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  1. Like I said, I'm no scholar of LBJ. I know he was shrewed and driven to bringing about The Great Society programs because he truly cared about his legacy and country. He had his blind spots and flaws but he was a masterful leader. I just think if you stuck him in the time after the Nixon resignation, he might have taken the opportunity to stay awhile like his mentor Roosevelt. There were laws against it but that might not of stood in his way. But maybe not, he was a complicated man.
  2. Imagine if we would have given them LBJ, we would already have had a dictator for life. The United States of Johnsonlandia. Would he have allowed the rise of the oligarchs? I'm not an LBJ scholar but I do know he was a ruthless SOB.
  3. Governor Hot Wheels Diane Feinstein needs to retire, so a gentle low key fuck off. Hardcore Fuck off for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. I hate those guys. Voter suppression king, Ron DeSantis, number one Trump dick sucker can fuck off to the moon.
  4. gimme her address so I can put on my list to hack her up with my machete if I get rampagy. Is she old? That would be helpful.
  5. Douglas Ginsberg 1987 (although he withdrew his name in the face of a smear attack on him for smoking pot with law students while a professor) Damn, he would have been a cool justice. Also a Jew, my fave.
  6. He must have something against Bumble Bee? Anybody know if they are giving their employees election day off or something? What did BB do to him?
  7. Don't put yourself down, you've always been an excellent troll. And you know it is called the novel Corona virus because it is new, right? That means that scientists understanding will of course alter. It is frustrating but true.
  8. To be clear, I was wrong about that. It was another similar religious charamatic catholic sect. But the part about calling their advisors handmaid is correct though they changed that recently. Spooky.
  9. Damn, imamac sounds as irate as I was last night. I was fixing to get my machete and kill me some wipeepo Trump supporters. I was gonna go after the lady across the street because she is old and I think I can take her. Then I stopped radicalizing myself with CNN and went to bed. Being pissed off at being the powerless majority is exhausting. I really need to go back to watching PBS Newshour so Mrs. Watson doesn't get hacked up.
  10. I don't know much about confirmation hearings but I thought the Senators could cite a speech or writing and ask about it. So technically, religious beliefs are not ever off the table. Are they?
  11. Can you explain what you mean by "proxy for abortion" ? I want to make sure I understand what you mean, please.
  12. They are welcomed and encouraged to do all the good they can in this world. I just don't want to live in a theocracy. This might be how they start. I personally have always liked the Jewish judges but Trump and his ilk would never nominate one. Oh well.
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