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  1. I'm glad she had a good debate performance. She packs a mean punch.
  2. I like her because she wants to fight for me and my ilk. And Liz knows she has to focus on cleaning up the corruption and holding corporations accountable. If you don't lie your ass off or fuck over the unfortunate then you don't have to worry about getting mauled by her.
  3. Warren has bloody hands tonight. She drew a lot of blood. Her best moment was in defending Amy about forgetting a name. She seemed to lay off of Bernie for the most part other than a veiled barb or two. Bloomberg was a fucking dud but it may not matter.
  4. I guess Pete is trying to cut Amy off from their shared lane but veering hard into her car is dangerous. She might start throwing binders at him any second.
  5. I don't give them that much credit. Now the gnome might take his ball and go home since they kicked his ass so hard.
  6. Pete and AMY throwing body blows. She came off okay with just a few scratches. Warren showing some god damn leadership. Boom!!!
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