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  1. Hell, he won't mind attending MORE family dinners if she does it right.
  2. Getting your feet wet in super cold water.
  3. Add an N. Oh yes, I'd have one if I could...
  4. I don't understand this math shit. Warren Klobuchar Mayor Pete Bernie Booker Yang
  5. I think Hurd is trying hard to find enough exculpatory evidence so he can vote no on impeachment without looking like a total slimeball.
  6. It hurt them on their inside emotions. But seriously, they have small dick syndrome about it.
  7. So did she learn her lesson about using the right leash yet? This is the teachable moment if you don't get too dicky about it and rub her nose in the dumb she did too much. This was a scary experience and when you are calm, ask her if she loves your dog. Because if so, then she needs to use the right tools with him, period. Then hug the bitch close and tell her that you are glad she didn't get hurt. Do it like you are more worried about her than your dog. You can score ass AND get your way if you use the right tone. Tone matters to bitches....so good luck. If you have already yelled at her and got all up in her face then, wait for another day cuz bitch will shut down on you now.
  8. Why do black women like him so much? Black Women, he is not a sweet Uncle Joe who was good to your brother, Obama without an ulterior motive. He was only his side bitch when he couldn't get any closer to the presidency without him. Now he is still trying to trade on his name. Black Ladies, please look at Liz and believe her white ass when she says she wants to empower the middle class and give you a foundation to better your lives. The bitch don't like the loan shark companies that Dotard's administration is allowing to continue their bullshit business practices. The bitch wants to help with childcare so you don't have to leave your wee kids with who you can afford on your tight ass budget but a better place where you don't have to worry about them.. The bitch wants to make the richest ass fuckers pay their fair share! So much so that they are going to tank her because they are scared of how right she is about how to level the playing field that they built in their favor. We need all the black ladies to look at her boobs and camel toe and see that she has felt more of their trails and tribulations then that old boy Joe ever has with his white boy privilege moose knuckle. I'd write a commercial but I am apparently racist. Oops.
  9. I'm on phase 2 as well of a 4 part process. Touching my boobs and a cooze check are last. I think we have to go to dinner first tho.
  10. WTF? I got Pete at 7 and Yang at5. Fuck this, I want Liz, even though I dont see eye to eye about everything.
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