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  1. She seems like Pete but she isn't. She isn't Clintonian, she is more like Obama. A moderate democrat who also wasn't about class warfare either. In no way was he as big a grifter as the Clintons. I haven't read the full article but I find her promising. The fact that she is practical may be off putting to extreme progressives but I don't have an issue with that. It is the naked ambition that I find fascinating. It was off putting in Pete for me but I'm not yet put off by her for it. Something seems genuine for me, but I don't know why. Anyway, you aren't Tantric and I am more interested in his Ugh than yours. He is honest about his misogyny whereas you are not.
  2. She said her aspiration aloud and acknowledged that class warfare isn't her gig. Bernie made money on his book and no one begrudges him for that. No one should begrudge Stacey for earning money using her myriad of talents. She is no more in it for just the money than Bernie. She could be laser focused on just that but she spends time to explain what creates the class disparity and works to show how to repair it, via getting out the vote. That is not a little endeavor. It is a long game strategy and very hard work. Hell, it tanked Bernie because he couldn't do it.
  3. Thanks for this article about her. I haven't read it all but I am really impressed by her by what I have read so far. And you took her quote way out of context, Rocko. From the article: Abrams ran on unapologetically left-for-Georgia stances on gun control, criminal-justice reform, health care, and education. But her progressivism isn’t completely in sync with today’s cutting-edge policy ideas — she’s not a socialist or even a democratic socialist. Yes, she talks forcefully about the chasm of economic inequality in the United States, the moral bankruptcy of a system that treats poor people as if they don’t deserve the dignity of health care or a functional social safety net. During a Q&A after a Fair Fight rally in Albany, Georgia, Abrams tore into what she says is the underlying message of state Republicans’ opposition to Medicaid expansion: “If you’re too poor to get health insurance, it’s your fault. That is not true, and that is not right … We live in a state that has a minimum wage of $5.15 an hour.” But while Abrams supports raising the minimum wage to about $15 an hour in cities like Atlanta, she’d stop short of a statewide increase, explaining that Georgia’s history of resistance to unions has kept wages so low that a blanket hike would be too much of a shock to the economy. “I’m not going to do class warfare; I want to be wealthy,” she tells the far-from-wealthy crowd at the Fair Fight rally. “You’ve probably got aspirations about that too.” Many in the room nod in recognition.
  4. @tantric superman So I am curious. You have ugh'd at the thought of Abrams as a running mate a few times but have never elaborated as far as I've seen. If you have, I missed it. What about her politics or discourse bothers you? Or is it just a straight up misogyny thing? Does she have vocal fry or something like that? Too meaty.....split teeth? I find her to be very capable of delivering a message and passionate against voter suppression. Her ability to communicate in very simple terms why it is being used as a tool of the very few to hold onto power is stunning. Here she is explaining why we the people should care. I'm not sure you can embed tweets into a PM so I am sorry for the call out but it isn't intended as a shaming one since misogyny is real and you've been willing to acknowledge yours before. Thanks in advance.
  5. That is chapping Senator Chris Murphy"s (CT) ass. He seems ready to take a rolling guillotine to the WH. My question is why did Trump say that the states should order ventilators for themselves 2 weeks ago and now FEMA is bidding on ventilators too? Did they decide to centralize that order after all? WTF?
  6. Then he pushes that he was trying to be positive like a cheerleader even though he saw that it was bad and worse than the flu. So lying like a mofo is being a positive cheerleader, Cheeto? M'kay.
  7. The orange baboon did a much better job of controlling his temper. He even didn't bully Jim Acosta too much for his questions that he always considers to be "gotcha" questions. He performed like he should have from the jump.
  8. Knocking him off the do nothing strategy and do NOT go for an Easter end date to sheltering in place is going to save 2 million lives and makes him a hero! Man, being an entitled white man will never be as good as it is right now for his generation. Allowing him to say this shit and it actually working to get him off the hook is unfucking real.
  9. Governor Inslee looks like a fucking genius for going 2 weeks earlier than the rest and they haven't had a uptick surge like other regions. He seems like an intelligent and effective leader. Every state is different but he seems to have handled it right from the jump. Good on him and his peeps.
  10. He actually is having the doctors answer questions. Haha. Why he didn't do that before shows what a dipshit fool he is but also that he reads twitter trends.
  11. ah, shit. I thought Barstool sports was legit.
  12. Thoughts on the show from Coach Leach.
  13. Oops! this might be fake. Sorry. How do you delete an embedded tweet?
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