographics. Wait, they aren’t reproducing at all (although the older couple three doors down are damn sure trying, and don’t care who knows it). That’s why white people in Texas dropped below 50% of the state 10 years or so earlier than expected. Hell, if you surveyed even a dozen Texans , and asked them “true or false, whites make up less than 50% of Texans”, a bunch would guess whites make up more than 50%. If the GOP doesn’t reinvent itself, people like me will never come back, and it will not attract younger folks, or non-whites. Democrats ran Texas up until early in my adulthood. After the Rs took over, I was told it would last the rest of my life. Now I’m seeing places and political seats that weren’t supposed to be competitive flipping. If Texas reverts back to the Dems, the GOP is toast.
  6. 1234. Drafts get nowhere near the live servers in a situation like this, because nobody is sitting there typing it up on the site like it’s some kind of fucking blog for a little store or doctors office or something. Only the approved final copy is transferred to a live server in a major organization. Somebody types it up somewhere else, it gets passed around, revised, signed off on, then copied to the main server.
  7. I think this means they won't have to alternate Fallout and Elder Scrolls, they can do both simultaneously. And the quality should improve. MS has one helluva stable - something like 23 large and small studios now. Meanwhile, EA buys companies, shuts them down, pisses away the IP.
  8. Getting caught up. Yeah, if you take out the swearing, it's total YA. It's not as grating as early episodes, but I question its existence. Would have been better if they hired somebody like Scalzi to work on it.
  9. I'm also thinking a lot of retailers are going to be concerned about this little holiday period coming up.
  10. That's going to leave a mark for a lot of people and a lot of businesses.
  11. Trump is 100% focused on Trump and Trump's personal and financial well being. I think Trump would gladly give up the loss in November, regardless of how bad it hurt Republican races, if he felt he needed another SC justice on his side for when he is out of office, whether that's 2021 or 2025. Trump is the wildcard here. We discuss strategies for Mitch, whether he wants that SC slot filled under an R Prez and Senate and whether he's willing to risk letting the SC seat go until after the election in order to keep Rs in battleground states from losing, and he's listening to what his data people are saying as far as whether that SC seat will get more Dems out, or more Rs. But ultimately, Trump is going to do whatever is in his best interest. If he feels he needs another SC Justice, even if it means sacrificing the Republican Senate, then he will absolutely push Mitch and the Senate Republicans hard, and he will trash the shit out of them publicly if they don't help him. He gives no fucks about the Republican party after he leaves office. It's all about what they can do for him.
  12. While I have no friends working for Tyson, and I make no assumptions about Tyson's numbers, I do have some who work for polling/data firms, and it's not unheard of for companies to tweak poll results to try and motivate the base and raise campaign donations. I'm not saying they'd deliberately show a race being closer than it is, but....if there's money or votes in it...
  13. Cornyn is odd - he's spent way too much time in DC, and unlike Cruz, he hasn't done much to raise his profile - people may think Cruz is nutty/cucked by Trump/etc., but at least they know who he is. Cornyn is the very definition of bland old white guy. You could put him in a lineup with some of our state officials (Paxton, etc.), and I'm not sure that many Texans could pick him out.
  14. Yeah, a lot of Trump ads are being run by third parties to get you to their sites/questionnaires. That's been a steady trend since he first jumped in.
  15. They didn't change the state flag in Mississippi for nothing this year. They only did it because their polling told them they'd better do it and not go down some stupid fucking Lost Cause path.
  16. You should have been around last week, we took a vote on the forum software/theme, and this almost won:
  17. I kept telling people that Seesaw worked (for the younger kids), that you could access Blend through other ways, that Zoom was just fine (teachers should have been sending out the #s and passwords to the parents). Apparently I'm one of the few parents who opted to make a sheet of Zoom sessions a week or two ago. Karens just didn't want to have to stop and work things out.
  18. We were told the opposite by our kids teachers - there will be learnin' face-to-face, albeit socially-distanced. They will have a large display or something setup, so the kids at home can be seen, and the teacher will be calling on both kids in the classroom and kids at home. Those teachers in low-risk groups are chomping at the bit to ditch Blend/Canvas/Seesaw and get back to normal.
  19. CDC updated their guidelines about the spread of covid.
  20. If you know their Zoom schedule, but don’t know the Zoom session numbers, pop into Zoom, click on the drop down list, and it shows all of your recent Zoom sessions. Good luck with passwords. Seesaw still works thankfully.
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