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  1. Yup, did a 2 year stint before moving to West Campus.
  2. No, it was a dorm room incident. I bought a bottle of tequila and someone a few doors down had orange juice and invited me over with the tequila to party and listen to her heavy metal albums. By the end of the time, the drinks I was consuming were pretty much clear with a slight orange tinge and we killed the bottle. That San Antonio bitch dropped out after freshman year and I couldn't drink frozen Margs at Jorge's for a while.
  3. You are both right and wrong. We are all in this and we have the power to make the US what we will. I choose to believe that we can finally deal with how some people were run rough-shod over and deal them a fair hand. I know it can happen and I know I can help to will it so. If you don't believe this, that is okay because you are an American with the right to raise your voice about what your "woke" eyes see to make certain that we are doing things right and for the betterment of all. It is a hard fight to make that so and takes all kinds to keep the ship afloat. I'll keep pulling the oars for us if you keep steering in the direction that we should go. We are never going to achieve a perfect union but we can get closer to that far shore by acknowledging everyone's role as vital. Even the fucking meatheads that act as ballast. They are part of the ship. God Bless the SS USA.
  4. I had my tequila incident in 1984 and got so sick, I threw up bile. I couldn't drink frozen margaritas for about 2 years which sucked because HH Jorge's margaritas with Everclear were $2 and the Daiquiris were $3 and not very strong but that is what I had to drink. I miss Jorge's Uptown Enchilada bar. It wasn't good food but frozen Margaritas with Everclear were the bomb. Fuck you, dram shop laws!
  5. Happy Interdependence Day! Whether some of us realize it or not, we became the most powerful nation because of our diversity. Yes, it creates a lot of tension that we haven't addressed fully or properly but we are stronger because of all our heritage. I raise a glass to all the peoples that helped make the United States 244 years old today!
  6. I just thought of a 70's story, this isn't quite in theme because like I said, I honestly never paid attention to what others had that I didn't and just made the best out of what was around. I started noticing in high school about differences in income during the 80s when it seems like consumerism got into full swing. But this story is about my poor Grandma. She loved Folgers and some time in the 70's coffee got super expensive, like $5 dollars a can( I don't know the amount that was in it, maybe 16 oz ?). Anyway, she couldn't afford it so my mom would buy her coffee for her and that became a habit. Fast forward a few years and this is still happening only my sister's boyfriend is working for Hills Bros and can get free samples to pass over to us. It was the good quality stuff too. Well, my grandma wouldn't try it and would insist on the Folgers. My mom thought she could get her to try it and then be able to pass her free coffee so she put the Hills Bros. in the Folgers can and took it to Grandma and made a pot. My grandma takes a sip, gets up and pours the pot in the sink. My mom says, "That was expensive coffee that we get for free! I just want you to see how good it is so I don't have to buy the Folgers anymore." And my grandma says, " I don't have much and don't ask for much but I won't drink any other coffee so either bring it or don't bring anything at all!" So Grandma got her Folgers. Funny thing is a few years later after my grandma passed, Mom got that way about Folgers too. She wouldn't drink any other coffee, no matter how high end and flavorful it was. My brother-in-law would bring back coffee from Costa Rica and Nicaragua and she wouldn't touch it.
  7. My parents were teachers raising 6 kids in the 60's and 70's so we didn't have much but I was too dumb to know it. I never got jealous about what my friends had because we all shared anyway. I had a friend with this nice banana seat bike and we learned to ride it with her climbing all over me and standing on my shoulders. We did all kinds of tricks with it. I got a basic skateboard and my sister's boyfriend redid the whole bottom with new trucks and everything so I could do more with it. It was that old fiberglass model that every kid had but he fixed it up nice, I guess to impress my sister. I loved that skateboard.
  8. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/07/645459818/government-cheese-well-intentioned-program-goes-off-the-rails Haha, NPR did a thing about it. The surplus cheese was grade A cheese. That was some damn good government cheese you missed out on, Slorch.
  9. Click the link to get to the attached npr audio of the interview. The man is an author and also works with an organization to de-radicalize individuals that were part of the white nationalist movement. I imagine the FBI are watching these groups as he is but he is very alarmed and I suspect discussing this to get more attention and concern focused on these people.
  10. He says that they are indoctrinated into believing that a race war is inevitable and that with Trump's rhetoric and seeming alignment, they are feeling that the time is coming to make this happen. I don't know thst his losing has to be the catalyst. It was an alarming conversation. I didnt catch the name of the NPR segment I was listening to but I'll try to find their line up to link it here.
  11. Trust me, you don't want to know. It isnt true, it was fiction written by a guy just fucking around about Graham on a gay site but it sound plausible and funny. I was listening to NPR this morning and they were talking to the former neo nazi that wrote Breaking Hate and what he had to say was frightening. He is afraid that the neo nazi fucks will go on a rampage, that they view Trump as giving them agency to impose their will. I think 2020 isn't done with us.
  12. I liked the government cheese during the Carter years. That shit was legit Wisconsin cheddar. It came in a Velveeta Cheese-like box and it was the first real cheese I ever had since I grew up with the Kraft single slice shit. My grandma qualified for it but she didn't like it so she passed it over to my mom. I think she got a box every week or two. My mom made cheese bread with it and all kinds of dishes. Real fucking cheddar, man. I still have a soft spot for cheddar to this day...sharp.
  13. This is awesome. He is sooo ready to play with the water.
  14. slow roasted cabrito for the win!
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