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  1. What is the difference between hungover you and not hungover you? If it isn't a big difference then why does she care if you are hungover? Just tell her father's day starts now.
  2. Is tomorrow father's day or something?
  3. If posters here hadn't ruined it, we were going to see the Phlegm cooking show with pics of his knarly kitchen but assholes had to ruin it with rude comments before the pay off. I was sooooo dissappoint that I felt like that little kid in Shane calling for him annoyingly to come back and finish his thread. I was fucked out of the pay off!
  4. I'd like to see him eat lunch on the 2 nickles and a dime and lint in his pocket. He'd probably McGyver the lint into a cute sheep trinket and sell it for $10 bucks.
  5. I'd want to see a show similar to the competitive cooking shows where surlsters could compete with their best "Shit I've cooked lately" dishes. A similar competition could be had for best sandwiches from the steel shank thread. Winner gets to go to Key West with Imamac and do a pod cast while there, all expenses paid. They MUST braid their hair, wear ugly Hawaiian shirts and black socks with sandals so we can see the local reaction. Shit I've Cooked Lately - Food and Travel - Surly Horns Hey Steel Shank! - Food and Travel - Surly Horns
  6. DPS just issued a Blue Alert for Royce Wood so I guess he is still on the loose.
  7. What an inbred ugly POS. He needs to DIAF.
  8. This thread is scary but usually find a heart warming story about his adventures and endeavors as the oldest former president in history. Dude is an amazing man.
  9. Oops. Day drinking wine in the sun makes you dumber tham an Arkie State Trooper and fucks with your sarcasm meter.
  10. I mentioned it you maroon and called it a routine occurrence that this dipshit trooper should have better handled. I hope you are a troll because if the weak fact that she sped is your whole argument then you are not just a "back the blue" bootlicker but a full-on member of NowThis's Pegging lover's club for LEOs. Sad.
  11. 95% of people speed on the highway at one point or another and it doesn't impede traffic or necessarily create a hazard. It is routine and why troopers are out patrolling in the first place. Everyone has their day to get ticketed if they don't have a speed detector to help them reduce speed while in radar range or are too far into their conversation/reverie. He created the hazard, he impeded traffic and created an unsafe situation beyond common sense. HE didn't follow the law. The law says to do what the lady was doing. When being pulled over, reduce your speed, if needed put on your h
  12. haha, I read it the same way and thought, explains much. I keed, I keed.
  13. I am not trying to gaslight you. I just don't recall a thread that was dedicated to blasting ORD alone, or a mod joining in on the fatwa. There was a single thread where posters would go to bitch about posters and get others to both pos rep them and neg rep whoever they were bitching about. TOS rep worked by allowing those with a certain amount of rep score to able to rep someone until they ran out. The higher the score, the more you could rep and I think it was even more weighted at one point. So they would go to that thread and rep each other to build up the ability to keep repping. Mods di
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