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  1. Tweedy was AM's worst enemy by always harping on how shitty it was in comparison to Trace and Wilco's next few albums.
  2. It should be fine if it is an adaptation of the book. GoT got in trouble when it ran out of source material. Seasons 6-8 were based on outlines of incomplete books and included shit Benioff and Weiss just made up. Seasons 7 and 8 are clearly the weakest in the series as they moved from detailed outlines and book drafts into very roughly considered ideas. No Benioff/Weiss + relatively well-regarded book material + massive incentive to reestablish the GoT franchise gives this a chance imo
  3. I'm not talking about suburban moms in backwater Oklahoma. Suburban moms are swing voters outside of your megachurch hellscape.
  4. They can't override a veto
  5. Is there data regarding this? In my anecdotal world, the anti-CRT candidates have generally lost.
  6. Haha. Basically the exact same place we would be if the Court had followed Roberts' proposal (allowing de facto bans) but Alito and the other Caths couldn't resist dropping the match in the gas can.
  7. Are you talking about fetuses?
  8. Strikes me as a pyrrhic W for the Rs. Say goodbye to all those swing district suburban moms you think you are going to take in the midterms because of CRT and elementary school teachers spouting gender theory instead of multiplication tables. The original culture war issue is now front and center and mommy isn't going to give up McKenzie's abortions without a fight. The irony, of course, is that most of the would-be abortions will be supporting a permanent D majority in 20 years and reveling in an environment where you can get an abortion at CVS. Roberts' proposed approach was the best long-term solution for the pro-lifers but they couldn't resist getting greedy when the opportunity presented itself.
  9. Looks like this tour will fill the gap between the PGA and the Senior Tour. There is definitely an opportunity to attract 40-55 year old dudes in decline.
  10. Equipping unsupervised kids with bear spray will definitely end well.
  11. Universal blue checkmarks for the unwashed masses is a war crime.
  12. Not allowed under their cable contracts.
  13. This is an unfortunate distraction from making progress towards recognition of obesity as an oppressed identity.
  14. Yup. First time since the end of 2018 when he began his decline all the way to 92nd after the first event of 2021. Impressive resurgence. He only has two Top 20s in his 10 starts in 2022 and has missed 3 cuts but those Top 20s were a 2nd at Pebble and this win.
  15. Reminds me of the NBA Disney World playoffs
  16. alincoln

    USMNT 2022

    City will dump Steffen this off-season
  17. Tiger's greatest stretch in the majors was while he engaged in the most debauchery
  18. Yes, but one of the arguments against Jack is the number of majors he played in compared to Tiger.
  19. Tiger should have been the unquestioned GOAT. He certainly had the best decade ever and his highs (multiple 5 tournament in a row win streaks, Tiger Slam) are unmatched in the modern game. What odds would you have gotten after the 2008 US Open (coming off of 6 wins, 4 runner-ups and 12 Top 5s in the past 14 majors) that Tiger wouldn't win another major for over a decade? This is a good point. Jack had 1 top 5 (86 Masters) and 6 Top 10s in his last 68 majors (84-05). He basically did all of his damage when he was younger than Tiger currently is.
  20. Tiger has had 1 win and 4 Top 3s in majors since he turned 33. Jack had 7 wins and 20 Top 3s in majors after he turned 33 (but only 1 top 3 after he turned 44). Phil had 6 wins and 16 Top 3s in majors after he turned 33 so Jack's late-prime major record isn't exactly unprecedented in the current era. Tiger just completely wasted the last decade of his prime in the majors. It's pretty crazy.
  21. Jack in majors (1 Top 5 (Masters 86) and 6 Top 10s after 1983 when he was 43). Top 3: 46 Top 5: 56 Top 10: 73 Tiger in majors Top 3: 26 Top 5: 33 Top 10: 41 Jack finished in the top 5 in at least three majors in 13 different years including every year from 1971 to 1977. Tiger did it 5 times which is still crazy but not in Jack's universe. Jack finished in the Top 10 in at least two majors every year from 1961 to 1982. Tiger did so from 1998 to 2002 and 2005 to 2010 and again in 2013 and 2018.
  22. Sure, if you carve up the US in quadrants, but no one considers Ohio to be in the northeast. It has been separated from the NE going all the way back to the days of the Northwest Territory.
  23. pins on 11, 16 and 18 should make for some interesting action around the greens.
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